Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kelly's Food Ideas

It is so nice having people offer to bring us food. Many of you want to know what Kelly can eat with her gluten free diet, so we came up with some ideas of food she likes that are also gluten free (wheat free) One thing to be careful about is soy sauce - it contains wheat. Soy is OK, soy sauce isn't. With new food allergy laws, it is required to list wheat as an ingredient now if it is in a food, so reading the ingredients makes it easier.
We'll try to update as her tastes seem to be changing a little bit due to the chemotherapy, but right now she really likes items on this list. These are just suggestions we thought of, I'm sure there is a lot more food that she likes!

*chicken wings (Costco has mesquite chicken wings she likes, I'm sure there are others also)
*Clams from Costco - (microwaveable)
*barbeque chicken
*mashed potatoes
*cooked carrots
*gluten free soup, especially chicken rice soup, vegetable, anything without noodles or wheat flour as thickeners
*She can eat brown rice pasta, (or anything gluten free) Trader Joe's carries some. Pavillion's is getting some also. I think Henry's does too.
Mother's Market in Laguna Hills carries several kinds. They also have gluten free pizza crust
* one of her favorite meals is pizza made with gluten free pizza crust - just sauce and cheese
*Tacos made with hard corn tortilla shells
*fruit - strawberries, nectarines, peaches, blackberries,
*Low fat Vanilla Ice Cream

Restaurant Meals she likes
*California Pizza Kitchen - BBQ chicken salad, no BBQ sauce
*Rubios - kids meal - taquitos with rice
- chicken nachos (she likes nachos from anywhere!)
*El Pollo Loco - chicken, rice. corn tortillas (the rest of us like flour!)
*Taco Bell / Del Taco - Hard tacos
*Quiznos - roadhouse ranch salad
*In and Out - plain hamburger wrapped in lettuce, no bun, french fries OK
*Flame Broiler (Marguerite and LaPaz) Kids beef and rice bowl, no sauce
*Smoothies - any combination that may have strawberry, peach, banana, mango, pineapple.... (yes, sometimes this is her meal when she doesn't have an appetite for a regular one)

We may add another food post as we think of more, but this is a start. Some of you have had some good ideas also!
Thanks for everyone who has generously offered to bring food over. It helps a lot right now with Kevin gone and going back and forth to Orange for treatments everyday.


Anonymous said...

Believe me, if I could cook, I'd bring over food. But, my idea was that I can help out with Shannon and her pick-up schedule, etc. once school starts. Please let me know what you need! If I don't hear from you, I'll call around the time school starts.


Catalina Eddy said...

You can still eat Spam, right? You can have Spam, eggs, sausage and Spam. Or you could have Spam, Spam, Spam, baked beans, Spam, bacon and Spam.

Or maybe you could just have moose.

Terry Jenkins said...

Thanks for giving us all food ideas. It helps a lot! Don't forget to let us know if and when you want Amy to come by for a visit- especially while your sisters are out of town.

Anonymous said...

Quinoa with lime, parmesan and coconut oil is delicious (make sure the water is fully absorbed or drained off if your are reheating it - for better taste)
Quinoa has been eaten for 2000 years it is complete protein like dairy or eggs, it is gluten-free. It is the grain closest to neutral ph (Potential renal acid load). It is very dispersive and supports digestion and elimination.

Pamela's Gluten-free products also are great tasting. I make 1/2 the pamela's gluten-free wheat-free bread and 1/2 quinoa flour bread and slice it and freeze it. Then by the slice it makes nice small pan pizzas when cooked at low heat in a stainless fry pan with some spagetti sauce and low fat cheese.

Also it is important to use only non-oxidizing fats like coconut oil (made of same medium chain fatty acids as the brain and also contains lauric acid (that helps immunity and the thyroid) and myristic acid (that helps scar tissue). Coconut oil is non-estrogenic and has been eaten safely for thousands of years.
Don't eat any oils that require refrigeration as they will oxidize when eaten (the body is higher temperature).
Agave is a great low glycemic sweetener that has beneficial glyconutrients in it. It is a relative of aloe vera.
Thank you. All the best to you. Kim