Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Day of Treatment........Or not

We were all set for Kelly's first day of treatment today, but it didn't quite go as planned. First, she had an appointment at the Oncology Clinic to see an Oncologist and have blood drawn. After a two and a half hour wait in the noisy waiting room, we finally saw her doctor and had her labs done. Her radiation appointment wasn't until 5:45, so we went to the Block in Orange instead of driving all the way home and back. We saw a movie and had dinner (if you can call Kelly's smoothie dinner.) We got back to the hospital for her first radiation treatment, and after waiting some more - by now Kelly is the only patient left - they came out and told us the X-ray machine was broken and since this was her first treatment, they had to do X-rays first. We waited for the technicians to come in and fix it, but after another hour, we were ready to give up. So we had to make an appointment to come in Saturday since she has to start with at least 2 days of treatment in a row. Normally, she will not have radiation on Saturdays. By now it was 7:00 and my sister Jenny's plane had already landed at the airport and we were anxious to go pick up Jenny, Bob, Kylie and Ryan who flew out from Florida to visit us. So after all that waiting around in Orange, she never did get her radiation treatment. We sure hope today is not going to be our typical day. Thank you so much to Linda, our stand in dad, for spending today (and many other long days) with us! It makes it so much easier.


Kimmi said...

i cant think of anything else that could have gone wrong with the treatment and stuff. but just think... the bad day of drs visits and machienes breaking is over... that means everything else should go a lot easier... love you all.

Tom said...

How frustrating and exhausting for you guys. Medical care often requires the patience of Job. I'm sure things will go smoother on Saturday. Please call if you need us.
Tom Nicolosi

Laurie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. What a long day yesterday was for you! Hope the next few days go smoother. Have a wonderful visit with your sister and her family.

Love and hugs,
Laurie and Mark

KaceDilla said...

Hope everything goes better tomorrow!
Love, Kacie

skrpndiva said...

What a bummer. Hopefully tomorrow will go off without a hitch. Hey, think of it this way, maybe you were meant to get to know the city of Orange a little better!

Always look on the bright side!


Darla Miller said...

Dear Kelly and Kathy,
What a pain - it must have been so frustrating to get mentally ready and then the waiting game! I hope things go smoothly tomorrow.

How's the family? It must be exciting to have them there -- what a perfect distraction!

Good luck tomorrow! We'll be thinking of you!
Love, Darla, Geoff, Sophie and Shawn

Poli said...

Well, I guess the good news is, you got to see a movie! Its good to see that even through the frustration, your sense of humor comes through. Once the first treatments are done, I'm sure you'll fall into a routine of sorts.
The weather up here (in the Sierras) is starting to cool off. I can't believe I'll be home in less than a month.
Know you are in my thoughts. More soon,
Poli Rizco