Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Kelly's New Hairdo

"Real Hair is overated!"
This was Kelly's reaction when she tried
on her new wig. She has already picked
out a wig to wear when she loses her
hair.She likes it so much though that
she likes to wear it now over her own
hair! This hair is just a little bit darker
than her own. She actually had so much
fun trying on wigs, she would like to go
backand get a second wig that is a little
bit different.
She looked great as a redhead!


Tom said...

Your new hair looks fab. I hope that your treatment goes well today.
Tom Nicolosi

kathy mennealy said...

Aloha Kelly: Love the hair...Kyra donated her hair to "locks of love" last year so there is a blond wig somewhere in America if you want to go blond! Kyra just bought the first Harry Potter and Kaela hasn't read any so they have a lot of catching up to do.

Heather will be back to Mission on August 20th if you need her to pick up any school stuff for you.

We are all thinking of you!!!! Kaela, Kyra, Heather & Kathy

Shannon said...

Hi Kelly!
Your hair is super cute! I always wanted to be a redhead, but I guess you beat me to it! ;P
And I finally saw The Producers!! It was sooo good; I definitely understand why you love it. Thanks for the recommendation!
I hope your treatment goes well today, and hopefully I'll see you soon!

Wishing you all the best,
Shannon Hargis <3

Anonymous said...

Your new hair looks awesome! Hope everything went well today!

Love, Kacie Baker

Clare said...

Hey Kelly,
I love the new hair! It's super cute!!! Thinking about you today and hoping all went well!
Clare Reding

putervet said...

Great hair, Kelly! I think you should loan it to the follicly challenged like me sometimes!

Derek Lockwood

putervet said...
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Darla Miller said...

Hi Kelly!
Cute picture with your new do! You look like a model/actress! Can't wait to hear about your first day of treatment....hope it went well!

We're thinking of you lots!
Darla and Sophie :)

Kimmi said...

OMG! you look great. i want hair like that... hehe. looking it good... its nice to know you are having fun with all of this. miss you luv you

Aunt Denise said...

Hi Kelly,
You look good as a redhead but I'm prejudice and think you look good all the time. It's kind of hard to get used to. It makes you look a little older which I'm sure you don't mind at your age. My friend who lost her hair while she was undergoing treatment said there are a couple of hat and wig websites that she ordered from. She's getting me the addresses.
What a bummer to get yourself all set for treatment and then have to wait for another day. I know when your Poppie was going for radiation he said the machine was broken alot. He didn't like having to get naked then have to get redressed again. He said one of the nurses knew how to get the machine to work. Nana and Poppie send their love (and me too) Love and kisses to your sisters and your Mom too plus say hi from us to all the Florida family. Tell them that they have to come back. The hotel they stayed at last year in New Jersey just finished renovations and got a new resturant.
I love you fierce
Aunt Denise

Anonymous said...


Love the look of the hair. It's beautiful! I agree, it does make you a tad older looking. Bet your mom loves that!

Keep smiling Hon!


Becksky said...

hey kelly I heard you came by to pick up Jana's gift and I missed you. I am so sad, well anyways I heard your mom turned you into a red head, thats awesome. I am thinking about you everyday when you are feeling up to it give me a call because I miss you lots.

sydney said...

Heyy Kelly

Love the new hair! I just got back from Indiana today so we need to hang out soon before i go on my cruise.
Luv ya,
Sydney :)

Amy said...

You look adorable. I love the look. I hope you have better luck at your future appts. I'm sure you will!!! We'll keep praying that you feel better real soon.
Love From the Jaffke's

P.S. Lauren gave a 12 inch pony tail this summer also. She feels so proud to help someone.

I like my brownies burnt said...

omg i love it! Sooo cute! it was marvelous seeing you last tuesday! Hope you and your family enjoyed the cookies and fruit!!! :)