Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One More Surgery

OK, this one should be easy compared to the last two. This Thursday, the 23rd, Kelly will have surgery to have a Port-a-Cath placed. This is a catheter placed in one of the large veins in her chest to so she has easy access for medication, blood draws, and transfusions. This will make her weekly labs a little easier for her. She is going in for surgery in the afternoon after her radiation treatment and hopefully will be able to come home the same day.


Kimmi said...

good luck kelly! we all love you


KaceDilla said...

Yea, good luck!


skrpndiva said...

Everything is going to be fine, it's going to make things easier and you'll get through this with flying colors.

Love to you all!


Shannon said...

I promised you a couple months ago that I'd tell you the classes I got for 8th grade, so here they are.

Honors english- Anderson
Honors science- Fennelly
Orchestra- Robbins
Honors geometry- Grimes
Honors history- Billingsley
Health- Morgan

I'm sure that the surgery will go nice and smoothly. My family is praying for you, as always.

My mom and I would love to visit you soon, so let me know if we can get together sometime!

Wishing you all the best, Shannon Hargis

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
Hope everything goes quickly and easily with your port a cath surgery, and that you're relaxing at home really soon! Love you lots and lots!!
Aunt Tracy (& the whole Oregon gang!)

Library Queen said...

Hi My sweet Kelly -
Hope today went well! You have been in all my prayers and I would love to see your sweet face soon. I am back at O'Neill and in the library getting ready for all my little book lovers. When do I get to come over and read with you? I have lots of new books we can proof together! Take Care babe and can't wait for hugs!
Love, Mrs. Turner (Pam to you now that you are in high school)