Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live, Love Give

Live, Love, Give was an amazing event last Saturday night held by a family who generously opened their beautiful home in Newport Coast to help raise money for CHOC Neuroscience. Kelly was happy to be able to speak about her experiences with CHOC.

Kelly with her neurosurgeon, Dr. Muhonen.
The photo below shows the dance floor and stage in the background.

Kelly and Shannon being entertained by a magician

Kelly with one of her roommates from CHOC. Lindsey is another brain tumor patient.
Kevin enjoying the sunset with Kelly and Shannon looking out over the ocean

Last week, Kelly was visited by the biggest therapy dog I have ever seen. This is Kelly with Shera, an English Mastiff.
These therapy dogs help bring a smile to Kelly's face when she is in the hospital. Shera's owner said he has never seen Shera take to anyone like she did to Kelly. She tried to get in bed with her, (like Kelly wanted her to) but she was bigger than the bed.