Monday, December 1, 2008

Deck The Halls

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. We have so much to be thankful for this year. We are so thankful Kelly is doing so well right now.  We are extremely grateful to our friends and family who have been so supportive over the last year and a half.  This would be so much harder on our own. We can never thank you enough.

 Kelly still was fighting her cold, and didn't eat much for Thanksgiving, but she found a little energy when we got out all the Christmas decorations after we ate on Thanksgiving.  We ate early so we could get started on the decorating.  We usually don't start so early, but Kevin was leaving on Sunday and we wanted everything done and put away before he left.  We enjoyed putting the tree and the rest of the decorations up over the long weekend.  

Our red front doors always look their best at Christmas!  We also had time for some fun Christmas outings.  Late Saturday afternoon we went to the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach.  It is so Christmasy there and we did a little Christmas shopping.  We then headed up the coast to Newport Beach and visited Roger's Gardens to look at their Christmas displays.  It is so nice to walk though all their decorated trees.   It was a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Kevin left Sunday morning to fly to Newport, Rhode Island for a 2 week class with the military . Unfortunately, there was a mistake in his reservations and he ended spending 12 hours in the San Francisco airport trying to get on a flight to the East Coast.  After flying all night, and missing his first morning of classes, he is finally in Newport and hopefully the rest of the trip will be smooth.

Kelly is feeling better and actually went to school today for her two classes at the high school.  She is trying to catch up in French, and her teacher has been wonderful and flexible making her feel comfortable, even though she misses a lot of school.  She just said today that she can't imagine having nicer teachers and that makes her high school experience so much easier for her.

Tomorrow she has labs and chemo on Wednesday.  Hopefully this week we can get her to feel better the whole day, including when she comes home. 

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Anonymous said...

What a heartwarming blog! It's so nice to hear that things are going pretty well. We sure miss you guys and hope to see you when you visit Oregon soon.

Much love and prayers,

Karla & family

Candy Belanger - Audrey's Umbrella said...

Your house looks gorgeous - what a tree! Kelly, I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer that you breeze thru tomorrow's chemo without any trouble. I'll be thinking about you!

((Hugs)) from Fairy Candy

Gabby's Mom said...

Yippee - all decorated for Christmas! Murphy looks like he is growing. Everything looks beautiful and I do love your doors!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful!! Love the tree with all of you in it, including Murphy!! What a cutie and 3 beautiful girls! I agree with Pat-- I love your doors! It could be a Christmas card!

Kelly, we will say extra prayers that all goes smoothly for you tomorrow before, during, AND after chemo!

Kevin, hope you're staying warm up there in RI!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Catalina Eddy said...

Ello Loov!

I almost forgot what "cold" feels like. Newport, Rhode Island is a beautiful city. We'll have to come back during the yachting season. We can race our sloop.
Hope Wednesday goes smoothly and I look forward to seeing you all again next week.
Catalina Eddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

The Christmas decorations are lovely. I hope today's chemo goes well.

I was sorry to hear your Dad got stuck in San Francisco. I hope his coursework goes well.

Have a great time gearing up for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laude Girls,

Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was so nice. And all your decorations are SO PRETTY!! The tree is BEAUTIFUL, as are the girls standing at the top of the stairs!! The red doors are great! I agree that your trips to the Sawdust and Rogers Gardens are lovely ways to start The Season!

Kelly, I really hope that your chemo yesterday went well, and that you were not sick. I hope that today you are feeling very well...(:

Take care, all of you. And you too, Kevin! Stay warm...

Lots of love,
Patty J.

P.S. I am still putting up my Christmas decorations..wish I was done, LIKE THE LAUDES!!! Hahaha

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly! Hope chemo went well yesterday and that you are feeling great today...I think your Dad will know what "cold" feels like this weekend and he may even see snow! Sorry to tell him the past few days really have been relatively warm compared to the weather we have been having!

Sorry but I have to ask - what is a Sawdust Festival? I will have to google :)


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kath & Kelly!
Sure hope chemo went smoothly and Kelly is able to enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations! The house looks beautiful - inside and out. Just like the people that live in it! We don't have those gorgeous red doors to great you when you come, but we're working on decking our halls!
Love & Hugs!
Aunt Tracy

clolenick1 said...

I love Christmas too.It looks like you had a good Christmas.I hope You got everything you wanted!Happy New Year!Get Well.