Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A White Christmas

We arrived safely in Portland last night.  We had to stop in Salem and put chains on because it was snowing so much and the roads were full of snow.  After a couple of hours of very slow driving and noisy chains, we finally made it.  It is so good to be here at last.  The girls are so happy to be with their cousins.  All the kids are all having fun playing in the snow together.  This is the most snow Portland has had in many, many years.  It is beautiful!

Here are the girls playing with their cousins, Emily and Jake, in their front yard.  They also walked to a park and went sledding today.

Kelly making snow angels.

Snow and ice everywhere in Tracy's yard.  Our girls have never had a white Christmas before so this is a special treat.  (Now that we are done driving through it!) It is supposed to snow tomorrow again.

Kelly is thrilled to be this far away from her hospital and doctors.  Last year she had to have chemo on Christmas Eve and was miserable on Christmas too.  This year I promised her we would avoid chemo anywhere near Christmas.  She feels good and is enjoying being here with her cousins.  We are all so grateful to be together here with Kelly feeling as well as she does.
 We are looking forward to a cozy Christmas Eve tomorrow, even if we are snowed in! 

I am having problems sending out my group emails when I update this website,  I am sorry if I am missing anyone.  I am working on a better way to let people know when we update!


Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful! Glad Murphy was a good traveler just don't let him get lost in the snow - he will blend right in! Have a wonderful white Christmas and Blessing to the whole family!

Love and Hugs, The Turner's

bp said...

Merry Christmas to your family! I love the pictures of the gorgeous snow, that is a great picture of a snow angel too.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are able to have a respite and enjoy a winter wonderland. It must be fantastic to be away from here for a while.

I wish you all a very white Merry Christmas and a 2009 that is filled with all the blessings you and your family deserve.

Enjoy the snow.

Love, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Laudes,

Glad to hear you arrived safely!! The snow and pictures are beautiful!! Merry Christmas to the Laudes from the Johnsons!!! Have FUN!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Snow!!!!!! Welcome to Portland!!!! We can't wait to see you guys!!!!
xoxoxoxo The Diemer's

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo jealous! I"d love to have a white CHRISTmas! Enjoy and have a blast!

Blessings...Cindy (& Tim)
cp: timmcneill

Heide said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!!!

m/o ^Jessica^ (forever 17) & Jake (17)

Candy Belanger said...

I'm glad you made it there safe and sound. Enjoy Christmas with your family and have a blast playing in the snow! Merry Christmas!!

Hugs & warm wishes from "Fairy" Candy

Anonymous said...

Wow-absolutely gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas all of you! How great that Kelly is doing so well and is able to get far far away from the hospital for Christmas! Have a wonderful time!
The Silvestris

Gabby's Mom said...

To the Laude Snow Angels and Snow Bunnies - what beautiful pictures and Merry White Christmas! Glad you had a safe drive. Enjoy Christmas Eve and all of the snow!


Anonymous said...

Oh, we love the snowy photos!!! So glad you are having a white Christmas! Kelly, your snow angel is cool! Kylie made a "snow" angel a few nights ago in downtown Celebration when it was "snowing" there! It was fun and pretty, but clumps of soapy snow are not quite the same as the real stuff!!

Enjoy your cozy, snowy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together!! Wish we were there with all of you!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Dear Laudes,

A white Christmas with no chemo! I don't think it gets any better than that, does it? Put a green sweater on Murphy (with a name like Murphy, what other color could it be?) and you won't lose him in the snow.

Enjoy it all!


Tom said...

I am working on a better way to let people know when we update!
Hi Kathy,
Merry Christmas to all.... Hey just let everybody subscribe to your Feed, then they will get the updates automatically! I already do this and get your updates sent to my Google home page.... Have fun in the snow!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and your family. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Kelly continues to be in my prayers. Blessings for an even better 2009! Katheen Gettinger - Taylor's mom www.caringbridge.org/visit/taylorgettinger

Catalina Eddy said...

Hope Santa finds us so far from home. I'm expecting a pony this year.
That fine snowman we build this afternoon should make it into the next edition of the newsletter.
This will be a wonderful Christmas!

Gabby's Mom said...

Merry Christmas Kelly - the advantage of being on the East Coast is that Santa comes here first :) I did get my new camera, which is why I am online, and also this year's MAW globe. It joins the others but this one is much more special because I now share one with each of the three of you too, as well as realize exactly how much the money the MAW products raise can do.

Merry Christmas to each of you and enjoy your day (and the snow!)...and good luck with that whole pony thing :)