Sunday, December 28, 2008

Portland Holidays

We have had a wonderful Christmas here in Portland.  I finally uploaded some photos from Christmas.  We are so thankful that Kelly was feeling good this year and was able to enjoy herself.  It did snow one more time on Christmas Day, which was beautiful.  It was such a treat for us since we never have that at home.

Shannon, Emily and Kelly in their new pajamas.  It is a tradition on receive new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  

Megan and Emily opening gifts

Of course we couldn't forget the dogs.  Oreo is Murphy's dog cousin - they are so cute together.  They even opened presents together.  They are quite a team.  Murphy is wearing a new Christmas sweater.

Jake and Shannon handing out stockings.  

Later in the afternoon, Emily and Kelly played Christmas carols on the piano.

The kids (including Kevin) had a great time making a snowman.  Shannon made her own little snowman. We learned that Murphy really hates the rain, but loves the snow.  He had a great time out there too.

Here are both families at a favorite restaurant the day after Christmas.  We always go to this restaurant, Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, when we visit Tracy and Tom.  

The snow has melted here and it is green again, but that also means the roads are clear also.  We had a really nice night last night, but I haven't uploaded any of the pictures yet.  So I will make a separate post about yesterday when I get some photos ready. 

We feel so blessed that Kelly is doing so well this Christmas.  We pray for all the families with cancer warriors who are fighting this horrible disease. 


Gabby's Mom said...

Bangs! People got bangs and pajamas for Christmas - I just love your hair! In about 30 years or so you will discover that they are the best thing to hide wrinkles too:)

We always got new pajamas too, and it is nice Murphy got a brand new sweater to wear - he looks really nice in red and Oreo is quite handsome too!

I am so happy you are having a wonderful time and got to have a "white Christmas;" I read the other day that is supposed to bring good luck.

Ken's last German Shepherd did not like the rain. Nikki would stand as close to the overhang/eave of the house as she could leaning against the house so that the rain would not hit her. We were never quite sure what would happen if it rained for days and days but boy she did not like the rain at all and it was always a battle because she was a) German and stubborn (I can say this because my Mom tells me that's where I got it from - my Dad's side of the family!) and b) she was not quite as large as Jake but still big to be trying to make do something! I think Murphy needs a slicker!


PS - where are the pictures of that pony Kevin got for Christmas????

Anonymous said...

We love all the photos!! Sure looks like everyone, including Murphy and Oreo are having a great time together!! Sure wish we were there! Love all your pajamas!! Seeing your fireplace with the stockings makes me want to build one in our house! We could use it maybe once or twice on the one or two cold nights we get here!

Any snow left? If you could ship it here somehow, that would be wonderful! :) If you're ready for warm weather, just hop on over here! :)

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos!!! Can't wait to see more.. ;) Had a *wonderful* time with you all last night and I can't thank you enough for making time for us.

Love, Thoughts and Prayers,

The Diemer's

P.S. We do new pj's on Christmas Eve too! So fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and family,

by chacce I found this blog and I'm very touched and moved by your story. Although we don't know each other I would like to say that I admirer your strenght and that you're in my prayers. I deeply hope that the new year will bring you lots of great days.
Sending you my very best wishes, I

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

It looks as if you had a wonderflu Christmas. I hope the New Year is a delight, too.

Have a good trip back to California.