Friday, December 5, 2008

Couch Days

Kelly had chemo on Wednesday and is having a rough week.  She is having a tough recovery this time.  Usually she does so much better the day after chemo and is just tired, but she was nauseous and could not keep anything down yesterday.  She is doing a little better today, but is still not feeling very well. She did get up and make a bowl for her ceramics class. She really likes that class! But now she is back on the couch. She even turned down an invitation to a friends house this afternoon.  Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow since she is helping one of her friends celebrate her 16th birthday and she really wants to feel good enough to get out and have some fun.

Kelly and Bailey did have some fun at the infusion center Wednesday before she started her chemo.  Bailey is already receiving his chemo, and as you can see, it does not affect him like it affects Kelly.  Now you can see why his mom says, "My son excels at chemo."  He really does.  Thanks for  helping me get our Christmas cards done Michelle!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I am so sorry you are having a rough time. I hope you will feel better by tomorrow so you can go and help your friend celebrate her birthday! Well, you just go and have fun tomorrow, okay??

Patty J.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - I am sorry chemo did not go well and hope that you are feeling better tomorrow to enjoy celebrating your friend's birthday. I wish all of our wishes to you that chemo was not so awful worked a bit better ^..^

Did you go to chemo at the same time yesterday? I read once that the time of day can affect how well you do - maybe that is just silly but I did read it somewhere and we all KNOW everything we read must be true :)

Hugs and Love,

Gabby's Mom said...

oh, that was a video - it's very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
So sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time with chemo this week. Hope you'll be feeling better soon. Your house looks great and so do all of you! (Murphy too!) Hope you can start enjoying the season soon!
The Silvestris

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kind note in Taylor's guestbook. It is so comforting to know I am not the only one who feels like I do. I appreciate your support more than you know. I hope Kelly is feeling better tomorrow. Taylor had a really rough day yesterday (day after chemo) also. It's hard to see them feel so sick. Tomorrow will be a better day! Much Love, Kathleen Gettinger-Taylor's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
We are hoping today is a much better day for you! Love the photo and video of you and Bailey! It looks like you both are good medicine for each other!

Have a fun weekend!

Hugs to everyone including Murphy!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Sorry your chemo upset the aple cart this time. I hope you are feeling much better now.

As you may know, Christmas in the Northeast goes hand in hand with cold weather. Today is our first really cold day. Depending upon which forecast you listen to, it may snow tonight or tomorrow.

I could live without it.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kath & Kelly,
Kelly, I love the photo of you and Bailey - you are beautiful! And your it's is only enhanced by the beautiful spirit shining through! So sorry you've felt so yucky.

We're starting a list of things we might want to do while you're all here - so let us know if you have any requests! It shocked me that we haven't ever taken you to Powell's Books downtown - we may have to rectify that this trip! It's one of the largest bookstores anywhere, and they carry lots of books that the chain stores don't - a Portland landmark.

Love & hugs all around!
Aunt Tracy

Catalina Eddy said...

Dear Kelly,

If Aunt Tracy takes you to Powell's Books in Portland, will we ever see you again?

Although I was raised in the northeast, It's been a long time since I lived in this kind of cold. The temperature as I left for the Naval War College this morning was 14 degrees (zero, with wind chill). I've lived too long in a warm climate and it thinned out my hearty northern blood.

Love you. See you Friday night.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly!

years ago we had a company meeting in Newport and Ken brought me back a t-shirt and a Newport RI Christmas ornament. I thought about you Sunday when I decorated the tree and found it! There are some very pretty and HUGE houses along the water there. Since your Dad is enjoying that wind chill so much perhaps he can take a walk on the beach and take some pictures for you :)


awesomeangel said...

Hi Kelly,
We are praying for you to start to feel much better. Were you able to get out to your friends party? Only 14 more days til Christmas! Your tree looks incredible. We wish you and your family the very best this Christmas.

warm hugs,
cheryl and angel / Angel_Wings

this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Hey Kelly,

loved the pictures of you and Bay. Where does all of his energy come from anyway..ha ha. How beautiful your house looks, all decorated for Christmas, great picture of you with your sisters.

Hope Santa is good to you this year, you certainly deserve it. Hang in there girl, you're the best!

Love from your NY friends
Kim and team Hannah

Anonymous said...

hopeing u feel better soon. josh is feeling bad as well

Anonymous said...

Praying for you Kelly and missing you all!!
XOXOXO Karla Diemer & Family

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - "your" moose is now on sale at Target. I saw a pretty LED reindeer that I like at nite because it is so jarringly bright but decided to see if by next week they would just give it to me as a gift with purchase ^..^ Whereas, Mr. Murphy is small, Jake goes through a ton of treats every week so I figure I am owed something - either by Target or by Jake's Dad :)