Monday, November 24, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is an update...

Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been quite a while since I updated.  I know it is time to update when we start getting phone calls making sure Kelly is OK.  For the most part, no news is good news.  Kelly did have chemo last week.  She did pretty well during chemo, and luckily slept through a couple hours of it.  But as soon as she sat up to go home, she got sick.  It didn't end until she went to bed late that night.  So we need to figure out how to keep her more comfortable not just during chemo, but the rest of the evening also.  Then just as she recovered from chemo, she came down with a cold.  What she thought were allergies yesterday turned into a full blown cold (hopefully just a cold) today.  She is feeling pretty bad and is just resting today.  We're keeping a close eye on her.

While we were at CHOC last week for labs, Kelly's fourth grade teacher, Clare, had an appt. for her daughter for an MRI and then an appt. with Dr. Muhonen, who is also her neurosurgeon.  So after labs, Kelly and I met them so Kelly could help Clare with her 3 year old twin girls.  It is always good to see Clare, and Kelly just loves being with her girls. She also was happy to get to see Dr. Muhonen.   This is Kelly with Caitlin and Brianna waiting Caitlin's MRI.

If is finally cooling off here and feeling like Fall.  Perfect weather for Thanksgiving this week.  We are looking forward to a cozy day at home Thursday.  Kevin is leaving on Sunday for a military class in Rhode Island (I wish we could go!)  Since he is going to be gone for a couple weeks, we are going to get out all of our Christmas Decorations and put everything up - starting Thursday after Thanksgiving dinner!  It takes us several days to get everything decorating and get all the boxes put back away.  We are really looking forward to it.

Kelly is featured in a calendar made my Heide Randall for Team Unite.  Heide, mom to angel Jessica, works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer.  These beautiful calendars are for sale at the Team Unite store on Cafe Press (link following)  They feature kids like Kelly and also include information on Childhood Cancer. Kelly is on the December page.  You can see photos of the calendar by following the link.  So if you need a 2008 calendar, here is one with a really good cause.   Here is a message about the calendars from Heide:

The Team Unite calendars are officially AVAILABLE!!

Please note that on our smallest calendar ("Team Unite Wall Calendar"), the informational text is a bit difficult to read from a distance. Please consider one of the larger sizes ("Team Unite Vertical Wall Calendar" or "Team Unite Oversized Wall Calendar") if you feel this may be an issue.

The profits from these calendars will be split evenly between CureSearch and the Jessica Catherine Randall Memorial Scholarship.  

Team Unite ......  Help Cure Childhood Cancer


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly! I haven't seen you in a while :[. Have you seen the Twilight movie yet? I saw it and I reallyyyy liked it..even though a lot of people didn't.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Amis Jenkis

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kath & Kelly!
I'm sorry to hear you've come down with a cold Kelly- lots of rest and chicken soup for you! I saw you in the Team Unite calendar - how perfect that you are on the December page!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Laudes!!
Love & Hugs!
Aunt Tracy

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! I am sorry you are not feeling well and hope the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas just chases that cold right away :) Have fun decorating.

Happy "Christmas in November!" Hard to believe that we started in July and now there are ONLY 30 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS!

I am reminded by the "no news" of your Mom today how many blessings we all have and most importantly of all how thankful that you are well and happy this year for Thanksgiving. I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm sorry to hear the chemo and the microbes ganged up on you this time. Get a good dose of tryptophan from your Thanksgiving turkey and you'll sleep well and probably feel better for it.

It's cloudy and raw here today. I don't envy your Dad his trip to Rhode Island. That's where my father became acquainted with the Thompson sub-machine gun during World War II. He out-shot his sergeant with that weapon, and he remembered it fondly.

Oh, well, that was another century and another war altogether.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Laude Family,

I hope you are feeling better Kelly, and that your cold quickly disappears!!!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I am sure it's nice to have the whole family together. Kevin, have a safe trip....

Love to all of you...
Patty J.

P.S. Have fun decorating for Christmas!!! I will probably start next week, as it takes me several days as well! Take care....

Lorrie said...

Hi Kelly,

Keep up the great fight. You are a very beautiful girl.

My daughter, Nicole has a GBM in her spinal cord. She lost feelings from her knees down. It's very rare to have this on the spinal cord. She's 25 and a newlywed. She's been on Temodar and radiation for for a month now. We are now waiting for her MRI scan scheduled for December to see what the treatment has done. I have also heard of CPT-11 and Avastin and asked her Radiologist about it. You are both very young and will beat this cancer.

My daughter blogs on Her name is Nicole Hanuszczak.

Anonymous said...

hi kelly, my name is pam and i am a mom to josh age 17 who has the exact same diag. as you. we check on u from time to time as you your mom checks on josh. josh and i know how hard this can be 4 the both of you and we wanted to send you an extra special wish for a wanderful thanksgiving.
you will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kathy, Kevin, Megan, Kelly, Shannon and Murphy! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are having lots of fun decorating. I am sure Mr. Murphy is a huge help :)

I ate too much but it was really really good. Tomorrow the reindeer will be put out front and the tree put up. The other day they were changing filters on our heat/air conditioning at work on the roof. When they do that it makes quite a lot of noise in the office. I asked the worker when he came in if he saw Santa or the reindeer up there - he looked at me like I was nuts so I am guessing he did not ^..^ Have fun, and a safe trip Kevin - it is wonderfully cold here!


Anonymous said...

Hey there!!
Glad to read you all are doing ok. Kelly, I hope your feeling better! Can't wait to meet you guys in person finally!!! Christmas will be fun for you in the Great Northwest with your bestest Aunt Tracy. When will you all arrive? Have a great week! Thinking of you and sending big hugs your way!

Amy... Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Kelly and Family,

Hope your Thanksgiving was great; ours was!

It was snowing here, but it has stopped now. I'm at Adam and Lane's house now to keep them because school was dismissed right after lunch. It usually doesn't snow that much here so we get excited when we get any.

Still praying for each of you.

With love,

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! If you get a chance take a peek at the moon tonite - it is really neat to see Venus and Jupiter. I guess what always is fascinating to me is that you can look up and see the same moon, etc. that your Dad is seeing here on the East Coast. It makes the world a much smaller place. Brian Williams said it looked like a frownie face :(. I did not think so.

Tomorrow is lab day, I think? I hope it goes well.