Saturday, November 1, 2008

CHOC Trick or Treat

Infusion Center Staff and kids

Friday morning, Kelly, Shannon and I went trick or treating at CHOC.  It was nice to be there for a fun reason!  We met Ashley there, then trick or treated with the Spoonies and Cheyenne and her mom, Virginia.  We're sorry we missed you Sharon, we would have loved to have you and AJ with us the whole time.  I'm glad we got to see you though.  We have to get together soon.  All the kids had fun walking through the hallways at CHOC lined with different departments handing out goodies.   Kelly was happy to see some of her nurses, especially when they weren't about to infuse her with chemo!

Kelly with two of the Infusion Center Nurses, Barb and Angela

Kelly with nurse Dana. Their costumes looked good together!

Of course we had to go to the neurosurgery office.  Kelly was happy to see Erin and Myrlee there, and she also got to see Dr. Muhonen, who looked really good as a tiger.

Kelly and Shannon with the Spoonies

Kelly and Cheyenne

Thanks so much for spending the morning with us Ashley!

Shannon with Bailey - they had a fun morning together.

Kelly is feeling more herself again.  She is having a fun weekend.  The girls went trick or treating with friends last night, who all came back to our house afterwards.  Tonight, Megan and Kelly are spending the night in Palm Desert with a group of girls for one of their friend's 16th birthday.  Yes, that was a little bit hard to let Kelly go after the week she had last week, but luckily, one of the moms that is there with the girls is a nurse, so that made me feel better. (Thanks Michelle!) I know a night away with friends will be good for Kelly!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laudes,

Cute Halloween pictures! I am glad you had fun! Hope you are still doing well, Kelly! Hey, Kathy...did you dress up and I missed seeing your picture???

Love to all of you....
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

My My what cute kids! Kelly did you know it is 54 days until your next favorite holiday! Do a Christmas count down with your widgets!

Hugs from the Turner's

Aunt Tracy said...

Halloween with the Laudes sounds like it was a great success! So glad Kelly is feeling better. What great pictures of everyone at CHOC! But, I want to know what you dressed up as too Kath! It's so nice Kelly could go away with friends - and you could feel good about it with a nurse friend with them! Emily and her friend, Marisa, dressed up as boys - funny!

Love & Hugs!
Aunt Tracy

Enjoy all those Halloween treats!

Anonymous said...

Hello Laude Family,
Thanks for sharing the cute Halloween pix! I LOVE your doctor's tiger costume and Kelly is the cutest witch around!
Next is Thanksgiving and we have soooo much to be thankful for...clear MRI's is at the top of my thankful list!!!!
We love you all!
The Miller Crew

~nattie~ said...

What a beautiful party. What beautiful, happy people. Thanks for reminding us all that we should live our lives as kids, and "dance in the rain" as the top of your blog says. It is so awesome the the staff at CHOC are so caring, too. I'm sure it makes a world of difference. You're my hero, Kelly. You and every kid whose lives have been touched by this disease. You show us that life goes on, and we can still make the most of it, despite the "storms". Hope you had fun at your friend's sleepover!
Take care sweetie.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! Wow, another holiday out of the way and now back to the crucial Christmas countdown. I am glad you had a nice weekend and are feeling better! Love those leggings!


Gabby's Mom said...

Do you have Comcast? If so, those music stations that are "songs of the season" started playing Christmas music! I guess other than listening to turkeys gobble there is no Thanksgiving song!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

The pictures were great! I hope the sweet 16 party for your friend was a success.

We're having warm, sunny (if somewhat blustery)fall weather here, but if you go to the stores, as the Germans would say, it's Christmasing already, but it feels weird.

Qu'est-ce que tu faites en francais au moment? Quelque chose d'interessant?

Bon courage,

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little witch you make! Sounds like you had a lot of fun Trick or Treating at Choc!
Take care, Debbie Meyering

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kath & Kelly,
Just thinking about you and hoping yesterday's chemo went lots better than the last time!!

Lots of love & Hugs!
Aunt Tracy