Saturday, May 3, 2008

Aloha everyone.

Just got my first message from Kathy and Kelly in Lourdes, France. Kathy says they're having a great time and loving the Euorpean lifestyle. Her note was brief and didn't describe the shrine they traveled so far to visit. I'm looking forward to that as much as everyone else. She says she found a wireless connection and, hopefully, will be writing her own post before they leave Lourdes.

We cannot sufficiently describe our gratitude to all of our family, friends, neighbors, and dozens of people we never met that have helped us make it through this trial. We are extremely thankful. I want to cook you all a BBQ. I know it's not much, but BBQs are my "thing".

All the best,

Catalina Eddy


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Kathy,
I am praying that this trip will be everything that you could hope for! I am sure you are enjoying everything to the max!
Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly and Kathy!

it was odd not to have a new post so it was nice to see this latest one. Glad you are having a wonderful trip and hoping it has not been too tiring or cold for you :)


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for the update Kevin--we sure didn't expect to hear anything this week as we know you are all very busy! Glad Kath was able to find a wireless connection, but it's probably hard to find the time to connect I bet!

Have a great week!! Hope the dance competition was fun and successful! I'm looking at our calendar and someone is turning 11 on Thursday!!! Happy early Birthday Shannon!!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Hope your trip is a miracle for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you! You don't know me, but know that you have touched people you don't even know. We have a connection through the Twins Club. Know that you are being thought of and in my prayers.

Janet Fohrman