Friday, April 25, 2008

Three Dog Day

This was not a good day for Kelly.  She had one of her roughest chemo days ever.  It started out good, we got to go to the new (just opened this week) Infusion Center.  It is very nice, and if I hadn't forgotten my camera at home, I would post some pictures.  Next time.  Then she did have a "Three Dog Day."   This morning, there were three therapy dogs that came to the infusion center, so Kelly had a nice morning with a dog on her lap most of the time.  She is very happy when she has a dog on her lap.  But the bad news was that the accupunturist that usually treats Kelly with accupressure for her nausea was out sick today.  Which means Kelly was also sick today - she really had a rough time and went through a lot of buckets. 

Kelly was in the Dana Point Times today for Relay for Life.  Here is a link to the article.    Then click on "Relay for Life Biggest Ever"  under This Week (photo changes - watch until it come to the Relay title.)  The other girl with Kelly is Ashley Diemer, Chloe's oldest sister who is Kelly's age.

We have a big event coming up next week.  Kelly was nominated by our church to go to Lourdes, France with a group called the Order of Malta.  They chose a group of 50 out of 150 applications and Kelly was chosen.  We are leaving next Tuesday - Just Kelly and I are going.  Some of you have probably heard the story of what happened in Lourdes in the 1850s.  Many believe in miracles that happen in Lourdes.  We don't count on miracles, but we don't pass any possiblities.  And no matter what, it will be an amazing and spiritual trip for both of us.  It will be very busy - since it is a group trip, it is very scheduled and full.  We may need a vacation when we get back.  Unfortunately, Kevin will be in Thailand when we get back.  He is doing a military exercise there with the Marine Reserves.  But it is only for a few weeks this time.  Thanks once again to the Elliotts and Schultes for helping us with Megan and Shannon while we are gone.  Megan and Shannon also have a dance competition in Burbank while we are gone.  Kelly and I will be back on May 7th and I will write a lot more about our trip then.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly-
I'm happy you had some doggies giving you lovin' when you were low. I hope you are feelin' better!

I am so happy that you and your mom get to go to Lourdes. I will be thinking of you and hoping you will be blessed with the miracle you deserve. You are an amazing person!

Love you lots, Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

Wow, the trip to France sounds amazing! Kelly hang in there and we're so sorry you had a hard day today. Love you all bunches!

The Diemer's :)

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! I am sorry your chemo was so awful this week. I was very excited to hear about the trip to Lourdes. I know your Mom had mentioned it back in January and this is so very wonderful. (sorry my last letter told those flying stories when you now have to get on a plane but I suspect you are made of tougher stuff than those goofballs!) Oh, I am so happy and cannot wait to see pictures.

Have a wonderful trip - I am sure it will be very inspiring and beautiful.



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday. Hopefully the next time will be better. Your trip sounds very exciting. Enjoy your time away. You sure have gotten your picture in a lot of papers. What a celebrity!! Hope you're feeling better today.
The Silvestris

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm sorry you had a multi-bucket day, but I'm glad you had some canine companionship.

I'm also delighted that you and your mother are going on the pilgrimage. I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of people on these things, but if you should meet a Dr. Robert Fredericks or his wife Jeanette, would you mind saying hello for me? He is a member of the organization that sponsors these pilgrimages.

I'm fairly certain that I mentioned that Dr. Fredericks told me it often snows on these trips. He says it's generally cold and damp, even if it doesn't snow, so you and your mother should bring your winter gear.

Have a great trip!


Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!
I'm so sorry you had a crummy chemo day, yesterday. Hopefully that won't happen again where the acupuncturist isn't there-she sure seems to make a difference. I hope you're feeling better today and getting excited for your trip to Lourdes.
We will be praying for your safe journey. I got the chance to go there when Nick was living in Toulouse, France, and it was amazing. My Confirmation name is Bernadette, because I was always fascinated with her story. I'll have to share the details of that trip with you when you come back. Have a wonderful time! Love to your family from us. Mr. Turtle sends his love, too.
Love and hugs,
Laurie and Mark

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly & Kath!
I hope you're feeling lots better after such a yucky chemo day yesterday, Kelly. Glad you had some canine company to help you through some of the day!
I'm so excited for both of you going to Lourdes next week! I know it will be a special time for both of you. We'll pray for nice smooth flights there and back, with lots of napping! Looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you get back!
Lots & lots of love & hugs,
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I'm sorry you had a rough time of it with your chemo and I hope you're feeling better now.

What a blessing it is that you were chosen to go to Lourdes. I wish you and your mom a safe trip and I will say a prayer for Saint Bernadette's intercession in your healing.

Hugs from Candy - Audrey's Umbrella

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hello World Travelers!
We are so excited for everyone on the amazing trips you're taking to Lourdes and to Kevin going to Thailand! We wish all of you safe and wonderful experiences! Megan and Shannon, we wish you all the best in your upcoming dance competition!

Kelly, I wish we could just send you some seeds you could just put on your pressure points when you go through your chemo treatments, but I imagine it wouldn't quite do the trick! We hope you are feeling much better by now!

We will be thinking of all of you in the next weeks as you go on such wonderful adventures!

The Goldfish Family

Gabby's Mom said...

Hello Megan and Shannon!

I wanted to wish you luck with your dance competition. I hope your Mom is able to post some pictures. I am sure you will both be wonderful and do great!



Veronica Granier said...

Dear Kelly,

I am so happy to learn that you and your Mom are in Lourdes this week. I'm sure it is a once in a lifetime experience, and I am glad that you got to be a part of it.

I'll be praying that you will receive a miracle of healing, there, and I'll also be praying for safe travels........

will be looking forward to seeing some fantabulous pics when you return.

Veronica Granier/Angel_wings

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Family,
I am so very excited for your upcoming trip to Lourdes! Your mom talked about it awhile ago, and I thought to myself how wonderful if you were chosen! May you have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED trip! Prayers for a safe trip for you and your mom and for your dad going to Thailand. Also hi to Megan and Shannon, and have FUN at the dance competition!
Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laudes~
I have read about miracolous experiences at Lourdes. I hope you have a wonderful trip that is full of life long memories.

May you feel God's love while you are there.

May God watch over your family and provide you will all that you need.


Chris & Wendy Leonard said...

Lourdes is a very awesome place and wish you the very best on your experience there! Wendy and I were just there a month ago. I went with my brother on our famliy Pilgrimage. I certainly hope you can get up early one morning, and go down to the grotto - with very little people around, it is a very emotional/spirtual time... We are so looking forward to reading about your trip. Love the Leonards