Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Picture Perfect Day

We received wonderful news this morning. Kelly's MRI is clear! Thanks for all the prayers for her - they really helped. Thanks for driving us up, Linda, I do better with moral support for MRI days. Kevin stayed home to get Megan and Shannon to school. We had a good morning, starting with an early MRI that went very smoothly. The new outpatient MRI center at the St. Joseph Pavillion is so nice with their new machines.

Then we walked over to the hospital across the street so we could meet with Dr. Muhonen to review her results. Kelly's fourth grade teacher, Clare Reding, takes one of her twin girls to see Dr. Muhonen too, so we had back to back appointments today. Kelly was very excited to have Clare and her girls with her at Dr. Muhonen's office. We all shared the turtle room. (I've posted pictures on here from that room in February - it is his biggest room, right beside the computer where the MRIs are viewed.) Dr. Muhonen took a look at Kelly's MRI, then called Kelly out to look at it. (I was not invited - this was just between him and Kelly) Kelly looked so happy when she came in, I didn't have to ask what the MRI looked like. She has been smiling ever since. I did get to see the MRI, and all of you get to see it too! I posted it below, which is our perfect picture! This is the best MRI she has had since her recurrence in October. No enhancement at all for the first time! As always, we know not to take this beautiful MRI for granted. Glioblastoma can recur (and almost always does) at any time. But at least for now, we are very happy and relieved. As Dr. Muhonen told me as we were leaving, "Just enjoy each day." She will have another MRI in 8 weeks. We all celebrated with lunch at In and Out, which is currently Kelly's favorite place for lunch. We will be at Claim Jumper tonight, Heather, for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society fundraiser. The celebration continues!

You can see the empty space in the lower right quarter of her brain, which is actually the left parietal occipital lobe. The empty black is the old tumor bed. There has always been a little bit of enhancement close to it, (the contrast that is injected through her port during the MRI highlights anything unusual that shouldn't be there.) It is our prayer that this picture stays just like this. Once again, thanks to everyone who has been so supportive to Kelly and all of us.


Anonymous said...

Kathy, WHOOPEE!!!!! Now everyone is smiling :) What great news. Now we'll put our energy into Relay for Life and keep Kelly's team at #1.

God does provide miracles and I am praying for complete healing for Kelly. I am also praying for comfort for you and your family. Keep the faith.

See you soon. I'm so happy!!!


Terry Jenkins said...

Kelly, I have a big smile on my face after reading your update. I just yelled out to Amy that the MRI was clear and she is excited, too.


Amis Jenkis said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news - we are thrilled for all of you! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on your fundraiser!
The Palmer Family

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE!! I'm so happy for you! Now you can relax for awhile. Good luck with your Relay for Life team.
I will continue to keep Kelly in my prayers....what a relief, it's over!
Kathleen Gettinger

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly!
We are celebrating in Winter Garden!!!
Love your picture perfect MRI !!!!!!

Hugs and love,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Laude Family,
I have been waiting to hear your GOOD NEWS, and what GOOD NEWS it is!!! The picture was so very interesting to see. My heart is overjoyed to see that clear MRI! I thank God for answered prayers, and will continue to pray for complete healing! Enjoy this day, and your weekend, as I remember your mom said you wanted to do some things!!! Sent with Love and Prayers, Patty J.

Aunt Tracy said...

Hurray hurray! What wonderful news and photo!! This is the kind of news I love to hear! I feel 10 pounds lighter! I bet you guys feel like you could float on everyone's prayers and the wonderful news!
Love & hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Yippie! That is terrific news Kelly, I was so worried, but now I can't stop smiling:) I had so much fun volunteering at the concert with you! I will be calling you soon!
Sophie :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Awesome news!!! We are just THRILLED for you all! What an answer to prayer!!


Diemer Family

Deborah Smith said...

Yahoo!!! Our prayers have been answered. I am so happy for you and your family with a clear MRI. Thanks for posting the picture.

Good Luck with your fundraiser. I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Much Love,
Deborah Smith

Anonymous said...

Well, I say that calls for ICE CREAM!!! Gluten free of course. Do they make such a thing? :)
Heather and Katie

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kelly (and the rest of the Laude's)! That is absolutely the most beautiful and spectacular brain I have EVER seen! In fact, it is such a wonderful noodle that I don't need to see any body elses ever.(Like seeing the Mona Lisa and deciding it is so perfect that any other portrait would pale in comparison-well, sort of like that only brainier). Congratulations Kelly! Your news made my day.

All my best,
Ros Lockwood

this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Well I've never seen a better head! That is wonderful, terrific, exciting news. Always glad to hear happy news, and no one deserves it more. We all have big smiles here to for Kelly, GREAT!

Love from NY
Kim and team Hannah

Laurie Martin said...

Wow!!! What super news!!! I can't wait to tell my class tomorrow about the clear MRI. We were praying extra hard this morning for you, Kelly. Thanks for showing the picture of the MRI. Isn't technology amazing?! Love and hugs to and your family. You have so much to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!! I am so excited for you! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is definitely picture perfect. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I hope you have been rejoicing in this day. Your news is a glorious beacon in an otherwise tedious day.

If I've understood correctly, you won't have chemo for another week. That calls for at least a half gallon of Tofutti, don't you think?

Angus would approve.


Catalina Eddy said...

Hey Shining Star,

With that behind us, I hope you're prepared for a weekend of fun. Are you ready for a horseback ride through the Hollywood Hills on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so glad- God answers prayers! That MRI sure is pretty picture :)

<3 Kriztia

Heide said...

So happy for you all!!!! I'd say an MRI doesn't get much CLEARER than that!!! A beautiful sight, indeed! :) I think it's very nice that Kelly's doc takes her in to show her the MRI first. Is this something that was the doc's idea, or Kelly's?


Have a THRILLING THURSDAY! (well, not TOO thrilling ... you know what I mean!)

m/o ^Jessica^; forever 17
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Fantastic news!! We are so happy for all of you! I'm sure you all slept well last night! Keep celebrating! You all deserve it!

The Silvestris

Julie said...

WONDERFUL! Prayer is a powerful thing. We are so thrilled for you and your family. We will continue to keep you close to our hearts and prayers.
the lisch family

Anonymous said...

Your brain is as photogenic as you are...both beautiful! We all cheered so loudly when we read your blog. Did you guys hear us? We were really loud!
Jess, Meg and all the Armes

Anonymous said...

yay kelly!!!! im so glad its clear!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm delighted to see your thermometer climb. I think you will probably reach your goal, if not exceed it. Good for you!

Today I'll tell you about a scrape Angus and I got into when I was about 2. My mother was in the bathroom, and I decided it would be a nice day to go to Morningside Park, which was across the street from our apartment. I asked Angus if he wanted to come. Of course, he did. So, we left the apartment and went to the elevator, but I couldn't reach the button. So, we took the stairs. We got down to the second floor without any trouble, but the flight from the second floor to the lobby was made of marble. The steps were steep and slippery. I fell down and tumbled down a few steps. I bonked my head and started to cry. Angus started to bark. My mother heard this racket and she came down and took us back to the apartment, where she spanked me. Angus objected to that. He grabbed her wrist with his mouth and applied a fair amount of pressure, so she stopped spanking me, but then she spanked him, too. We were pretty subdued for the rest of the day.

Enjoy your outing this weekend.


Kyle said...

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRAIN IN THE WORLD! It's the Birthday Gift I've asked all my friends to give me... and now it's come earlier than Saturday.

We've got PLENTY to celebrate here on the O.C.(Other Coast)!

-Smilin' Kyle

Veronica Granier said...

Hooray, and To God be the Glory!!!

I'm so glad to read that your MRI is CLEAR!!! Celebrate, celebrate!!!

I will continue praying that you remain cancer-free, and stay in good health.



Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I am following your courageous journey in Chicago IL.

I have to say tears sprang to my eyes when I read your latest post.

I am so HAPPY to hear good news. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Take care

Anonymous said...


You are the best and the bravest !!! We are so happy for you and your family...Our prayers will always be with you..
Love & Hugs
Clova & Bob

Anonymous said...

HI there Team Kelly!
Sorry I haven't gotten on here to congratulate you before now... but ... CONGRATS on that great MRI! WOO HOO!!!
I am so excited to hear that!
I hope you guys have something fun and fabulous planned for the weekend. We are hosting my mom's birthday party here this weekend and for the first time in 11 years, my brother will be in attendance, and the weather is gonna be AWESOME! Almost 80!! Woo Hoo!
So.. have a great weekend.. breath easier and keep rocken your relay team!!
Amy... Kasey's mom

Rachel said...

Great news about your last MRI!
Always in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo!
You made my day.
Hugs and Kisses to you and the entire Laude Family.

Peggy Pattison

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Great news! I bet you can't wait till August to have your wish!

Marissa and Rachel
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Nancy said...

We just got back from a visit with family in Virginia and we could not be happier! Yipee! God Bless! I think we ALL need to enjoy life each day!!
The Nicolosi Family

Anonymous said...

That is great news, thank GOD! Miracles do happen and they are happening. Have a great week.