Monday, April 21, 2008

Dana Point Relay Weekend

We had an amazing Relay for Life weekend. This was the first year we have participated in this event because we wanted to do something to fight back against cancer. We really want to thank everyone who donated and those of you who joined us and helped make it such a great weekend. We did as well as we did because of all of you! We can't thank you enough. For those of you who missed the awards Sunday morning, TEAM KELLY won Top Fundraising Team, Best Team Spirit, and Rookie Team of Relay.

Thanks, Pat, for the Ice Cream Ball you sent Kelly! It arrived the day before Relay (perfect timing!) and we took it with us. It did many laps rolling along the ground and made delicious ice cream at the same time.

Many people stopped and told us they were inspired by Kelly and Chloe. Chloe is a good friend of ours that we met at CHOC that has been fighting Leukemia. Her family has been involved in Relay with us from the beginning. We are so thankful to have gotten to know the Diemer Family so well. Her sister, Ashley, made the signs you'll see in the photos below. We were really touched by all the people that came to Relay during the weekend. Thank you to the Sodaro Family who showed up even before we did in the morning to help us set up.  Katie, we are so glad you came and received your 9 strands of survivor beads!  The survivors received one strand of "victory beads" for each year since diagnosis. Katie is only 15 and had 9 strands of beads! You are an inspiration to us!  Thanks, Trina, it was so good to see you there, and we loved your caregiver sash at the clinic today!

I will let these pictures help tell about our wonderful weekend. Our camera did not work the whole weekend, and I missed a lot of good shots - if anyone has good photos, can you send them to us? Thanks Schultes! Some of these are sent from them.

Kelly and Chloe holding a team sign after their opening survivor lap.

Megan and Kelly with Brooke, a good friend of Shannon's.

Our team site - our green easy up is in the right background with the gold stars. It is hard to see, but the blue under the red easy up is the ocean!

It is hard to see, but all the gold stars have pictures of kids fighting or kids who have fought cancer. So many people were moved when they stopped at looked at all the kids on the stars. Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer, so we have lots of gold!

This is how the stars looked close up. (Notice the one on the right, Michelle!)

Kelly, Ashley and Austin in the Crazy Hat Lap. The different themed laps kept it fun.

Chloe and Kelly were given these handmade butterflies by another team.
They were the only children that were survivors in the survivor lap.
 Once again, ocean in the background through the trees.

Jackie and Kelly

Chloe, Shannon and Brooke

One of Kelly's luminary bags

The luminaries were kept lit the entire night. Each bag is in honor of someone fighting cancer in memory of someone who fought cancer. It was a moving sight.


Anonymous said...

TY for inviting us. We had a GREAT time. Katie felt important to have her 9 survivor bead strands. She likes knowing it will inspire someone else.
Heather and
Katie F

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful weekend and we were so proud to be on Team Kelly with all of you. Thank you for all you have done to Fight Back against childhood cancer! Kelly and Chloe will always be our little heros and you both inspire so many of us to do so much more! Love to you both and all the Laude family.
The Turner's including your new big brother

Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOO! Wasn't it a blast! I just knew you guys would do great and have fun!! Way to GO TEAM KELLY!
I love the pictures! I can't wait to see more!
Hope your having a great week!
Sending hugs!!
Amy... Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cool event - very inspirational and emotional just to see the pix and read your notes! Thanks for sharing - I am so proud of everyone!
Love you all!
DArla and Family

Susan Krapinski said...

Wow, sounded like you had a fantastic time before, during and after the relay! Way to go on top fundraiser!! It's amazing how much much these events raise and it is also amazing how much research for one single type of cancer Kelly and are doing a wonderful job bringing awareness! Get some rest and I will look forward to the rest of the pictures! And thanks for rubbing it in that you were that close to the ocean!!

Gabby's Mom said...

Great pictures- the illuminaries bring tears to your eyes. I am glad you had a nice day - it looks beautiful and hopefully more pictuers will be coming.

Kelly - today is chemo day? I hope you are able to just keep the bucket on your head :)

Glad to know the ice cream ball worked. Jake, Ken's German Shephard, weighs about 150 pounds and loves to play. Maybe I will get one and just get him to push it around for awhile1



Anonymous said...

Yay...thank you for inviting us too to be a part of Team Kelly!! We can't wait to do another Relay for Life in Oregon! That was such a blast! Next time, more tissue! :)

Fight Back!!! Go Team Kelly!!!!

Love you all tons!
David, Karla, Ashley, Hannah & Chloe

Heide said...

Good morning, Team Kelly!!! So glad to hear what a grand time you had at Relay!! And, CONGRATULATIONS on all the honors!!! WOW!! VERY COOL, INDEED!!!! :)

Now, did you guys ALL stay up all night long??? How was that? I'm like a sponge, wanting to soak up all details about Relay that I can. We've got ours coming up at the end of May and it's my first, as well!! ACK!!! haha, I know it'll be great!!!

Is that MASTER SPOONIE himself I see on that star??? Very cool! Hey, did you notice it looks like his star's got a body?? haha ...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, and like Amy, I'd LOVE to see more!!

Hope you all have a peaceful Tuesday, and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

m/o ^Jessica^; forever 17
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Aunt Tracy said...

Way to go Team Kelly!! Congratulations on being such an inpiration - and having so much fun doing it! Your photos look like you had so much fun!! It also sounds like it was very inspiring for everyone participating and watching - how wonderful! Can't wait to see more! It gets me excited for the Hillsboro RFL in June - and knowing they are going on all over is amazing to think about.
Love & hugs to all of you!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

How wonderful that your team was the best fund-raising team. The pictures are fantastic, and you looked MARVELLOUS, if I may quote Fernando (aka Billy Crystal--do you know that routine?).

Anyway, well done, one and all. My mother will ask me how it all went (she asks about you nearly every day) and I can tell you she'll be beyond thrilled. She'll be absolutely CHUFFED!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and Family,
I was so very HAPPY and EXCITED to hear about your FANTASTIC weekend!!! You all really made a name for yourselves, regarding all the honors Team Kelly received!! That is so wonderful! I loved the picture of the very moving. You were all in my prayers for a GREAT WEEKEND, and I think you had that!! You, your family, and all the others are an inspiration to behold!
Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Catalina Eddy said...

Ello Loov!
Can you belive that I walked all 24 hours and logged 2,247 laps???
OK, I'll admit that when I figured out that all the funds were turned in and they wouldn't take anything away from the American Cancer Society, I hit the sack. But I did do a whole lot of regular laps and most of the themed laps.
Great job raising funds, awareness, and spirits.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I had a lot of fun at the relay with everyone. That's soo cool that Team Kelly won all of those awards. I can't want to see the edited version of CSI: Dana Point! haha
Amy J

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me to come to your relay for life event. I had lots of fun. I particularly liked the glow sticks. Haha. Kelly, you lookes like a christmas tree. I hope the rest of your weekend was a blast I am soooo glad that your MRIs are still clear. Keep on fighting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me to come to your relay for life event. I had lots of fun. I particularly liked the glow sticks. Haha. Kelly, you lookes like a christmas tree. I hope the rest of your weekend was a blast I am soooo glad that your MRIs are still clear. Keep on fighting.