Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Three Bucket Day

Another chemo day over with. Kelly decided she liked doing labs and chemo on the same day. Her chemo is count dependent, so they don't give it to her unless her blood counts are at certain levels. That means she has to have labs done before chemo. We have always gone to the clinic the day before chemo for labs. Yesterday, we went to the clinic early for labs, then we went out to breakfast while we waited for the results to come back. Then we went back, and by that time, the clinic was really crowded - it was quite a busy day there. We had to wait to get back into a room. Hopefully this will get better when they open the new infusion center later this month. But once they got her back there, they got her chemo going pretty quickly (thanks for that, Lori!) We actually ended up leaving at about the same time as usual. The only bad thing was, since we started chemo later than usual, Kelly didn't get the little seeds taped on her pressure points. We realized what a difference it makes. In the photo, Kelly has a bucket on her head (this was after she had her ativan, the anti nausea drug that makes her a bit silly.) The bucket didn't stay on her head, since it's real purpose is for when the kids get sick. She went through a couple of them yesterday at the clinic, and another when we got home. (We have them in almost every room of our house and the car. Other cancer families will understand this!) Next time, we have to make sure she gets the seeds!

Kelly is so wobbly when by the time she gets done with her chemo, we use a wheelchair to get her to the car. Yesterday, she didn't want any help getting herself to the car. (She really likes the ramp into the parking garage!) Thanks for bringing us lunch, Linda! That is greatly appreciated and so is your company.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped with the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life by donating or joining our team. I also appreciate the photos I have been getting of other kids fighting cancer and those who have fought and are now angels. Hopefully our team will make an impact on everyone there on how many kids are affected by this disease.
TEAM KELLY website: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/kellylaude

There is one more photo I meant to post from our week in the mountains. One of the things I appreciated most about our trip was our girls spending time with each other without the normal things that usually keep them apart like school, activities, and different friends. This photo shows the three of them just appreciating each other's company.

Kelly's next MRI is a week from tomorrow, April 9th. We are praying for another clear scan. It is still nerve wracking to me as we get close to MRIs as we know this nasty tumor can recur at any time. We are trying to think positive though! Thanks for everyone who remembers Kelly in their prayers. It really is helping and we appreciate it so much. Thanks also to all of you for the prayers for Kasey and Katherine also.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me hang out tonight with my favorite bucket wearing girl! You have a great sense of humor and are just tons of fun to be around!
Hugs to all the Laude's - Love ya'll - Pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Sorry that today was "a three bucket day." I do like the bucket better on your head! You are very funny! The picture of you three girls is so very sweet. Hope you get a good night's sleep, and feel MUCH BETTER tomorrow.
Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly, Kathy and Family,
We'll keep good thoughts about your MRI! We know what it's like -waiting to hear the MRI results - nerve racking and then a huge relief (you swear you are not worried and then you realize you've been stressed and holding your breath until you get the good news!)

I LOVE the sweet picture of the girls hangin' out together!
Love you all,
Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Sorry you had such a rough time after treatment. Hopefully the next time will be better. The picture of the three of you is priceless. So sweet! We're praying for another clear MRI. Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly - nice "hat" :) Hopefully, next time if you like doing blood and chemo in one day they can do seeds while you are waiting for the count to come back. It's great to know something helps. When I was eight I was in the hospital for about a week and I LOVED the wheelchair. Learned how to play pool from that wheelchair!

Will be awaiting good news next week about the MRI. Have a nice week - the vacation pictures were great.

I am still persisting in my pick to go home from AI tonite. I figure one week I will have to be correct :) I hope you enjoyed the show.



Heide said...

Good morning, Team Kelly. So sorry you needed multiple buckets!! :( ... Do they have those bags? Emesis bags, I think they're called? (eme-bag for short ... how cute). Those are WONDERFUL, and we'd always sneak at least 5 or 10 home with us each clinic visit. They've got a plastic round thing that fits right around your mouth, and then the bag just ... well, yea ... I won't go into detail, but they're VERY convenient.

Hope the chemo/count thing continues to work out on the same day like that. I'm sure it's more convenient than having to make 2 consecutive clinic visits.

I LOVE the picture of the girls on the couch!!! SO SWEET!!!!!

You all remain in my thoughts and prayers, and I'll send some extra prayers your way, for sure, next week. Praying for a GOOD MRI!!

m/o ^Jessica^; forever 17
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the girls!! We are continuing to pray for Kelly and her upcoming MRI and the other kids as well. Hang in there!


The Diemer's

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
Despite it being a 3 bucket day, you sure have some great photos with beautiful smiles! You're amazing! Hope today is much better and you don't need to use any of those buckets your mom has strategically placed around!

Emily loved the photo of the 3 of you so much (I did too) - but she said she just wnated to snuggle on in with all of you!

Love & Hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

What a Kelly!
What a Family!
Now, let me get this straight-
Mizz Kell, a bit woozy, is in
a wheelchair...BARELLING DOWN
a RAMP in the GARAGE?!?!?!?!

When the "Relay" is over,
I propose a nationwide wheelchair

"The Soap Box Derby
meets Fearless Kelly."

And of course,
buckets for helmets!!!!

YOU remain the BESTEST!


Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!
Hope you're feeling better today and that you didn't have to use any buckets. I'm glad you were able to take care of your labs and chemo in one day. The trip to the mountains looked like so much fun. I'm glad you got to ski. Were you sore the next day? Any achy muscles for your dad? It's great that you had some nice time with your family. That picture with "you girls" is priceless. You should have that blown up into a poster. My class sends their love. We continue to pray for you daily. I think God's got His ears open wide-especially when young children pray. Love to you and the family!
Laurie and Mark

this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Hi Kelly and Kathy,

Hello from NY! This is our first post on Kelly's website. We found your site from ours!! Kathy posted on Hannah's site, thank you so much. Hannah is 8 years old, diagnosed with medulloblastoma brain tumor in January of 2007, not long before Kelly.

We absolutely love your site! Kelly is just adorable, and following your story has been very heart warming for us. That bucket reminds me of a many a day Hannah was in the same position...wanting to chuck that bucket across the room...ha ha. It did look cute on your head though!

Just wanted to stop by to say hello and let you know Kelly is our our thoughts and prayers, as is your whole family. We are hoping for all good things from your upcoming MRI!
Love from NY
Kim and team Hannah

Susan said...

Hey Kelly,

I just LOVE your blog! I got your link from the PBT list tonight.

I'll be keeping you in prayer sweetie.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Oh, I'm Susan, and my son Jordan has a BT too.


John & Michelle said...

You seem to be such a sweet young lady! I know you are facing so much right now, both physically and emotionally. I am praying for you and believing that you will beat this nasty stuff. I will look forward to seeing you getting ready for your prom someday!!!
from Illinois,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and family,
I just started reading your blog. Our daughter 2 1/2 year old daughter, Hannah, is being treated at CHOC as well for cancer. Kelly, you crack me up and I enjoy reading your updates. I'm pretty sure Hannah has worn her barf bowl(that's what we call it) as a hat at home. I hope you're feeling well and we hope to meet you and your mom one day!
carepage: hannahtimes

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

There used to be a rock band called "Three Dog Night." The name came from the Australian aboriginal practice of keeping warm at night by piling on dogs. The way they see it, a night so cold that you have to pile on 3 dogs is about as cold as it gets.

With all that, I think I'd rather have a three dog night than a three bucket day.

Feel better, and good luck on the 9th.


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,
Hope you're feeling better by now! I agree with Henry--think I'd rather have a three dog night as well! I imagine you would also, especially if snow was involved! You could start a fashion trend with those buckets though! It looked pretty cute on your head! We loved all the photos!

We've been on Spring Break this past week, but back to reality on Monday! We'll be sending extra prayers your way for another clear MRI on Tuesday!!

Can't wait to see your mountain cabin room!

Sending lots of hugs and love your way,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
You are always in our thoughts on a daily basis, but today we wanted you to know we're sending lots of extra thoughts and prayers for a wonderful clear and beautiful MRI tomorrow! I hope you get to watch something fun during it!
Lots & lots of love & hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Aunt Tracy said...

OK - tomorrows good for prayers too - but even more on the actual day of your MRI!! Oops! It's Weds., I know. I guess I'd like it to be all done already!
More love & hugs from,
your silly Aunt Tracy