Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Dancers

While Kelly and I were away in France, Megan and Shannon competed in the West Coast Dance Explosion with their Center Stage Dance Team.  Their team did very well earning one gold medal and one silver medal and placing third in each category.  Their team qualified to go to Nationals in Las Vegas in July, which no one expected them to do their first year of competition.  Unfortunately, since no one was planning on going, a few of the familes already have vacation plans for the time of competion, so it doesn't look like they will be able to compete.  Next year we'll know to allow for this possibility.  

This might actually be just as well for Megan.  She spends many hours a week dancing and is running every week for her PE class at school, and lately her ankle has really been bothering her.  We took her to the doctor yesterday to find out what was wrong, and she has a stress fracture.  Her legs take an awful lot of impact, so the doctor wants her to rest it for a few weeks to let it heal.  This is hard for someone who is so active and enjoys dance so much.  They also realized that if they just told her to take it easy, she would still try to do some dance.  So below you can see what the decision was to give her ankle a break.
Notice the lovely paper shorts they gave her to put the cast on.  She is holding them up so they don't fall off!  She should be able to get her cast off in time to still dance in their big spring dance show on June 28th.  The only good thing about giving her ankle a break is that she is thrilled she doesn't have to run the mile any more for PE this year.  


Gabby's Mom said...

Great news on the dance Megan and Shannon!

More importantly, and I am sure your Mom will be happy to know :)- I had one of those casts all summer a few years ago and managed to ride a bike, drive my car and remodel my bathroom by climbing up and down ladders....I am not a very obedient patient! I hope that you will be a better one and that it won't itch too badly inside. If it does get a chopstick - though I think your legs are longer than mine so that may not work as well.


Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kathy, Kelly, Megan, and Shannon!

Congratulations on doing so well in the dance competition, Megan and Shannon. Sorry about your stress fracture, Megan. I really like the bright pink cast, though. Hopefully it will force you to take it easy and maybe give mom a bit of a break, too. :o)

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Way to go sister! Nice Cast! I should've broke my leg to get out of PE. Ha Ha! However.. great job on the dancing.

Miss Kelly.. I am sorry you were sick again this week from chemo. I hope you are feeling better today.
We are still planning on that big camping trip in Cali. in June. Not sure if you were gonna be able to appear or not, but what i know is that it is located above Heartland Christian Camp. Do you have any idea where that is? The camp we will be at is.. (forgive me because I know I will get it wrong, but something like...) Ishim Creek Oh.. I forgot already. I know that is wrong. Something like that. I know we met our family in Visalia and followed them up. I think we are meeting up with the family in Porterville this time and helping them pack up and transport their stuff up there.

Hope ya'll are having a good Wednesday. Sending Hugs!
Amy... Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Megan,

Seeing you in your cast brought back many memories for me. I used to have to spend weeks at a time in casts to try to stretch the tendons in my legs. They worked to a degree. Surgery worked better.

However, as my father used to say, it's truly an ill wind that doesn't blow somebody some good. Casts in those days were heavy plaster and they made formidable weapons, if necessary. I assure you, no one wanted to be kicked by me.

That reminds me. I don't think I've revealed my deep, dark secret in all these months. I have cerebral palsy, and hospitals, doctors, and therapists were a major part of my childhood, but we won't tell anyone, okay.

Good luck with the cast. Don't kick anyone unless you REALLY have to.


Anonymous said...

Wow Megan,

Some people will do anything to get out of PE!! Don't you think your mom spends enough time at doctor's offices?? Hope it heals fast! Kelly, hope your next treatment is a little easier! And....happy birthday to Shannon!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Megan and Shannon, Way to go on the dance competition!!! Sounds like you had fun. Sorry to read about your stress fracture. I hope you heal quickly! The hot pink cast is cool-looking, I have to say! You all take care.. hi to Kelly, your mom and dad too.
Patty J.

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi to all the Laude women!
Kelly - I hope you're feeling better after a tough chemo tx Monday. Megan - you're going to give Emily some ideas about getting out of P.E.!! Nice bright pink color choice though! Keep that birthday girl healthy (within a week I think you're still officially the BD girl, Shannon!)! Congratulations again on doing so well at the dance competition Megan & Shannon! What a busy and talented family - nothings gonna keep you guys down! Hope you all get to take a deep breath and relax a little!
Love & hugs all around!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

omg...all of that just to get out of a pe class!! shame on you!! lol!! i hope it heals soon so you can get back to yer dancing!! i wanna come to one of u r shows let me know!!! kelly - im still always praying 4 u!! luv u!!
p.s. - nice shorts megan!! haha

Catalina Eddy said...

Hi Megan,
Can I borrow those shorts when you're done with them? They make a bold fashion statement. Just don't wear them in the rain.
Looking forward to signing your cast. It's cooler than the one they put on my sister when I accidentally broke her arm...twice.
Love you!