Wednesday, May 7, 2008


That's "hello" in Thai.

As Kathy and Kelly went off on their pilgrimage to Lourdes, Uncle Sam was sending me to Thailand. It feels strange to have the family spread across three continents. Ironically, we're here to do an HA/DR (humanitarian assistence / disaster relief) exercise, but we may end up doing an HA/DR operation. We are ready, willing, and able if the Burmese government ever decides to allow foreign assistence in.

Kathy and Kelly should be returning from Lourdes in a few hours, and I'm as anxious as anyone to hear about their trip.

Thank you for all of your help and prayers,



Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kevin!

cannot wait to hear about Kathy and Kelly's trip. thanks for the Thai greeting - Ken's nephew's wife is from Thailand and now I know a word :) have a nice trip!


Tom said...

Hi Kevin,
Good to hear from you! Let me know if the Thai food is too spicy for you... We think of you guys often. I hope that you are all together soon.
Saw this story about Burma that might be of interest:

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Everyone!
Hopefully, by now you've condensed to 2 continents! Kath & Kelly, I hope your trip home was easy - like everyone else, I can't wait to hear all about the whole trip!!

Shannon - Happy Birthday!! Nice present - to have mom & sister home, huh!? Hopefully, the mail won't take as long with your gift as it did with the package I tried to send your mom before her trip!

Love & hugs to you all! And a special birthday hug for Shannon!
Aunt Tracy

Gabby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Shannon! Apparently, Fedex is no better than your Aunt says the mail is because I have been tracking your package and suspect it will not arrive today - you get to spread your birthday over a few days then :)

Have a wonderful day Shannon!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your note! We appreciate your update. Interesting that your family was in three continents - amazing! We hope your mission/training goes well and that you are back home soon!
The Millers