Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kelly's Kabin

We are finally unveiling Kelly's room makeover.  A wonderful group of volunteers called Room to Heal, pictured below, transformed Kelly's room into a cabin in the wintery mountains, complete with three moose.  Room to Heal redecorates kid's rooms who are seriously ill so they have a nice place to rest and heal.  They came and talked to Kelly about how she would like her room to look, and she wanted a winter, woodsy room with moose of course.  They painted her whole room with murals of snowy, woodsy mountains.  Since she has so many stuffed animals (mostly gifts since her diagnosis) they added a shelf all the way around her room near the ceiling.  Below the shelf, they added a pine cone garland with white twinkly lights.  Yes, it looks a little Christmasy and Kelly loves it that way.  She wanted to keep a Christmas tree in her room all year because she loves Christmas so much.  I've added several photos so you can see her new room.  She is thrilled with it and loves to spend time there now.

This is painted on the door to her room.

They added moose pillows, and new blankets to her bed that looks like it belongs in a cabin.

There is a moose peeking out from behind the trees right over her bed.   They wanted to make the moose realistic, but moose are actually not real pretty animals close up.  We love the way the volunteers made the moose look realistic and friendly.
Another Moose

Here are two of the volunteers hanging the white lights around the top of Kelly's room.  Notice her closet doors.  There are moose tracks and a sign that says "Moose Xing"  It looks great.

We are so thankful to the Room to Heal volunteers for transforming Kelly's room and giving her a beautiful,  peaceful place to rest.  Thanks also to our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. del Valle, for telling them about Kelly.

Check out the website www.room2heal.org     to find out more about this fantastic group of volunteers.  There are also a lot more pictures of Kelly's room under Projects - Kelly's Moose Room.


Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - great room! I love the moose and the murals are fantastic. I hope you enjoyed "American Idol" tonite. I am picking David to win :) Luckily, there is no way to lose with that prediction - which differs from the one in the letter I sent yesterday!



Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly & Kathy!
What a great room - I mean kabin! It must feel so good to hang out in there! Our whole house is feeling a little too outdoorsy lately - we have a resident squirrel that thinks he should live inside! He especially likes the garage. I should be glad it didn't pick any other room instead! Enjoy that kozy Kelly kabin & all those moose, and let me know if you want a squirrel!
Love & hugs,
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

HOLY MOOSE! I love it!!
That is a great room! You know what is funny, my brother's name is Darren, but we all call him Moose! So I always think of him when I see a Moose ofcourse! How lucky for you to have your own little cabin getaway. I have a thing here at the house that would be perfect for your room. I am going to see if my husband will part with it. I am not gonna tell you what it is, you'll just have to see it.
Have a great restful sleep in your new kabin!
Hugs Miss Kelly!
Amy.. Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your room Kelly! Can I move in???
I still think the plural of moose should be meese - don't you????
What a great room to hang-out in. That was a wonderful gift of the Room to Heal ladies. You deserve it!
Talk to you soon,
Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly,

What a fantastic new room you have. I love it! All of that outdoorsy stuff reminds me of Lake George! (Where we have many fond memories with you!) Enjoy your new hangout!

The Silvestris

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Your kabin looks great. The Room to Heal volunteers are really talented painters, aren't they?

I read your Aunt Tracy's note about her squirrel, and it reminded me of my sister's half-tame squirrel, Misty. Their relationship started when Misty was small, and Betty started feeding her peanuts. Soon, Misty learned to knock at the back door when she wanted some peanuts. Each summer, Misty would bring her kids around, too. One year, Misty had a particularly large litter (6, I think). Anyway, she came to the back door and hopped in. Betty gave her a few peanuts and Misty just ate them and sat there a while, watching her kids through the kitchen window. She needed to get away from them for a while. It soon became a regular habit with them, and one time, Bety asked Misty if she'd like to see the rest of the house. Betty took her throughout the house (our parents were both out). I must say, Misty was very polite. She just hopped after Betty, who showed her the whole house. Then she went to the kitchen door, where Betty gave her another peanut, and out she went. Whenever Misty came in, she never went "squirrelly" on us. She was always a welcome guest.

I've often thought that if we had lived in Salem, Massachusetts in the late seventeenth century, Betty would probably been tried for witchcraft.

Enjoy your kabin.


Anonymous said...

I love your new room, I can't wait to see it!!! It's so awesome!!! Cool pictures! :D Hope you have a great week!


Karla & Fam

Tom said...

Your new room is some kinda' something special! Enjoy it in good health.

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

We love your Kabin! It looks so inviting and cozy! The Room to Heal Volunteers did an amazing job for an amazing girl! Kylie and Ryan said they'd like to move into your room with you!

Tray, maybe you should name your squirrel and offer it peanuts! It could just be waiting for a tour of your house! :)

Enjoy your cozy Kabin room Kelly! So happy for you!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Terry Jenkins said...

Hi Kelly!
Amy and I were looking at your new room last night and we love it! We also went online to see the other pictures that Room to Heal has done. What a nice group of people they are. Amy decided that she likes your room the best of all of them, and I have to agree. The cabin theme is unique and so welcoming.

See you soon!
The Jenkins

Heide said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cool. Congrats on your new room, Kelly!! I always love new rooms! :) I can remember as a kid getting SO excited just to rearrange. Everything feels so "fresh". Plus, you get that really weird "where am I" feeling when you wake up the next morning. lol

Have a great week, Team Kelly!

m/o ^Jessica^; forever 17
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Catalina Eddy said...

I almost think it would look better without furniture. We can get rid of it so you can use a sleeping bag on your floor for the full outdoor effect. I'll even throw in the cricket from my bedroom, if I can ever find the noisy little bugger.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
What a WONDERFUL job the volunteers did on your kabin! You must really love it! I know I do!! Hope you are doing well, and are enjoying your new "space!" Take care...hi to your sweet mom, and your sisters, too.
Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Saratoga Kyle said...

Dear Kelly-

LOVE them mountains,

-Watch for WET cardboard Box,
Kyle & Carter

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Yesterday was Tuesday, so I'm assuming you had further adventures in the Wonderful World of Chemo. I hope it wasn't a rough ride.

Say, now that I've revealed my Terrible, Dark Secret to Megan (my wife and I call it Terrible Palsy), it opens up whole new areas of stories that might amuse you.

For instance, I was in Freiburg and it was late at night. I was on my way to the train station to catch my train to Vienna. I was on Eisenbahnstrasse (Railroad Street), in front of the main post office, making good time toward the station, when suddenly, my cane just sank, and my knuckles scraped the sidewalk. I won't begin to tell you the things I said - I'd be banned from the blogosphere forever. Anyway, I tried to figure out what happened. It turned out that there was a manhole cover right in front of the post office, and there were smallish, round holes around the outer edge of the aforementioned manhole cover. These holes were just large enough for the cane to go through. I removed the cane carefully. Fortunately, it wasn't broken. (Germany is a wonderful place to get canes. You just go to any umbrella store, and there they are, but not at 11 o'clock at night). I got back on my feet, made it to the station, and caught my train to Vienna.

Have a good, restful day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I <3 your room and the fact that it's like having Christmas year round :) It's great! The volunteers did an amazing job!!! Take care and God Bless!

Much Love,