Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Special Presentation

I was going to wait until after this event to write about it, since I don't know too much about it yet, but the girls wanted to let everyone know what they were doing Thursday. Kelly's neurosurgeon, Dr. Muhonen, is doing a special presentation for Kelly, Megan and Shannon. Every year he chooses a few patients to fill their Christmas Wish Lists and he wanted Kelly to be a recepient this year. The girls have given him their wish lists and he will be giving them gifts and surprises at the presentation Thursday morning at CHOC. Then we go to Disneyland and spend the night at Paradise Pier Hotel at the Park. We feel so fortunate to have this happening for the girls. Kelly has always had a special connection with Dr. Muhonen and is so excited he picked her. We are very thankful to him and his staff for making this happen. Kelly will write more about this after we return. Friends are welcome to attend the presentation, which is 9:00 Thursday morning. If anyone is interested, contact us and we will give you more details.

We have so many special events happening this month; it has been such a memorable December so far. All of these positive experiences have been such a blessing to all of us.

Kelly does have a lot happening medically next week. She will be in the hospital Christmas Eve Day receiving her chemotherapy, but we will be home for the evening. What we really need special prayers for is her next MRI, which is December 26th. She will have it done in the hospital, then we'll go right upstairs to Dr. Muhonen to go over the results with him. We are praying that the chemotherapy has been working and she won't have another recurrence.


Kimmi said...

that is so cool that He is going to be granting the girls wishes this christmas. i am so glad that kelly's dr is so much more than just one of those inand out drs... that he is actually involved in his patiens lives. my prayers are always with you. i would love to go to the presentation but i will sadly be unable to. my prayers and best wishes for everyone this christmas season. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

that is so great. it sounds like you have an awesome dr!! i hope you have a ton of fun at disneyland and a good christmas(and get everything that you want!! - LOL)luv ya lots!!!
p.s. wish your whole family a merry christmas for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Muhonen sounds like a wonderful man - we are so glad he chose all of you to make the presentation to. We can't wait to hear the details afterwards. Have a fantastic time at Disneyland. We are sending lots of prayers and good wishes for the upcoming doctor appointments -
You are always in our thoughts and prayers -
The Palmer Family

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
We wish we could be at your special presentation - we will be thinking about you! It's such a great treat for all of you - and no one deserves it more! It would be the best present ever to have your MRI show all good things! It's at the top of my list and in every prayer!! Enjoy all the specialness of this season and all the fun, and we'll see you soon!
Love you so!
Aunt Tracy

Lisa Condon said...

Our prayers are with you, Kelly. Madison, Lindsey, and I have added you to our nightly prayers that we say. Your strength is an inspiration and your positive attitude is going to be your saving grace. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Know we are all rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

I can see why Dr. Muhonen would pick you Kelly and your sister's. I am sure you all will have a great time. You will be in my prayer's as always.

Merry Christmas to the Laude Family!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

The presentation and Disneyland sound so exciting. Kathy and I hope the chemo has been effective and that the MRI reveals nothing but good things.

I'll take you back to County Armagh briefly today to tell you about a game Grandpa and his brothers played on Christmas Day. My great grandfather would light a candle and put it at one end of the front room, as they called it. Then he took down his muzzle-loading shotgun, which was a heavy old thing. He would put a percussion cap on the nipple and give the gun to one of the boys. The exploding cap forced just enough air out of the muzzle to blow out the candle flame, if your aim was right. So, we hope the chemo's aim was right. and the cancer's candle is dark.

Enjoy the presentation and have a great time at Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

I think the Lord really blessed you when he gave you Dr. Mahonen as your physician! He is taking such good care of you! I hope you have a wonderful time on Thursday! I am soryy I won;t be able to be there. I am doing some training for a new job. But I will be thinking of you and your family! We will definitley get together when the girls are out of school for the Christmas break. Also, we can't wait to see Jenny and her family again! I will continue to keep you in my prayers that the Lord guides the Doctors in whatever it is they need to do to heal you! Love and hugs, Debbie Meyering

Tom said...

Hi Kelly,
I know you and your sisters will really enjoy your stay at Disneyland. Have a great day and enjoy the party! Your Doctor seems like a really nice man.
I hope we get to visit with you some time over Christmas.....

Kim said...

Wow, you have all been so busy with fun parties, etc! I'm so excited for you Kelly. I can't wait to read all about the presentation and Disneyland. I know your Aunt Tracy is excited to hear all about it as well. She is busy getting ready to join you for Christmas. What fun you will all have. I wish you every blessing possible. Take care and stay strong. - Kim

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,
Have a wonderful and magical day!!! We are so excited for all of you! Wonder if Dr. Muhonen will be dressed up as an elf today or maybe the big guy in the red suit will show up!! Enjoy your night at Disney!! We'll be thinking of you today!!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!
Have a wonderful time at Disneyland.
Your upcoming doctor's appointment will be in my thoughts.
I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
...thinking of you,

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm so glad that you are getting time to celebrate this Christmas. I know how much you love people and parties. Just going between home and the hospital is not fun. Is this the elf doctor ? I'm sure that he feels about you the way that all of us who know you do, that it is a blessing for us to know you and have you in our lives. It's great that Megan and Shannon are included too. I see that Shannon has been spending a lot of time with you. What a great sister! Yippi !! Enjoy your parties. I can't wait to hear what happens.

Love Aunt Denise

Catalina Eddy said...

Dear Shining Star,

I know you're at Disneyland as I write this, but I am looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories when I arrive loaded with gifts on Saturday morning.
Can't wait to see you all!
The Big Kahuna

Amis said...

Hey Kelly! Thats so cool that your doctor is doing that! I hope you had fun at Disneyland and also that your MRI results are good. I'll be praying for you.
I might see you before Christmas, but if I dont, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
<3 Amy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

As we know, Christmas is a season of giving, and the spirit of giving can even extend to dogs at times of the year other than Christmas.

One summer, we were having a cookout in the back yard. My father manned the grill, and my mother had made a number of salads. It's the kind of thing I think we've all experienced.

Fergus wanted to make his contribution, too, so he went to his leaf pile where he kept his treasures and poked around in it for a while until he found a piece of really moldy bread he had clearly been saving for a special occasion. He brought it to my mother, dropped it into her lap, and wagged his tail. She made a big fuss over him and quietly returned it to his leaf pile when he wasn't looking.

Have a good time with your chemo buddies, and our wish for you is that your scan is absolutely clear.

Merry Christmas,

Deborah Smith said...

What an action pack week you are having!!!! Party, Disneyland, sounds like fun!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your wishes coming true!!!
You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas.
The Smith Family (Deborah)

Roush Family said...

Still sending prayers your way Kelly! Hope you and your family have a good Christmas, and enjoy Disneyland!