Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Party at the Clinic!

Yesterday at the clinic, I saw my doctor and I had to have labs done. It was funny though, because Diana was there getting Chemo. I saw her as she was leaving, but she said that she would come back after she had radiation. My appointment was at 10. It was about 10:45 when Cheyenne arrived, and I was still in the waiting room. So, Cheyenne and I decided to share a room. So we hung out, talked (alot), and played a spiderman game on the t.v. (not that we knew how to play) Soon after, Diana texted me and said that she was done and was coming back up. When I wrote her back, I put, " PARTY!!!" And it was. When she came in, it was me, Diana, Cheyenne, and all of our moms. Not to mention Dr. Esparza when he came in. It was actually fun. Cheyenne and I got checked out, did labs, and then we all ate lunch downstairs in the hospital cafeteria. Not Dr. Esparza though. We ate outside, and it was pretty cold. Cheyenne had to leave early, so Diana and I were alone at our table. Well, we had some left over food, so we decided to have some fun. We mixed all of the food and called it," Coratapecoan." Interesting, I know. But we used the first two letters of every food we used. After that, we went to Starbucks. There, we planned that Diana and I would build a two story ginger bread hospital. It would be made entirely out of candy. It would be open in the back so you can see inside. We decided that the name should be GHOC. Gingerbread Hosptial of Orange County. We were going to use the first two letters of our names. But it was Di and Ke. We put them together, and well, it didn't really work when we spelled it out. So, then we all went home. I fell, asleep, then Make a Wish came over. I decided that I either wanted to go on a cruise, or to a snowy cabin. It was a fun day, and I can't wait until we start building GHOC.



Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
You are getting to be quite a humorous writer! Loved hearing about your party - I think you and your friends are an incredible group of girls to be able to make a party out of being at the hospital for labs, chemo, etc.!! It makes my heart so happy to hear you having fun! I want to see lots of photos of GHOC(and the whole construction process)!
Love & lots of hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

that sound like so much fun!!! you're such a party animal!!! i can't wait to hear all about what you decide to do with make a wish!! luv ya,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice day at CHOC. Making new friends is so much fun, especially when you have a lot in common. I love your writing style; it makes me feel like I was there. I could almost hear the party.
Love, Terry Jenkins

cindy hurley said...

Hi Kelly,

Did you make graham cracker houses in 4th grade? I remember our kids did and I helped. The room smelled like canned frosting for a long time.

Hope you can find lots of cute candy. They even have some pre-cut houses at Michaels or places like that. You could raffle it off for a fundraiser!

Glad to hear you have hospital friends. It makes it easier to go.

Hi to everyone!

Cindy Hurley

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

Did you also feed some of your food to the birds???? That reminds us of our lunch in Laguna Beach!! Glad you turned it into a fun day!

Allison and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Your post-chemo party sounds great. So does your wish.

Do they have cruises from Los Angeles to Hawaii? You might go out and visit your Dad. Or, maybe you could fly to Honolulu and take a catamarand cruise around the islands.

A ski vacation sounds good too.

Decisions! Decisions!

Have fun!


Catalina Eddy said...

Shining Star,
You're going to have to help me pronounce "Coratapecoan". If combining Di & Ke didn't work for you, how about reversing the order?
When you complete your ginger bread hospital, be sure to take pictures right away before you bring it home and Mandy eats it.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Island girl, GHOC sounds like sooooooooooooooooooo much fun. Could you email me pictures of GHOC to my mom's email address? I had fun at your house (Tasha had fun too!)
Sophie Miller

Twinsie said...

Hey Kelly!
remember that t6ime you showed us Bernard The Polar Bear? EEHH! :) and that ringtone that drove are mom nuts? that was so much fun! we really should get together again! Hope you have fun building GHOC hospital! LOVE YA!!
Lauren Meyering :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! My name is Rian. Your mom was my fourth grade teacher back in 1988-89 (I think!). Miss Ring was my favorite teacher :-) I remember when you and your sister were born...my best friend, Lana Clark (now Lana Andersland) and I were so excited to come see the new babies! I'm living in Maryland now, but news travels pretty far as you know. I want you to know that my husband, Phil, and I pray for you and your family every night. We promise to keep it up, too! You seem to have lots and LOTS of people who love you, and even though we don't really know you, you hold a special place in our hearts. Be well, Kelly!
Love, Rian Ryan (formerly Rian Hopkins) PS If you or your mom has time or wants to email me, my email address is rian_hopkins@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!!!!

I'm so glad that you had fun....I think that you should go on the cruise cuz you can always come visit me and we can go hang out at a cabin.....and there is often snow here too....so then you can do both lol......well im sure youll have fun either way......love you lots!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Any progress on your wish plans or the GHOC? If I ever have to go to a hospital again, that's the one I want to go to.

Have a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I hope you're feeling better. I miss you a lot! Mabye sometime I can come over and visit you when you are feeling better!
Rebecca Van Auken

Laurie Martin said...

Hey Kelly!

OK... do we get to vote for your wish? I choose the cruise! They are so much fun. You get to "pig out" on all the food you want and there's lots of fun activities to do on board. Besides, you can come to the snow at our cabin. Let us know what you decide.

Mr. Turtle got kinda flooded out the back with the rains we had last Friday, but I think he's OK. He was twisting around a little bit in the mud. I don't know how he handles all the crusty mud on his face. That would drive me crazy!

Sounds like you're making some great friends at the hospital. Can't wait to see GHOC. Your Mom's really creative, I'm sure she'll be a big help to you.

Take care, Sweetie. I hope you don't mind my 4th graders postings. They feel a bonding with you. Love to the family!

Laurie and Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I hope you don't mind if I tell you another Fergus story. Fergus believed in rules. We had rules for him, which he happily obeyed (chief among these was stay off the furniture), and he had one for us: "Stay off my floor!" Oh, it was fine to walk on the floor, but sitting on the floor, or lying on the floor were not on. He would nudge, poke, and paw you until you sat in any chair of your choosing, or the sofa. As with most rules, there was an exception. That exception was my sister, Betty. Not only could Betty lie on the floor. She could do so and use Fergus as her pilllow as she watched television.

One time, Betty's third-grade teacher and her three sons came to dinner. After dinner, Fergus assumed pillow position, and Betty propped her head up on him, and Luke, her teacher's youngest, who was Betty's age, lay down too and propped HIS head on Fergus. There wasn't a peep out of Fergus. My mother said: "Luke, you really rate. He won't let ME do that."

Later that evening, Fergus made Luke even happier. Luke had brought his pet white mouse with him. As Luke, his moother, and brothers were getting ready to leave, Luke saw that the mouse's cage was empty. Naturally, he was quite upset. Fergus went to work. He sniffed the cage, then sniffed the floor, and he found the mouse cowering behind the drapes. So, Luke had his mouse again, and all was well.

Take care,

Chiara DeSantis said...

Dear Kelly,
This is Chiara, from Mrs. Martin's class. I just wanted to say hi and that we hope you feel a lot better because you have been through so much. My dog Bella says hi!

Rachel said...

Hey hottie!! Glad to hear your day went well. If you're feeling up to a blockbuster night with Katy and I let us know, I've got to catch up on some movies.
Luv ya,
PS: Gingerbread houses rock....better take some pictures! You got me in the mood to make one this year, but yours will crush mine cause I have zero creativity in me!

Lori Tonick said...

HI Kelly!
The gingerbread house sounds like fun. You guys should set up a contest as to who has the best one. Make sure you post the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Have you made any progress on the gingerbread hospital or your wish? Like Lori, I would like to see the pictures.

I have another Fergus story for you, if you don't mind. My grandfather came to live with us in 1958. In those days, we had quite a few oak trees in the back yard. In the fall, they would lose their leaves. The wind blew them into 2 piles, in 2 different corners of the yard. One time, the weather was just fabulous, and Grandpa decided to rake up the leaf piles and get rid of them. Fergus saw him from the kiitchen window and he began to get agitated. He really wanted to go outside. By the time Fergus got out, Grandpa had raked up and disposed of one leaf pile. Fergus ran to the other pile and began sniffing and pawing at it. Pretty soon, he had a collection of bones, pieces of moldy bread, and other threasures, which he placed between his front paws and guarded. When Grandpa got close, Fergus glared up at him. Grandpa laughed and said: "Did I rake up your treasures, Fergus? I'm sorry!" All was well again.

My wife and I are going to see your Aunt Denise and a friend of hers tomorrow evening. We're going to a concert at Carnegie Hall. It could snow today, but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the mid-40's, so we should be able to come and go without incident.

Have a great day.

Kylie said...

Hi Kelly and everyone!!

Your party sounds fun! Thanks to all of you for my Birthday present!! I just got it and opened it--I love it! I named it Kelly after you!

I can't wait to see you at Christmastime!


Fran said...

You are such a talented writer.
You and your friends are fun to hear about and how you are making your hospital times go with such humor and fun.

Enjoy the holiday season as best you can we know it's your favorite time of the year.

Marisa and Fran