Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone who has been so wonderful in your support for Kelly and our family! Here is a link for a Christmas greeting from us.


Kelly spent Christmas Eve in the hospital for her chemotherapy but we were home by 5:00. The exciting thing that happened was the motorcycle ride to CHOC. Over 1600 motorcycles rode to CHOC on Christmas Eve to deliver toys to the patients. Kelly was interviewed by ABC news and was on TV that evening! If I find video of it, I'll add the link later.

Kelly's MRI is tomorrow at 1:00 - remember her in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just read your other blog! What a wonderful surprise for you girls! I am so happy for you all. So glad you had a wonderful time and got many neat presents. You all deserve it. Merry Christmas...we got our Christmas wish...it's SNOWING today!!!! It's just beautiful!!! The icing on the cake for sure!

Love and prayers, The Diemers...David, Karla, Ashley, Hannah & Chloe (your buddy)

Anonymous said...

A very Merry Christmas to all of you - and we are sending prayers and good wishes for tomorrow!
The Palmer's

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Kelly, good luck today and keep that beautiful smile on your face! And what an amazing surprise for you all- I read the other blog...WOW!!!

God Bless, you're in my prayers : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly...
I just read your blog and am so glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself on Christmas Eve at the Harley CHOC present delivery!!

I was there too - on my motorcycle. If you saw the silly lady with the reindeer antlers on her helmet --- that was me!

My husband Lee and I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season and most importantly ..... a great recovery in the new year! We are sending all the good vibes we can gather to you today!!

I'll keep checking in to your blog to see how you're doing! Thanks for taking the time to post your story.

Love and prayers,
Linda (alias Rudolph) & Lee Slajer

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and Family,

I'm so very glad your dad was able to come home for Christmas and be with you during your visit to CHOC today! My prayers are constantly with you today (and always). I am so very grateful for your wonderful doctors and your myriad of constant friends and family. I look forward to the results you receive today. May they be all we prayed for!!

Most fondly,
Sondra Morrow

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Your Dad made it home for Christmas! How wonderful! You're being scanned now, I believe, and I'm praying it's crystal clear.

Weather permitting, Kathy and I'll see your Aunt Denise this evening.

Have a great time with your Dad!


Susan Krapinski said...

You were on my mind today...especially at 1:00! So prayers and good thoughts are being sent to you from Indiana!

Susan and Danielle Krapinski

Clare said...

Hi Kelly,
Sounds as though you've had an amazing and magical Christmas! We think about you all the time and are hopeful about today's MRI! We got terribly sick over here, so we have been purposely staying away from you. I have a small gift for you and would love to see you soon! Caitlin and Brianna miss playing with you!