Saturday, December 22, 2007

Joy to the World

Thursday was a day I will never forget. Thanks to our friends Linda, Terri and Darla and her mom for coming up to CHOC to share this special day with us. When we arrived, there were many gifts in the front of the conference room where the presentation was going to take place. A lot of the neurosurgery staff was there. While we waited for Dr. Muhonen to come from surgery, Dr. Loudon did some magic and even taught us some of his tricks. He couldn't show me all of his tricks or he said he'd have to kill me. (which is counterproductive to his job) He also told us about some generous people, that were also at the presentation, who donate money to their Neuroscience Institute and part of that was to recognize certain patients. Then Dr. Muhonen came in and they explained why they chose me. They said I had been through so much this year with four surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and even a recurrence of the cancer. Dr. Muhonen asked me to come to the front of the room as he told my story. He said he admired how brave I was whenever he had to give me bad news. He also liked the fact that I always seemed to have a smile on my face. As he told my story, a lot of the adults were teary. It was very touching for them.
Then he asked Megan and Shannon to join us in front and he gave us our presents. I was amazed at the gifts I received!! I got a macbook laptop computer, a red digital camera, a Wii game system and games, and a couple gift certificates. Megan also got a computer, an iMac, a digital camera and a gift certificate. Shannon was so happy to get Julie, the American Girl doll she wanted, plus outfits for her. She also got a Nintendo DS with some games. We couldn't believe all the wonderful gifts we were given. That wasn't all. We also got gift certificates to Disneyland to spend the night at Paradise Pier Hotel and to renew our annual passes. Erin, who works with Dr. Muhonen, was so wonderful since she did a lot of the shopping. Erin, you did such a great job getting just what we wanted, if not more! We can tell you spent a lot of time doing all that for us. We can't thank you enough.

Since we live in Orange County, we have never stayed at a hotel at Disneyland before. It was so nice to have a hotel room there. We watched the fireworks from the rooftop pool on our hotel. Thanks for coming back up to meet us Linda! This was one of the most amazing days of my life! Thanks to Dr. Muhonen and everyone who made this day possible.

Since this is already Saturday, I have some more good news! MY DAD CAME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS TODAY! He'll be here until Thursday. We are so happy to have him home!

Love, Kelly


Kimmi said...

that is so amazing! enjoy the gifts you got but most of all enjoy the gift of family and friends. love you

Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!
What a fantastic and busy week you've much excitement! You so deserve everything that you've been given. You are a bright light and you are the epitome of goodness in this world-you live the Christmas spirit. So glad that your Dad was able to come home for Christmas. Love to you and your family. Tell Shannon that we hope she's feeling better. Hope to see you soon!
Love and hugs,
Laurie, Mark and Mr. Turtle

The Florida Gang said...

I must admit, I got teary reading your story! Just reading about everything you've been through and how you've been so brave, (always with a smile!) just amazes us! You are a bright light and the epitome of goodness in this world, like Laurie, Mark, and Mr. Turtle wrote! You do deserve everything you've been given--enjoy!!!

We are so glad that your Dad is home for Christmas and we can't wait to see all of you in a couple days!!!

You know, by the time we arrive, as smart as you are, you'll probably be showing and teaching Uncle Bob a thing or two about the MacBook that he doesn't know!

See you soon!
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly,

What an incredible December you are having!! You must be exhausted from all of this partying! You deserve every bit of it. The best gift of all of course it that your dad is coming home. Enjoy your time together. Have a fabulous Christmas!

The Silvestris

Poli said...

Dear Kelly,
Wow, what amazing gifts - I bet the best one of all was dad. Please give my love to everyone - I haven't written often, but please know you are often on my mind.
Did your mom tell you about the lady from my church? The girls in her small group sent you cards through Operatation Smile. When I saw your photo, I couldn't believe it!
Anyway, Merry Christmas & much love to you all,
Poli Rizco

Anonymous said...

Kelli, you may not remember me, but I used to teach with your mom(Tamara). I read lots of your posts and keep you in my prayers. You are such a strong young lady and amazing example to others. Enjoy all of your fun new "toys" and have a Merry Christmas. I am so excited your dad is home to share it with you all. Keep being a light to those around you!

Catalina Eddy said...

Dear Moose Girl,

I'M HOME!!! It's great to be here, especially for Christmas.

The Big Kahuna

arts-X-press said...

Merry Christmas, Kelly! We're so happy your dad got to come home for the holidays! It sounds as though many people are recognizing your many gifts and the warmth you bring to the world. Hope you have a wonderful week with your family! Warmly, arts-X-press

Anonymous said...


So glad that you were able to be in the spotlight where you deserve to be. It's been a rough year, but you've weathered like no one I've ever seen. You are truly amazing! So glad that your dad is home where he belongs this Christmas season.

Lots of Love your way.

Jacquie, Meghen, Marcel & Taylor

The Florida Gang said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

We're on our way soon!! See you tonight!!!


Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

J.P. said...

Hi Kelly,
It's Me, J.P. from 4-1. Sorry I didn't see your website. I had an internet connection block-up about 10 times 2 weeks age and had to keep on switching wires (last week I was on Texas to have a family reunion and that week before I forgot.) By the way, you are so lucky about having games and toys. Everything in my presents were just clothes, clothes,CLOTHES! Well, this week, I'm in the Carnival Legend (a cruise) and will be going to Grand Cayman (an island), Cozumel, Mexico (a city), Belize (a country), and Roatan (an island). Hope you were here. J.P.

Jeannine said...

Kelly love!!!

I wish i could have been there....i was in town and everything, but i have not been able to check your blog in a long time, so i had no idea, but im glad that you had such a good time....i hope i can see you this summer when we visit again!!!!

love you bunches!!!