Friday, December 7, 2007


GHOC, or Gingergbread Hospital of Orange County, has been completed. Here are the artists (Diana and Kelly) and their work of art with views of the front and the back (which they left open to see the inside of the hospital.) They also wrote this poem which was inspired by their masterpiece:

Twas the Night Before Christmas (at GHOC)

T'was the Night Before Christmas,

And throughout the top floor,

There was not but the sound,

of a few swinging doors,

With Kelly and Diana,

Hooked up to their poles,

And bandages covering

their recent poked holes.

With Cheyenne in her tub,

I guess it was luck,

that she happened to have

a blue rubber duck.

When all of a sudden,

the girls heard a big noise,

and they were awakened from their dreams

of really cute boys.

They rose from their beds,

with a mind of great wonder,

They went to the window

to see what was yonder.

They poked their heads out,

and heard a loud whirling,

They looked to the roof,

to see chopper blades twirling.

They raced to the roof,

IV poles in each hand,

to see a great helicopter

starting to land.

When the chopper touched ground,

the girls went to see,

And what was inside

filled both teens with glee.

Inside was no doctor,

or patient that's sick,

who was inside,

but good old St. Nick.

And then he stepped out,

with a bag full of toys,

and many different gifts

for the girls and boys.

Under the tree

he placed gifts for all,

Yes, under the tree

that was eleven feet tall.

Then he jumped in his chopper

and started to fly,

as he sang "Merry Christmas"

and flew through the sky.

by Kelly and Diana

The girls wrote most of this poem today at the clinic after Kelly had labs drawn and Diana was getting platelets. They finished it at home while they worked on GHOC. You can see from the photo below that there really is a helicopter with good Old St. Nick on the roof.

These girls have discovered that their journey through cancer is much more tolerable with fun and humor. Way to go girls!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - you girls are the greatest! That is the best gingerbread hospital I have ever seen and the poem is just wonderful. I have always heard it said that attitude is the key to making everything better and I believe you two girls are well on your way to being 100% again! I almost expected a flying moose to be leading the helicopter and David Beckham to be the pilot. You know how to brighten the holidays for all of us. Hugs to you both and your families - Love the Turner's

Anonymous said...

Kelly!! Wow, that is so cool!! You guys must have had a blast doing that! Gret job! Love, Karla & Chloe

Anonymous said...

I spelled great wrong...but I can't go back and edit...humph! Karla ;)

Anonymous said...

That is the coolest gingerbread house ever! How'd you make it 2 stories?? My mom likes the way you can see the inside. Your poem was also really good. Can't wait to see you next friday!
<3 Amis J

twinsie :) said...

Hey Kelly!
Wow I can't believe how good your rhyme was!! that was REALLY good! I Love you and hope all is doing well!!
Love Lauren Meyering

Catalina Eddy said...

Aloha Ladies,
An impressive structure. If you ever change your mind about being a marine biologist, you might have a career in architecture. You might have to learn to work in less tasty mediums such as wood, concrete, and steel.
What was that line about cute boys???
Love you!

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly and Diana!

We are impressed by not only your GHOC masterpiece, but your poem as well! You girls have much talent and humor! So, teenagers dream of cute boys instead of visions of sugarplums?! Well, we hope the real CHOC gets a chance to see your work of art!

We are off to Sea World this morning for Kylie's 10th Birthday!

We are counting down the days until we arrive at the Laude home!!! 17!

Lots of love,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

You and Diana did a fantastic job, on the hospital AND the poem. The two projects together must have taken hours!

I think I told you my wife, Kathy, and I are going to see your Aunt Denise this evening. We're going to have a burger, then we're going to Carnegie Hall for a concert.

Rock on, both of you!

Kathy said...

Hi Kylie,
Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you named your penguin after me. I am so excited to see you and your family at Christmas!
Love, Kelly

Anonymous said...

you and your friend did and awesome job with GHOC!!! i also loved the are so creative!!! luv ya,

Jeannine said...

that is the coolest hospital that i have ever seen lol......and btw, i loved the poem!!! lol it was really good

Shannon said...

Amazing poem!!! You two are so creative. I also really like the helicopter on the rooftop! hehe
<3 Shannon Hargis
P.s. I enjoyed meeting Diana (even though it was just briefly.) She was really nice.

Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!

You girls are so creative! Not only are you great gingerbread hospital constructors, you are also wonderful poets. How did you keep Mandy from eating the gingerbread goodies? Now you just have to get CHOC to put your hospital in the entry way so cute guys can see it and ask who made it! :o) So you girls will have to leave your phone numbers somewhere handy. Have a great weekend! Love to you and your family.
Love and hugs,
Laurie, Mark and Mr. Turtle

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
I agree with the Turners - you guys are great! And you're great gingerbread construction workers! How creative you both are with GHOC and your poem! You should print out the poem so it can go along to the parties too! I'm not sure your blog is working correctly though - I thought we were all auppossed to write to you to give you things to smile about. But you seem to be the best one at making people smile!! A true gift of yours!
Love & hugs!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Our date with your Aunt Denise didn't work out. We had a flat tire, and by the time we ot it fixed, it was too late to make the concert.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
I haven't had access to a computer all week so I'm just now catching up. Santa (UPS) is bring some stuff for you guys from me, Nana, and Poppie. What do you want Santa to bring you? Megan said sweatpants....
All love,
Aunt Denise

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly-totally awesome gingerbread hospital and poem!! You're amazing!! They really should display it at CHOC! That would definitely brighten everyone's day! (Even all of those cute boys that Catalina Eddy seems to have an issue with!!)

Much love,
Sharon, Allison and the rest

Anonymous said...

You are not only gifted architects, but poets as well! It's one thing to talk about doing something cool like this, but it's another to actually do it! Well done!

Colleen Coon (Michaela & Chandler, too)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

We heard from your Aunt Denise last night. She and her friend had a nice time at the Burger Joint (that's its real name) and Carnegie Hall. When we didn't show at the Burger Joint, Aunt Denise called your grandfather, who knew about our flat. He told her about it, so the two ladies had a nice time.

It turns out we had a leaky tire valve. The tire place replaced it for FREE! I couldn't believe it.

I've got another Fergus story for you. It was said that an egg occasionally was good for a dog's coat. So, one day, my mother was fixing eggs for us for breakfast. Fergus watched the whole process with interest, then she cracked an egg into the bowl and put it down for him. He looked up at her as if to ask: "Are you NUTS? You expect me to eat a RAW egg? How uncivilized!" She said: "I suppose you want yours cooked, like the rest?" Several wags of the tail were her answer. She cooked the egg, and put it down. He waited. She said: "What now?" So help me, he pointed with his long nose to the salt shaker. She gave the egg a shake or two, and then he ate the egg.

My Dad asked: "Do we get all the weird animals, or are they normal untill we mess them up?" We never could answer that one.

Take care,

cindy hurley said...

Wow! When you girls put your mind to it you really get something done. Were you able to display it where the younger kids can see it? I love the poem too. I can just feel the Christmas Spirit coming through your smiles.

Cindy Hurley

Tom said...

Kelly, that hospital looks delicious! Try to save a bite for me.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! What inspirations you two are!

I want to be just like you when I grow up!