Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ahead of the Class

This morning we had a meeting at Mission Viejo High School to review the results of all the testing they did with Kelly and make a plan for her home teaching for the year. Her test results were very impressive. After her surgery in July, she couldn't read for a few weeks. Even as she began to be able to read, she felt like she was "missing some of it." She has been working on it and reading constantly lately and now she is reading above her grade level again. This was such good news. She is performing above average in almost all areas, which is so good for someone who just had brain surgery two months ago. Our plan now is that her home tutor will come work with her for 5 hours a week doing the work she would be doing if she was in her regular high school classes. One class she can not do since she can't attend school is her drama class. She is very disappointed about this since she has taken drama for the past two years and wants to continue. But since one of our friends teaches ceramics at the high school, Kelly may take that as her elective. She thinks that sounds like fun and she loves to create things.

Tomorrow is her long clinic day at CHOC. We will go over how her next round of chemo will work, what her doses will be, and when it will begin. We are adding another drug to the next six rounds and doubling her temodar, we hope she will still be able to tolerate it as well as the first round.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
Great test results - but we always knew you were smart! We hope you have a great time in Hawaii - soak up lots of sun!
Love & Hugs, Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom, Emily & Jake

Deborah Smith said...

CONGRATS on great tests results!! Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you have a great time in Hawaii. You are truly an inspiration to us all!! Our thoughts and prayers are of you daily.
Tommy Smith and Family