Sunday, October 28, 2007

Enough Already......

I just returned home from the hospital again. But this time it was CHOC at Mission and the patient was Shannon. She hit her head on our coffee table and had a nasty cut. So we ended up in the emergency room and she now has 6 staples in the top of her head. Now I have Kelly's stitches and Shannon's staples to keep an eye on. They told me to take her to her doctor in 2 days to check the wound, but I am so used to checking Kelly's stitches, I think I can handle this.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
It sounds like you all have had quite a weekend! Shannon - I hope you heal quickly and your head and neck aren't sore for too long! Megan, I hear your mom is going to have you wear a helmet - no more stitches! I can't wait to hear about your exciting Sat.!
Love you all & sending lots of hugs ~
Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom,
Emily & Jake

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Shannon,
It sounds like you went through a lot of trouble to get your Halloween costume. What is the costume that you were going for? I'm sure your Dad has taken you a tour of his stitches. In this case you should not be like your father. You are much too beautiful. Were the surgeons able to save your freckles? Feel better. Hopefully Halloween candy will help.
Love to all,
Aunt Denise
P.S. Stay healthy Megan.

Kylie said...

Holy Cow! What happened to you Shannon?! What got into your head before those staples did?! :) Hope you feel better!!

Miss all of you. See you soon at Christmastime! I can't wait! Hadley says Hi! Try to go on Webkinz to see me if you can!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy! Do you get the feeling that you're earning your wings now? My prayers go out to you for strength and peace. I'm sure more is needed, but it's a start. So do you think that Shannon will be dancing this week? My Shannon won't be dancing on Thursday, but I can give a ride Tuesday. Take care of yourself and keep Megan away from the coffee table too.
God bless, Annette Hargis

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy, you are so strong honey! I know that you are going to get through this too with flying colors and a smiling face!

Shannon, I hope you are doing well. That must be one heck of a headache.


Catalina Eddy said...

It must run in the family. I wonder how smart Dad would have been if he hadn't knocked his noggin so many times as a kid.