Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back Home Again

Kelly was discharged from the hospital tonight was greeted at home by Megan and a group of friends. Thanks so much to the Elliots and Dobbins for making her homecoming special. Thanks (again!!) to Linda for spending so much time with us at the hospital this week and waiting all day with me for Kelly to be discharged. Terry, your sign is beautiful. Kelly loved it.

Kelly is recovering nicely. She will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Muhonen next Tuesday and then he will let oncology know when she is ready to begin treatment. We will meet with oncology after that. So we really don't know when she will start her next treatment, we should find out next week.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
We are so glad to hear you're home!! I bet it feels so good to be at home! Wish we could have been part of the welcoming committee!
Lots of love!
Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom, Emily & Jake

arts-X-press said...

Hi Kelly! We're thrilled to know you could come home today. It sounds like you had a really nice homecoming. We're thinking of you and are so glad everything went well with the surgery. Good luck with all the tests and doctor's information next week. Love, arts-X-press

Kristen Roush said...

So happy to hear that you have been able to return home! Ms. Doherty sent all of us at La Paz the link to your blog so that we could check in on your progress. What a crazy last few months you have been through! It sounds like you are getting great care though, and what a wonderful group of family and friends you have. Stay strong, and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

The Roush family (Kristen, Chad and baby Katelyn)

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,

There's no place like home and your own cozy bed!

How nice to have your very own welcoming committee to greet you!

It's quite early at the moment here in Florida...Ryan woke me up just a few minutes ago--bad dreams...but now he's back sleeping and I'm wide awake! Go figure! Thought I'd check your blog and glad I did as it's so good to hear you're back home!

We're sending lots of hugs to you and the whole family!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...
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holly said...

Hi Kelly,
I found this blog via eclectic expose email and want to wish you well! How nice you are now home with your family. Sounds like you had a wonderful homecoming. You sound like a trooper and I will keep you in my prayers but I have a feeling you are going to do just fine! I like your email address, you love moose?!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Kelly liked the sign- but that was from Amy- I will be in trouble if I try to take credit.


cindy hurley said...

Hi Kelly and Family,

It is nice to be home just in time for HALLOWEEN! Any plans for dressing up?

I'm so glad to know you have such a great group of friends! (and of course sisters too!) Know that means a lot to you.

Hope your house is not too smokey. Enjoy your time at home this weekend.

Cindy Hurley

Shannon said...

Welcome Home Kelly! <3 Shannon Hargis

Lindsay Bolla said...

yay kelly is back home!
<3 bolla girl

Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!

I bet you're so happy to be home with your family. It's always so hard to sleep in a hospital. Tell your Mom that I will be calling her soon. Get lots of rest and take care of yourself.

Love lots,
Laurie and Mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

We're so glad that you're back home again. Allison and I can't wait to see you in one more week!!

Sharon and Allison

Anonymous said...

hey kelly! it's allison. i can't wait to see you! :) hopefully we can talk on aim or email or something before i see you. well i'll talk to you later. and see you soon!
love, allison

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
I'm glad you're home. Look at your Webkinz when you get a chance and you will see a gift. I hope you feel better. I miss you.
:-) LOVE,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I miss talking to you. It's really great that you got to go home!!!!!!
You are very brave! I hope we can go visit you one of these days. Let me know :)
I'm praying for you.

Your friend,
Bradley N :]

Desiree' said...

I love you kelly! I cannot wait to see you at Christmas. You are amazing.


Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
I'm glad to hear that you are back home because as Dorothy said "There's no place like home."
Aunt Denise

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
I have a minute for a break while everyone is at the Swing Concert here at the library. Everyone here always asks me about you and they send all their get well wishes to you too. My book club group wanted to send you something and it's on the way.
All love from New Jersey
Aunt Denise

Fran said...

Yeah! glad you are hone and getting comfortable in your own bed etc.

Wishing ou sunshine and rainbows as you recover.

Fran and Marisa
(Portland, OR)