Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Weekend

Kelly and Megan turned 15 last Saturday. We were fortunate to have our friends, Pete and Heather Armes, offer us the use of their Aunt's condo in San Clemente for the weekend. What a wonderful weekend getaway we had. As you can see, there was a beautiful view of the ocean and the pier, which doesn't show in this photo. Pete and Heather brought their girls, Megan and Jessie, down Friday evening so we celebrated the girls' birthday with them.

We had a fun evening with them. As you can see, Megan and Jessie are also twins who go to school with Megan and Kelly. (OK, our girls aren't quite so obviously twins) Pete surprised Kelly with her most wished for present. She really wanted a video camera and was trying to save money to buy one, so she was thrilled to receive this generous gift. Thanks Pete and Heather, for such a wonderful gift for her (and thanks to those business American Express points!) She has been video taping and taking photos ever since. She even made a video tour of the condo because she enjoyed being there so much. What a great place for her to relax and rest. Megan really appreciates her gift also. Thanks for all you did for the girls to make their birthday special!

Later in the weekend, we had a birthday dinner at Fisherman's Restaurant on the pier. It was a beautiful day to have dinner outside on the pier and Kelly was happy with her bucket of clams, one of her favorite treats.

This was our view from the restaurant.

A beautiful sunset from the condo's windows. The girls liked this view so much, they didn't want to leave.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
Your birthday weekend sounds so wonderful!! It looks so pretty where you stayed - and you look beautiful! Your prayer shawl compliments you very nicely! And now you're getting ready to travel a little bit further - I'm so glad you're getting to have fun during your break from treatment!
Love you!
Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom, Emily & Jake

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

So glad you and Megan had a nice relaxing Birthday weekend!! We love the photos--looks like a beautiful place!

Well, I'm off to pack lunches for school now and once Kylie wakes up, I've got to help her with making the solar system in a shoe box! Remember those fun projects from Elementary school? ;)

Have a great week!

Aunt Jenny

Aunt Denise said...

Good Morning Kelly,

The pictures of San Clemente are beautiful. We're so glad that you got your video camera. Your Grandfather says that now everyone has to be careful because they will end up in your movies. Your birthday sounded very nice...Clams and a condo with ocean views. I hope your sisters made the dance team.

Love to everyone and save some of my hugs and kisses for yourself
Aunt Denise (Nana and Poppie too)

Tom said...

Hi Kelly,
Happy Birthday to you and Megan! I am glad to see that you had such a nice time celebrating. You guys look great in the pictures. Best wishes!
Tom Nicolosi

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you girls had a wonderful time. What beautiful pictures.

Darla Miller said...

Dear Kelly and Megan -
Happy Birthdays! What a wonderful weekend and beautiful sunset!
Kelly - you look GREAT! Is that your own hair???? I'm so glad you are getting a much deserved break! You are a trooper! Sophie is hoping to see you soon - call when your up for a visit and we'll come runnin'.
Lots of Love to all,
Darla and Family

Michelle said...

Happy Belated birthday ladies! The pictures are gorgeous! Glad you had a great birthday.

Catalina Eddy said...

Wow! I thought I had good sunsets out here in Hawaii!

Karmyn McKnight said...

I don't know if you know who I am, but I go to St. Kilian and I was in 8th grade Religious Education with you last year. I only recently found out about what you have been going through this summer. I am very impressed to hear how optimistic you stayed through everything. You are so brave!!! Happy birthday.

Karmyn McKnight

P.S. Happy birthday to Megan, also!!!

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
I like your new backround on your blog! You and your mom are getting to be computer experts!

I'm still thawing out after watching Jake's soccer game this morning - it was at 8am, and cold and foggy! Brrr. Makes me wish for warm tropical sandy beaches - you'll have to soak up some sun in Hawaii for me!
Love you!
Aunt Tracy

Aunt Denise said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm typing this for Nana and Poppie. We are in Virginia on our way to your Great Uncle Roger's (your Poppie's big brother) in South Carolina. We were in Washington D.C. today at the National Book Festival. Hundreds of books that you would love. You must come to Wahington (that's DC) with us someday. We all send our love.
Aunt Denise, Nana, and Poppie