Monday, September 10, 2007

Contacting Kelly

Kelly is feeling pretty good right now. She is just tired some of the time. She has bravely faced her diagnosis and treatments and isn't complaining. But she is missing her friends since she can't go to school. Now that she is in a routine with her treatments,and she knows what to expect, she is ready to be a little more social. She would love to be contacted by friends. Please feel free to call her now. She would love to hear from some friends. Visits are also OK to arrange with her as long as you are healthy. Thank you all for being considerate so far.


becksky said...

Hey Kelly hope you are still feeling o.k. Guess what all my teachers must have something against me because I have more homework than I have ever had in my life. Well, I guess I got to get used to it. Tomorrow if you happen to be passing by Disneyland, me, amy and megan will be there after our ortho appt., and if you are feeling ok our cell # is (949) 705-8201 so I hope to hear from you tomarrow, but if not I will see you soon. I miss you sooooooo much.
Love Becksky

Amy Jenkins said...

Hey Kelly!
I hope you can come over on saturday! I think we're just gunna hang out and watch movies and stuff. You can come over for as long as you want and then leave if you're not feeling well. Email me--

cindy hurley said...

Hi Kelly,

We have all been thinking about you and we were so glad to hear that you are feeling better and finished with your latest treatment! Shopping and the movies are a great way to celebrate!

No more MOVIE NIGHTS around here for a while except for SKY's Movie Night on October 6. Not sure if you and Megan would enjoy that?

Do you think you will be able to go to dance classes again soon?

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I loved the last book and have re-read the last 3 books at least once.

I have never written on a blog space before so I hope this goes through. Hi to the rest of the family and hope to see you or hear from you soon.

Cindy Hurley

Tubby's Bud said...

Hey Kelly!

We haven't met yet, but I look forward to meeting you soon! My name is Debi, and I am Cristie Gaudet's "Aunt Deb", AKA "Tubby's Bud". (Cristie can introduce you to Tubby too. He's really cool!)

You are a true inspiration, Kelly! Your smile is a reflextion of your heart and the kind of person that you are. We should all have your heart!

I want you to know that you just went straight to the top of my prayer list! And I will be asking my friends and family to put you at the top of their prayer lists too. There is so much power in prayer and trusting God to be in control of our lives. You can lean on Him and count on Him. He has brought me through so many things.

I just learned about you less than an hour ago, and haven't had time to read all about you on this site, but I will later today. I am looking forward to knowing you better.

With love,

"Aunt Deb"

Anonymous said...

Gruss Gott, Kelly.
That means God be with you in Austria. I learned that while doing The Sound Of Music (with you as my smarty pants step daughter). I want you to know that you are in my prayers, and that I've asked my parents who live in Canada to pray for you as well. My Dad is fighting prostate cancer, and he truly believes in the power of prayer. He shared with me a story of a woman who was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. She prayed and prayed, but truly with FAITH! She looked up every single scripture written in regards to healing and claimed those promises of God's healing in her life. She was healed and decades later, she is still telling her story. I believe in that healing for you, Kelly. I know that God has a wonderful plan for you. You are such an inspiration to so many people already because of your joy. Imagine what He has in store for you in the future. Jeremiah 29:11
Love ya,
Gina (Maria)

mary mcdermott said...

Sweet Sweet Kelly,
I had no idea what you have been going through until today when I received the beautiful picture of you and your sisters! You are very brave and courageous! Your mom is right- this disease is a nasty dragon and we are going to put that beast to rest: you have been through so much and it sounds like you are keeping a very postive attitude. All my prayers and good thoughts are with you now and always! If only I had known that you were fighting such a beast we could have stopped over on our way back from Hawaii- we went 11/7/07 and came back 11/22/07 we were four days at Honolulu- we could have visited your dad if we would have known we then spend four days on Kuai and three days on Maui and three days on the big island- beautiful weather sunny and 85 everyday but I suppose that is what its like in CA. Anyway I am O positve which means I am a univeral blood donor- My blood can be used for everyone- I am in big demand at the american red cross and I do donate when I can and please please let me know if you need me- I am sending all my love and prayers
Much Love,
Aunt Mary