Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Looking Good

Kelly had her weekly CHOC clinic visit yesterday. Her doctor was very impressed with how well she looked. Kelly just refuses to feel bad. She is still having her weekly labs done, even though she is resting from any treatment right now. We are hoping to see them go up now that her body isn't being subjected to radiation or chemotherapy.

So we had some fun since she was feeling so good. We went to Main Place Mall after her appointment - it is very handy having a mall so close to the hospital. We met our friend Stevie there and saw the movie Hairspray (again.) You just can't help but feel happy when you see that movie. Glad you finally saw it Stevie! This mall has $1.00 movies on Tuesdays, and there are hardly any people there, so it is a safe way for Kelly to see movies once in a while.

It is a happy coincidence that she is on a treatment break since her birthday is this weekend. She should be feeling good and ready to celebrate!


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
I hope you have a really fun birthday celebration!! We want to hear all about it!
Love & hugs ~
Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom, Emily & Jake

Anonymous said...

I loved Hairspray! Just loved it and can't wait until I can take Meghen to see it!

If I don't remember ... Happy Birthday! To you and Megan.


Aunt Denise said...

Hi Kelly,

Maybe I'm the last person in America to see Hairspray. I could probably use a viewing since I've been feeling a little run down. I think we are having heavy allergies here in New Jersey. Glad to hear that you are getting out beyond the hospital and home. I hope your birthday is super.

Aunt Denise

Jenne G. said...

Hi Kelly,

Happy Birthday! I know how much God loves us when I see you! You are looking like you feel good and you are out and about with your friends at the Mission Football game and the week before at Megan's! Great. Hugs to your mom, too, for her courage and stamina! God love us! I am so happy that you are reading again, since I know how much you enjoy it! Enjoy your time off of chemo/radiation. Who wouldn't? XXOO
Jenne Gaudet

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,

In case we don't get a chance to talk tomorrow, we hope you and Megan have a Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your special day and hope you have nice weather in San Clemente! I'll always think of San Clemente as the Rainbow flip flop place!! You know, I just about wear mine every day!! They are so comfy and they remind me of our trip to see all of you back in August!

Happy Birthday!!!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Kimmi said...

Hairspray is such a good movie. Glad you got to see it. I was so happy when you came into my store today. I missed you soo much and it was so nice to SEE for myself that you are doing well. you have no idea how that made my day. (to the point of tears in the eyes) I Luv you Kelly. I Luv your sisters too. (idnt want them feeling left out.

becksky said...

Hey Moosey,
Happy Belated Birthday Kelly! I hope you had super fantastic fun. Can you believe that you and Megan are fifteen, I was down at my grandma's for the weekend(sorry no computer :( )so I wasn't here to wish you and Megan a happy birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss you so much, so when you're free give me a call so we can get together.

cobi diaz said...

Dear Kelly,
I am Cobi Mrs.Martin's student.I hope you feel better.Today {November 27, 2007]we sent you a letter. We love you so much.We pray everyday for you.I hope you liked our letter. hopefully God and all the saints will help with your brain tumor.I know you will be a saint.Everybody loves you so much.

P.S. I am 9 years old and I love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
I am Cobi's mom, I saw your cute picture on the internet. Cobi is very lucky to have a nice friend like you. We are praying for you and wish you all the best for the holidays and we hope all your wishes come true!

Cobi's mom Genny