Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote For Project Brain Child

Project Brain Child is an iniative of the Pediatric Low Grade Glioma Association.

Members Project is a program sponsored by American Express where cardmembers submit innovative ideas for projects that make a difference. Cardmembers vote on the projects, and the winning 5 projects will receive up to $1.5 million in funding from American Express, awarded as follows:

$1,500,000 for the winning project
$500,000 for the 2nd place project
$300,000 for the 3rd place project
$100,000 each for the two remaining finalist projects
The Pediatric Low Grade Glioma Association (PLGA) submitted their project idea to American Express in August. They will use the funds to conduct a feasibility study to create a National Pediatric Genomic Brain Tumor Registry. The information collected in this registry would allow scientific researchers and medical experts to target specific genetic abnormalities with existing drugs most effectively.

The registry will embody all brain tumor types, not just low grade gliomas. (Kelly has a high grade glioma.)

Project Brain Child was selected from over 1190 other projects to be in the top 25. As of September 17, they are in 9th place.

They need to be one in fifth place or better to receive an award. Votes must be cast by September 28.

Any American Express cardholder may vote. If you don't have an American Express card, you can still help by spreading the word to your friends.

Brain tumors kill more children every year than all other diseases combined. Please help this effort.

So please consider taking two minutes of your time to vote for this worthy project.  There are only 3 days left, so let's vote today!  Or spread the word if you aren't an American Express card holder!

Bailey went in for his scans today.  His family would really love prayers for clean results!


Anonymous said...

We hope Project Brain Child receives first place! We have AmEx, so we are voting Project Brain Child!

Have a good weekend!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Oh boy...we win the award for the very LAST to wish you and Megan a Happy 16th Birthday! It sounds like you got one of the best presents...a no bucket day! Keep up the great work, and Happy Birthday from your NY friends.

Love from NY
Kim and team Hannah

Veronica/Angel_wings said...

Happy Monday,

Just stopping by to see how Kelly's doing, and to wish you all a GREAT week!!

Hugs, Veronica/Angel_wings

IamDerby said...

I happened upon your blog by way of hannah stamps. I just wanted to take a minute to say, way to fight the good fight Kelly! It must be difficult and scary, hang in there! I will send up some extra prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, Thanks for telling us about Project Brain Child. I also have American Express and I did vote today. Hopefully it will move up in the standings.

I LOVE the dog. How precious. Murphy sounds good to me.

Glad about your no bucket day, Kelly. That is a wonderful 16th birthday present.

Have faith, Love, Marilyn