Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kelly's Moose Stamp

Special Thanks go out to my friends, Daisy and Joy.  They have a wonderful online paper craft business called eclectic Paperie.  They put out a weekly email newsletter and the first week of September they had a special newsletter for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!  I was thrilled that they recognized this, as many people don't know about it.  Not only did they promote Childhood Cancer Awareness month, but they had a story about Kelly, who they introduced in their newsletter last year, right after she recurred and had her second craniotomy.  So this month, they put Kelly in their newsletter again, and they did something very special for her.  Below is the photo of Kelly they put in their newsletter (in her moose room of course!) Read below to see what these wonderful friends have done for Kelly.  (OK, this looked way better in their newsletter!)  If anyone would like to see their newsletter, let me know and I'll forward it to you! They do a great job with it and if you are interested in paper crafts, stamping and card making, or scrapbooking, you'll love their website! (There is a link at the end.)  Kelly absolutely loves her moose stamp.  Thanks so much Daisy and Joy and Kristen!

Revisting eP friend Kelly Laude
A Courageous Battle with Cancer

About a year ago we introduced you to Kelly Laude, a brave young girl in the battle of her life! Her treatment continues and she has had a remarkable year that you can read about in her blog. Kelly's mom, Kathy Laude, is a special friend and our former Stampin' Up! Upline who contributes and maintains Kelly's blog so we can share in her story

A Dancing Moose for Kelly
eP & Hanna Stamps Special Stamp Release

Several months ago we approached Hanna Stamps in helping us do something to help Kelly in her fight against cancer. We knew that Kelly has a love for moose, performing arts(dancing) and stamps with her Mom who is an avid stamper. I mentioned this to Kristi and she told us about Sophie(the Moose) in her ballerina outfit. Kristi worked with us and kindly agreed to participate in this special endeavor.

We are very excited to announce that eclectic Paperie and Hanna Stamps is going to offer a special stamp, Ballet Sophie. A portion of the sale of this stamp will be given to The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation in Kelly's name. This wood stamp will be exclusive to
eclectic Paperie and Hanna Stamps.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, I love the new Kelly's Moose stamp. That little Moose is soooo talented....I need to order one of those, NOW!

My name is Mary.My husband and I are Americans and have lived in Hong Kong for 13 years now. One day, we will move back to Colorado.

Kelly, I hope you had a good day today. Congrats on being able to go back to school.

Big Panda Hugs from Asia.
Mary Mansfield

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly!

that is just the cutest moose. Mine does not stamp quite so prettily (no real tutu!) as the one at the top of your page though I did color her antlers with a bright orange highlighter the other day while doodling during a webinar :) With the hot pink stamp she made quite a fashion statement!

Several people have asked me about the cute moose in my emails and I have been happy to pass along information on brain tumors and childhood cancers.



Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly and Kathy,
We had to buy the Ballet Sophie stamp for three reasons...to support Kelly and Cancer Awareness, because it is an adorable stamp and because of the name :)
Hope to visit with you both soon.
Darla and Sophie

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Your friend has pulled off the impossible. I don't normally pair "moose" and "graceful," but in this instance, I can.

Take care.

Catalina Eddy said...

Wish we got to see more of that moose several years ago in Yellowstone. All we saw were the antlers in the tall grass. At least we still have Bullwinkle.

Heide said...

Hey, Kelly!!! Love the stamp!! VERY Cool!! :)

Hope you all have a peaceful weekend!! You remain in my thoughts and prayers!