Thursday, September 11, 2008

hee hee hee. shhhh....

ok, my mom has left. she has gone to drop off shannon at school. she had a stomach ache, so she went to school at lunch. so, this gives me a chance to write a secret post. : D mwaa ha ha. totally out of the ordinary, i know, but i had chemo yesterday, so i cant go to school today. : ( anyway, i had a pretty suckish day yesterday, but thats old news. but, since i have absolutly no new news, this proves to be a problem. so, you may be wondering why im writing when there is absolutly nothing to talk about. well, i just thought that i would let my millions of fans know that i am alive and doing fine and dandy. oh! i thought of something, and this goes out to sophie miller. HEY SOPHIE!!!! who are you teachers? end of question.  well, i know that my mom always tells me to write on here. but you see, there is a reason why i only post every so often. you see, i do this for you. and this has nothing to do with the fact that i am lazy. now i know you all like hearing me post more than my mom because, well, im just cool like that. i do this because whenever i do the occasional post, it seems more special. do you see the brilliance of my logic? well, mom will be home soon. but beforei sign off, i would like to apologize for my teenagerish write. i am nearly 16 you know, i cant be blamed. toodles!



Terry Jenkins said...


Thanks for posting! Your logic about not posting too often really works. This is a secret posting for me, too because usually Amy looks over what I write to make sure I haven't written anything dumb. Because she is 16, too, and I guess I can be really embarrassing at times. So anyway, I'm sure you'd rather hear from Amy than me but she is at school. Sorry to hear your day was not so great yesterday but you seem to have rebounded nicely. See you soon!

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - your Mom's posts always make me smile because they are always filled with happy things recently, other than the chemo stuff. Yours always make me laugh. I like that e e cummings way of writing. I wish we all wrote like that it would be much easier :)

My stamp arrived today. I was so excited that not only did I stamp her all over the box I sent today but sent you a special page with it so you could really appreciate the hot pink. It shimmers which I thought was really neat though the stamp now is like the color of bubble gum and I don't know how you change that if I want to change colors. I will have to ask your Mom.

My cousin's son's 21st birthday is next week and I stamped her on his card. I suspect they will wonder why I would put a moose ballerina on a birthday card for a guy....everyone needs a bit of quirkiness I think!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly! It's Lauren Meyering!! I just wanted to say I love all your posts!! I haven't really gotten to post any comments, because, like you, I'm lazy as well!! :D Lot's 'o' Love,
Lauren <3

Nancy said...

Oh how joyful it is to see your postings. You are so delightful! OMG you are turning 16!!!! I refuse to believe you all are going to be 16! You, Megan,Anthony and Michael are only babies, right? Of course not you are wonderful teens and enjoy every minute before you are not allow to be silly. (although, your Mom and Dad are still silly people-ha) Have fun at school. I hope you add to your ever growing fan club! Hello from all of the Nicolosi Family

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me giggle today! Cute note and Sophie will write soon with her own post.

Have a great time at school - can't wait to hear who you recommend for Sophie when she gets into high school.

When you're up to it - we'll stop by for a mom/daughter visit :)
Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
You always make me laugh!!!! I am sorry yesterday was not a good day! BUT, I am super happy that after a week of school you are loving it!!! It sounds like you are already enjoying your ceramics class! Remember when I told you how much my daughter Whitney LOVED Mrs. Bubnis' class? Anyway, take care and enjoy high school!!!

Love to you,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!

Glad to hear you are doing well- I loved your very sly post :) I am so happy to hear you're back in school and lovin it! Thanks for the post :)

Take Care-

Kriztia <3

Candy - Audrey's Umbrella said...

I love your "teenagerish" writing so don't change a thing, Kelly:) Besides, I'm the mom of a 16 year old myself so I totally get it, you know? I'm glad you're having fun at school and get to spend more time with your friends. I'm sure everyone likes having you there.

I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

((Hugs)) from "Fairy" Candy

Anonymous said...

Kelly -

A+ posting!

: )

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

No need to apologize for your teenagerish posting. As W.S. Gilbert wrote: Old heads upon young shoulders we must not expect to find."

It's nice to see things from a young person's point of view, but I still think you should talk to those bartenders. The cocktails they mix are no fun at all. The main thing, though, is that the cancer cells like them even less than you do.

Take care.

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - just read your Dad gets home tonite. Great news - though I hope he continues to post. He always makes me laugh out loud - very witty so at least we know where you got it from :) sometimes he reminds me very much of my Dad and I think that is why I so much enjoy reading the posts...that "awful" sense of humor you know?

happy weekend,


Amis Jenkis said...

Hey Kelly- Sorry I haven't written lately..I've been busy with school starting. We need to hang out soon...I'm thinking a sleepover with you and Megan at my house? :]


Shannon said...

hey Kelly!

so glad school is fun! I have Spanish and math my last two classes, but we'll keep an eye out for each other during passing, okay? (I haven't seen you in forever!!!)

I don't know how your locker is doing, but mine is nearly impossible to open, so if you stop by the 300 building after school, you'll get a good laugh watching me yank at my locker! :) A week later, I am still working on figuring that out. Well, I hope this is an amazing year at Mission! Go Diablos!

Shannon Hargis <3

The Roush Family said...

As your former English teacher, I have to say... that was pretty darn funny.