Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A No Bucket Day!!

Kelly actually had a good chemo day today!  Thanks to my online friend and fellow brain tumor mom, Ellen, for her advice with what helped her daughter with the same chemo treatment.  We tried it today for the first time and the difference was amazing.  Kelly stayed in the common area painting and chatting with her friend Cheyenne, then they both moved to Cheyenne's room to watch TV together and work on their pillow kits that they got from Child Life (thanks Christy!)  Normally, Kelly would be in her own room most of the day being sick.  This was such a wonderful change for her.  Hopefully she will continue to feel good through this evening and tonight!  She really wants to go to school tomorrow and of course, make it to Cold Stone Creamery to help with their Make A Wish Ice Cream Social.

This is Kelly's pillow she made today. 
 You can click on it to enlarge it. 
 The balloons say Love, Hope, Believe.  
That really tells how Kelly is dealing with her illness.

Don't forget to get your ice cream at  Cold Stone Creamery tomorrow, then on Monday, Chili's is donating all their profits to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  What a great reason to eat out.  You can also get your dinner to go.  If you click on the Chili's box to the right, (yes, the one that is cut off at the edge of the page)  there is more information on how Chili's is helping St. Judes this month. 

Anyone who is interested in helping find a cure for Childhood Cancer, here is a great place to see how to help.  We are now part of this. 


Anonymous said...

Ok.. Tell me again what it is that Kelly did differently today?? YAHOOO Miss Kelly. No bucket day! That would be a great title of a book that you should write! Talk about life as a bucket day and how wonderful life is with out the bucket. That would be a great teen perspective on cancer. Now.. get to it!
Make sure you take some pictures tomorrow as the Ambassador of MAW and Ice Cream Socials.
Have a good Thursday and I am sending hugs.
Amy... Kasey's mom

Aunt Tracy said...

A no bucket day sounds like one of the best birthday presents around! So glad you could actually have some fun and visit with a friend during chemo! What a difference - hope that continues!

I agree with Kasey's mom - sounds like you have a book in the making! Just add author to your many talents!

Love & Hugs!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hooray....a no bucket day!! Hope that keeps happening! I guess your 16 year old body said no more of that nonsense! Have a great time at Cold Stone Creamery tomorrow!
The Silvestris

Candy - Audrey's Umbrella said...

I'm happy to hear that you didn't have to make a date with Mr. Bucket, Kelly. I hope your new trick works from now on. Have fun at Coldstone tomorrow. I asked my friend Kris to stop by and say hi since she lives nearby in Coto de Caza. I hope the night is a huge success for MAW.

Big hugs from Fairy Candy

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a good day! We are always anxious to hear how you are doing! I'll bring Sophie by on the way to a school function - around 5pm - hope to see you there!
Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to you and Megan!
Darla, Geoff, Sophie and Shawn

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly!
It's Lauren, Amis's sister.
I saw the ad about Chili's helping St. Jude and I am really excited about it because I am beginning to write a paper on Chili's (its a rhetorical analysis on space, sounds interesting huh?) and I need to go to Chili's to write my paper so I'll go on Monday for dinner!! I still need to talk my boyfriend into going with me, but that will be easy. It's perfect that I can help St. Judes on the same day which is way more important than my essay!
I wish I could go to Cold Stone too. The special combos sound amazing!... but I'm not sure if there is a Cold Stone around here... but I can try to find one and go tomorrow night after my roommates birthday dinner with a bunch of people so we can all help out.
I'm glad chemo went well this week. We're always thinking about you.
--Lauren Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!!!! Yay, Kelly!!! So glad you had a better chemo day!!

If you do write that book like Amy has suggested, we'll be the first in line to buy one!! What a great idea! :)

Have fun at your Cold Stone Creamery tonight!

Love you,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

I was so excited about your good chemo day that I forgot one thing---I love the pillow you made!! It is beautiful!

Aunt Jenny

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - this was the best news to read of all - what a wonderful gift for your birthday week! Enjoy the ice cream - and don't forget, three months until Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Wow! No barfing! So, what did you do, exactly? Write it down, before you forget.

I like your pillow. I had balloons like that on a birthday cake, once. It was fun.

How's French class? Have you noticed the French influence in some Scottish expressions, like "Dinna fache yoursel'" (don't get angry--se facher in French) or "manky" for "defective, lacking," (manquer in French)?

That knowledge and a valid Metro card, will get you a ride on a New York City bus or subway.

Enjoy your ice cream!


Anonymous said...

Kelly and Kathy,

Prayers are answered. Everytime you have to undergo Chemo, I say an extra prayer for you. I guess a no bucket day is an answer to prayer.

Your pillow is great. You are so positive, I'll bet you help the other kids there to smile a bit!

Happy belated 16th birthday and have a wonderful time at Coldstone. Don't eat too much!

Love, marilyb

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

I was so, so happy to hear you had a good chemo day!!! That IS an answer to prayers!!! (one of many prayers.....)

Have a good day today, and I hope to make it to Cold Stone!

Love being sent your way,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I hope you were able to enjoy your ice cream.

Have a great weekend.