Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MRI Day Photos

Kelly is getting goggles and headphones put on so she can watch a video during her MRI. This is just before she is moved inside the machine.

She is all set with her goggles and headphones. The microphone is so they can talk to her and she can answer back. The frame behind her head is then snapped over her head and then she is moved inside the machine. She liked this new machine and said the table and headrest were much softer than the old machines.

Kelly is always tired the day after chemo, especially a day that includes an MRI. She is taking a nap in Dr. Muhonen's office as we wait to see him.

Kelly with Erin and Heather, who work with Dr. Muhonen. It was so good to see them today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
The pictures from your MRI and post-MRI are so amazing. What an ordeal for you to have to go through. I'm glad to know the new machine is a little more comfortable.
Thanks for sharing your journey, experiences and strength with us!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Your Aunt Denise called earlier to give us the wonderful news. Kathy and I are thrilled!

Now, rest well. You deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the computer lesson yesterday, Kathy! Now I know how to do this! GREAT NEWS about Kelly's MRI today! What a blessing! She is such a brave girl! I know you're celebrating tonight! Thanks for sharing the good news with the rest of us.

Carol C.

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
What wonderful news!!! And it was extra special getting to hear it from you! We are all so happy you had such positive looking images - I don't think I'll look at a rose the same way anymore! I love the idea of a moose size hug that one of your friends said on their post - so we're sending some more of those moose hugs your way!

Love & moose hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Kelly, We are so happy you have another clear MRI!

The Jenkins family

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! I am so relieved for you! Congrats on the clear MRI! That is fantastic news! Go celebrate!

Amy.. Kasey's mom

Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!
Wow!! Super news!! We're so happy for you. I know it's been a long hard road. Your strength and stamina have been truly amazing. Those arrow prayers from your family, friends and the children are really being heard by God. Today my class was in charge of putting on the Ash Wednesday Mass for our school. You were on our special intentions list.
We hope you'll feel better soon after the chemo and the MRI.
Love lots,
Laurie and Mark

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Thanks for posting the photos to see the new MRI area. Glad it's more comfortable! I really like the photo of you resting with the turtles coming to say hello to you! Looks like your floating with them underwater!

Have a great day today!

Aunt Jenny

Heide said...

Great pictures. That's quite an MRI machine!!! Jessica got music, but never VIDEO!!! cool. :)

m/o ^Jessica^; forever 17

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly
Such great news! What an amazing young woman you are. And what a modern miracle that MRI machine is, complete with entertainment system!!! :)

All the best,
Laura and Tatiana Jackson

Anonymous said...

THAT explains EVERYTHING!!!!!
I'm a Medical Professional and I happen to know FOR A FACT that Hospital Cafeteria Food is--
* Non-Biodegradable
* Can glue shingles to your roof
* Explodes when dropped in water
* Takes chrome off bumpers
* Able to bounce off tile floors
It is SNOWING here in the Adirondacks and I've been running in and out for HOURS to celebrate your GREAT day by catching snowflakes on my tongue!!!

-Kyle ang mye thungg!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad everything went well. Thats cool that you got to watch a video.

Kacie Baker

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Just got back from my church's Ash Wed. Service and read ur good news! Thank you God, for answered prayers, huh? Sorry u got sick yesterday. U r sooo cute! I like the pictures ur mom posted. Love, Patty

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly.
Lucky you get to see a movie. All I see before treatment is throw-ups, restroom breaks, and more throw-ups. Thank God you have the MRI clear. My family, friends, and I pray for you that you are in God's hands. -Jean-Paul M. Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly--It might be strange for you to hear from someone you don't even know. I'm Mary Ann--Your mom can fill you in as to how I fit into knowing your family (It goes way back to when they lived in Ohio). Just know that all of the Rings have played a very special role in my life. I just want you to know that I admire your courage and positive attitude as you have faced your illness and recovery. I hope you're celebrating the good news of your MRI! I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
You really are a hero we are so proud to know you. Keep up the fight remember God is on our side! School is fun, the kids are as always wonderful. Derek left for work this morning on his Access bus at 4;45 which was a challenge, both of us wanted to fall asleep at three pm today but I went and exercised at Curves and Derek is now working out on the treadmill.
such a beautiful day too.
Lots of love to you and your family
Chris and Derek and All

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Fantastic news...we are so happy for you! Your strength is amazing. You are always in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Hugs from all of us!

John-Noel, Vera, Bradley & Krysta:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,
I'm so happy that the medicine is helping you. I think of you lots and I pray for you lots.

Shelby Preusse said...

Dear Kelly,
We were so happy to hear the wonderful news of your clear MRI --it was such a ray of sunshine on Ash Wednesday. You are so courageous and your positive attitude is contagious and uplifting to everyone around you. We are sorry you have felt so sick during your treatments. You are in our daily prayers.
The Preusse Family
Rick, Shelby, Harrison, Carly, Carson, Christian

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
My name is Noreen Cichocki and I'm from St. Kilians. Actually, my granddaughter, Mary, was in the Sound of Music (one of the puppets) and I was involved with babysitting during the performances. That's why I get the GAP emails and keep updated on your progress. I work at Choc at Mission once in a while and have met Dr. Muhonen and Loudon; you are in good hands with both the doctors and with the loving God who will be at your side through all these days of chemo, etc.You are in our prayers for a good recovery.Take care,
Noreen & Ron Cichocki
St. Kilians

Rachel said...

Great news! Im so glad the MRI went well! Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

We're having warm, sunny, springlike weather here, but oh, to be in London now. Kew Gardens are a sight! The BBC showed some footage they shot last Monday. The daffodils were up and in full bloom, as were the crocuses! In February! Wow!

Of course, the year I was in Freiburg, the winter was mild, too. I used to have to go past a small park nearly every day, and one day in February, I thought I was seeing things. Violets were in bloom. They don't bloom here until May!

Then again, you're from Southern California, where semi-tropical plants are in bloom most of the time, so you probably cn't relate to that.

I hope you're recovering from your chemo and having a good day in general.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Gosh you are so strong- what an inspiration. You are always in our thoughts! You go girl! Hugs Sandra and Bianca

Anonymous said...

Wow I actually got our message on the board! OK you will be hearing from us more often now that we have this thing figured out. Mark, Sandra and Bianca

Kim said...

Hi Kelly,
I had lunch with your Aunt Tracy yesterday and she told me the good news! I'm so excited for you. I know you will have to continue the chemo but it is sure wonderful to know that it is working! I really appreciate getting to read the updates about your journey. You are an amazing young women with an incredible attitude. You inspire all of us that read your web site. Blessings to you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Your Aunt Denise has told us your family's roots are in Alsace. That's a beautiful place. I hope you get the chance to go there sometime. Freiburg, Germany is quite nearby, and on a sunny Saturday in May or June, there's nothing nicer than to go down to the bus station and buy a ticket to Breisach. The bus takes its sweet time, stopping in every little village along the way. People get on and off. Some of them have picnic baskets, some of them are in hiking boots, and one time, a lady got on the bus with a duck in a cage. The bus drops you off in front of the train station in Breisach. You wait there a while, and the French bus comes across the Rhine bridge, and pulls up in front of the station. You get on the bus, pay a small fare, and that bus takes you to Colmar. You can go to the Unterlinden Museum there, have a wonderful lunch at the Horseshoe Restaurant, or change buses go to some really pretty villages, like Guenzbach, where Albert Schweitzer was born, or Kaysersberg, where he lived later on.

Juat having lunch in a restaurant in Alsace is an amazing experience. I remember there was a large family at the next table: grandparents, parents, and young kids. The grandparents spoke German to everyone, the parents spoke German to the grandparents, and French to the kids. The kids spoke German to the grandparents, French to their parents, and French among themselves, for the most part. The waiters and waitresses go from one language to the other, too, and everyone thinks nothing of it. It's just the most natural thing in the world for them.

Alsace has some beautiful hills (the Vosges in French, Vogesen in German) and streams and many of the villages have beautiful, well-tended vineyards. The streams are full of lovely trout, too. The forests in Alsace reminded me of home, too. In Germany, they have cleared away most of the oaks and replaced them with fir trees. The German forests are wonderfully managed, but they look it, too. In Alsace, there are oak trees mixed in with the firs. It looks a bit more natural.

We had a snowstorm this morning, but it's melting quickly. We hope it all melts, because we want to go to a piano recital in Pearl River tomorrow afternoon.

We hope you are recovering from the chemo, and we hope you have a lovely weekend.


Bud/Angel_Wings said...

Wonderful pictures!

Just thought I would drop by and leave you a note letting you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

In Christ's love,

Polly said...

Hi Kelly!

I just read the latest update. You are one amazing young lady! Keep up the good work and the good fight, sweet one. You are THE BEST Kelly I know! ;D

Keeping you close in thought and prayer.

Anonymous said...

I just love the new blog look! And the quote is beautiful - keep dancing sweet Kelly and I am sure rainbow days are headed your way!

We all love you lots,
The Turner's

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Kathy,
I love the new website look! It reminds me of a Stampin' Up card or photo page! I also LOVE the photo of Kelly at the top of the page!

Kudos to Nikki (Blogs for a Cause) who designed the new look! Best wishes in your endeavors!

Lots of Love,
Darla and Family