Saturday, February 9, 2008


As you can see, Kelly's website has had a facelift. We had it designed by Nikki at Blogs for a Cause (link to the right) to brighten it up. She is doing this to raise money for a humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. She also donates $5. to a different charity every month. She was wonderful to work with and was very fast. Kelly picked out all the patterns and colors - she wanted to brighten up her website. Thanks to Karla, who I "borrowed" the quote from in the header. Her daughter, Chloe, is being treated for Leukemia at CHOC. It just seems to describe our lives so well right now. It has been so nice getting to know their family.
Today we took Kelly to Laguna Beach to celebrate her good MRI this week (now that Kevin is home again.) We had lunch at Splashes at the Surf and Sand Hotel. The restaurant is right on the beach and it was a beautiful day. After lunch we went down to the beach and just enjoyed being somewhere so pretty. It is so nice to live so close to such a beautiful beach town that is warm enough to enjoy in February! It feels like we are on vacation, even if we are only 15 minutes from home. It was very relaxing after such a stressful week. We know Kelly still has a long road ahead of her and there is no guarantee these MRIs will stay clear, but it just feels so good for now. She will remain on her same chemotherapy protocol since it is working so well.

Kelly on the beach in front of the Surf and Sand Hotel.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new updated page!! Too cute, and I especially love the cute saying you have at the top of your page ;) Glad you all had a wonderful day. David and I just got done doing 20 miles for our marathon training...we are hurting a bit right now! :) 22 days to go! Yay! Hope to see you all soon!

Love and prayers,

Karla, Chloe & Family

Aunt Tracy said...

The blog looks great! Kelly, you look beautiful and happy! So glad you could celebrate in such a fun way! We could go to the beach here, but we would have to be all bundled up in realy warm things!

Love you lots!
Aunt Tracy

Jeannine said...

Hey Kelly!!!

I love the colors, good just works lol.......sounds like u had fun with your parents, thats good, I miss the beach, u r so lucky to live so close!!!!! by the way, I love the quote. it is so perfect!!!!

love you bunches!!!!

~Jeannine (8)

Aunt Tracy said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the quote Kelly. That sounds just like you! You deserve to have such a nice celebration. You've been through so much and have handled everything so well.


Anonymous said...

I lovee, love the page. It's do beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you that you got a clear MRI. Right on. It was so awesome to see you today. Sorry we didn't have much time to chat. So we are going tohave to make a date to the movies or whatever you would like to do. You are the best hero ever!!!
Luv and kisses,
Stevie & Family

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

Love the page's facelift- I also might want to borrow the quote : ) You look beautiful and I'm so happy about the news!

God Bless-

Kriztia <3

Scarlett_333 said...

I am so glad you like it and that it is helping cheer Kelly up :)


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

We love the new look to your blog!!! The colors and design are great!! You look beautiful!!! Love the quote!! So nice all of you went to Laguna Beach to celebrate! Looked like a beautiful day! You look like a model in your beach photo!! Absolutely gorgeous!

I love the idea of "Blogs for a Cause." I like that Nikki posted your heading as one of her examples on her site!

Love you,

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

The new layout is beautiful, as is the picture at the top. Kelly, your freckles are so cute. I had freckles exactly like them as a child. My dad used to tell me they were angel kisses. The angels must love you very much, as do a lot of others. Continuing to pray,
Kathleen Gettinger (Taylor's mom)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, I REALLY LIKE ur new website! U did a GREAT job. That quote is SO POSITIVE, just like ur mom says u are! I'm glad u and ur family had a lovely day at Laguna. U MORE than deserve it.I am thinking about u and ur family. Love, Patty

Anonymous said...

aww...kelly!!!!! you look sooooo pretty (like always!!!)!!!! luv ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I like the new look of the blog. There are also some lovely shots of you. I don't know if you could legally copyright that smile. If there's any justice in the world at all, you should be able to.

As you know, Valentine's Day is coming. It's probably the biggest day of the year for Russell Stover chocolates, Hallmark cards, and all the florists in the country, but there's a legend that says that Valentine's Day is the day when all the birds flock together at a big conference (or parliament)and pick out their mates. It's a charming idea, don't you think?

I hope you and your parents get to Laguna Beach often. It looks absolutely perfect. I admit to being jealous. It's sunny here today, but only ten degrees and the wind is fierce.

Enjoy your warm weather.


MJ/Angel_Wings said...

H Kelly and Family The new page looks wonderful. It sounds like you have been having a lot of fun. I am so thankful for all your blessings. Special young lady you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tom said...

Very cute blog design. I like :-).

Mandy said...

Hi! Just found your blog thru Nikki's. It looks great! Congrats on your great MRI news. I read some of your story earlier. You are strong young woman. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I'm sending her the link to your story. I look forward to reading more!

Oh and love, love, love the quote! Its one of my favorites!!

Laurie Martin said...

Hey Kelly!
I really like the new web page. It's so bright and colorful...just like you! Sounds like you had a great day at the beach with the family. I'm so glad your Dad's back again. I'm sure you missed him a lot.

We haven't been up to the snow since we with you and your family. We're going up this weekend for the holiday. I think we'll have lots of snow on the ground-especially in the backyard. The boys are all coming up too, so it should be fun. Love to you and the family. Hope we can get together soon!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Cool webpage. The picture if you on the top was amazing. Thanks to our mom of how I got the advice about how to make it. Well, Bye. -J.P.

M & J said...

Saw your site on Nikki's page and I think she did a great job!! So cute!!! Glad you had great news from your MRI!

I am so jealous that you live near a beach... I live in KY and we had an ice storm last night EEEKKK!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Kathy,
I love the new website look! It reminds me of a Stampin' Up card or photo page! I also like the photo you chose.

Kudos to the person who designed the new look! Best wishes in your endeavors!

Lots of Love,
Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

All I have for you today are my continued good wishes and a joke that's so old, you may not know it.

It seems there were three hard-of-hearing Englishmen on a train. The first one looked out the window and said: "I say, is this Wembly?" The second one said: "No, I think it's Thursday." The third one said: "So am I. Let's all have a drink."

Have a good day.

Pulles Family said...

Kelly, You don't know who I am but I came across your site while looking at the creators site.

You must be one extremely special person. It is obvious what strength, determination, and love for life that you must have.

How wonderful for you to live so close to paradise also. I live in Ohio, yuck!!!

I will say a prayer for you everyday that your news remains positive and you keep the strength to keep fighting as long as necessary.

Young girls like yourself that are faced with this everyday and fight it head on are our real heros.

Keep up the fight and yes, continue to learn to dance in the rain!


Anonymous said...

I meant to tell you that your page is awesome. I am so glad that you came for the whole weekend of competition. You made the weekend. You brought the positive energy the team needed. We should do something real soon, when you have free time. You are such a busy girl.
Love you,