Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relay for Life

Each year, across the nation, one event brings together entire communities to take part in the fight against cancer. That event is the American Cancer Society Relay For Life®. It’s a time and place where people come to celebrate those who have survived cancer, remember those we’ve lost, and fight back against a disease that touches too many lives.

We are forming a Relay for Life team not only to help Kelly in her fight against cancer, but for everyone who has or is currently battling cancer. The American Cancer works to find cures for all kinds of cancers. Of course, we are interested in finding a cure for Pediatric Brain Cancer. but it is nice to support an organization that works for all cancers.

We would love to have anyone who is intersted in joining our team, TEAM KELLY, sign up with us. There is a link below that will take you to our team website where you can join. Relay for Life takes place on April 19-20 in Dana Point at Lantern Bay Park. This will be our first year participating in Relay for Life since it is the first year we are dealing with cancer on a day to day basis with Kelly. But a friend of mine that particpated last year said, "I definitely would say it was a highlight of our year lots of fun, and very worth your time!"

Please contact me if you have any questions. My email address is in the right margin or you can leave a comment. It will be a lot of fun and most of all, supporting such a worthy cause. If you don't want to join, please consider making a donation in Kelly's honor. Here is the link to our team webpage:


Anonymous said...

Count me in and I am sure you will have support from the O'Neill team that loves the Kelly team!

Way to go!
The Turner's

Anonymous said...

Yay! Count us in too! We can't wait!!

xoxox The Diemer's

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Go Team Kelly!!!

We are so excited you will have your own team for Relay for Life!

Happy Valentine's Day to the Laude Family from the Opificius Family!


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Kelly and Kathy!! Woo Hoo ... Go TEAM KELLY! I love it! I am glad you get to be part of something so fantastic and fun. Bring your tissues to Relay though... the luminaria ceremony is totaly moving! When is your relay? Ours is the last Saturday in May. We have room on our team if you want to travel north on I-5!
Have a good day!
Amy... Kasey's mom
captain of Kasey's Crew Too RFL

Aunt Tracy said...

Go Team Kelly go!! Since I can't really be on your team I've signed up on a team here with a friend who has had a team for a couple of years. Since we live in Rock Creek, our team is the Creekwalkers. Team Kelly sounds better! I bet you're going to have a great team and a wonderful experience!

Hope you have a sweet and fun Valentine's Day!

Love & Hugs,
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Attention Prayer Warriors::

The Prayer Warriors at Angel_Wings
will be having a Prayer Vigil Tuesday,
February 19th between 8-9 pm EST for Kelly
and all the children and adults on our
prayer list and our Angel Families.
Please join us in prayer for these


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm delighted to see that Team Kelly has already raised 32% of its goal, and as my grandmother would say: "It's early days yet."

Keep up the good work! I bet you'll be over the top in a day or two.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I know I told you about going to Alsace from Freiburg, but it's also quite a nice trip to take the bus to Breisach, on the German side of the Rhine. It's also possible to take the train, but the bus is more leisurely, and everybody seems to like it. It makes the whole trip more fun.

I should explain that the Black Forest is east of Freiburg. West of Freiburg is the Rhine Plain. As the name suggests, this is flat land that runs pretty much from Freiburg to the river, a distance of some 25 miles or so.

There is one big volcanic outcropping that rises up out of the Rhine Plain right next to Breisach. It's called the Kaiserstuhl (Emperor's Throne), and there's a road and a narrow gauge railroad that wind their way up to the top. They pass through wine-growing villages that cling to the hillside.

Breisach itself is on a lower volcanic hill. There's an old, narrow, steep and winding road that goes up this hill. It rises so steeply in some spots that you can actually sit on the roofs of the houses next to the street. I did just that (about halfway to the top). Honestly, I felt like Gulliver! I went on to the top, where there's a medieval fortified church. The view from up there is worth the hike. You've got the Kaiserstuhl off to the right, with all its vineyards. You've got the Rhine in front of you, and on the other side, there's an outdoor cafe with round tables with umbrellas, and beyond that, there's a huge vineyard, with row upon row of neatly tended vines. On a sunny day in late April or early May, there's nothing nicer.

One time, I was feeling ambitious. I decided to walk down Breisach's hill to the station and take the bus to Alsace. I wasn't halfway there, when I saw the bus come and go. I decided I'd walk across the bridge, have lunch at the cafe by the river, and catch the bus from the cafe. As I was crossing the bridge, a pretty girl with the most magnificent collie I had seen since Fergus died 4 years earlier, walked through the vineyard. I walked the rest of the way across the bridge, got the third degree from the French customs official, had lunch at the cafe, and went on to Colmar. Except for the customs official, it was a lovely day.

Have a nice evening.

Kyle York said...

HEY YOU!!!!!
I dished out a Cool C-note in Cyberspace yesterday and I'm STILL out here in the Cold. Actually, the RELAY website asked me for your address and, having NO CLUE, I sent it to "moose"...which came back as undeliverable. The POINT is you BETTER get that MOOSE-MOOLAH! DON'T MAKE ME COME OUT THERE AND HAND IT OVER MYSELF!!!!!!

On second thought, that's not such a bad idea...

-Lllllove from Kkkkkold Kkkkkkyle

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I'll support your team. Hope you had a great Valentine's day! GO KELLY TEAM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I imagine when you're riding through the MRI machine, things can get a bit claustrophobic and boring at the same time.

When I was in graduate school and the lectures were boring (a frequent occurrence, I can assure you), I would consider the fly and how he would land on the ceiling. Would he fly upside down for a while in the knowledge that he wanted to land on the ceiling, or would he decide in a split second and flip over and land quickly? I never did work it out.

Have fun with this one.

Marilyn said...

Kelly, I am honored to be on your team. My husband of 43 years died last year from colon cancer. He and I always walked in the Relay for Life. Last year I walked in his memory.
I think Relay for Life is a wonderful event. I am hoping that Team Kelly can raise lots of money for cancer research.

I love reading your notes on the Internet. You are a talented young lady. I keep track of your progress on the Net and also by talking with Pam.

My husband was career military, in the AF for 23 years. I admire your Mom so much because I know the days can be long and lonely. I am so glad your Dad is home with you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. GO TEAM KELLY!!

Love, Marilyn (the prayer shawl lady)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I see that your fund-raising "thermometer" is rising by leaps and bounds! Well done. It wouldn't surprise me if you broke through the top of the thermometer.

Take care.

Catalina Eddy said...

Hey Sweetie,
I checked out the walking course at Dana Point. I'm going to like walking that course. It's very scenic. It's also where Mom & I were engaged!
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I checked your "thermometer" today and I'm impressed! You and your team are fantastic fund raisers. If you're ever stuck for a career plan, you could go to work for a public radio or public television station, or work in the development office of ANY private school.

Now what we have to do is start praying for good weather for the day of the event--sunny, not too hot, and not too humid.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Kathy!
We are trying for that snow filled cabin getaway again this weekend! What am I thinking? Do I want snow? or Palm trees and Sun? I guess I will take anything that isn't wet wet wet rain!
So... I love your relay page on the front of your blog.. infact, I love your new set up!
Hope your feeling good Kelly!
Hey.. we are camping in California this summer.. wonder how far you are from Visalia? (at least I think that's where we are going?)
Love.. Amy.. Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

What's this I see about a second "thermometer?" Would you consider using your considerable skills on reducing the national debt? I think the Department of the Treasury could definitely use you.

I think it's great that you, your family, and friends have raised so much in such a relatively short time.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


my name is peter & i've been kyle york's [best] friend since we were 4 years old back in new york. kyle talks about you all the time so i thought i'd pop onto your blog [which is terrific] and say hello from the cold [16 degrees!] midwest. sending you strength.

peter rubin

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I am so excited that you are partisipating in this event, and it looks like you are getting close to meeting your goal! It will be a wonderful experience. I just signed up today and hope to bring a few friends also to support Team Kelly. Lindsay is sorry that she cannot be there, but she will be in Dayton, OH for a drumline compitition that weekend.
We read your blogspot regularly, and you are always in our prayers. Your updated site is so cute, and it is always nice to see your smiling face.
Love to you,
Michelle Dolan

Anonymous said...

Count the Miller's in - I'm sorry it's been too long since I've written. will update you soon!