Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Holding Steady

Kelly had a good doctor visit at the clinic today. She is doing pretty well and hopefully we have a plan to make her next chemo easier. We have realized that everything needs to go through her port very slowly or it makes her sick. Even having it flushed after her labs made her sick today because it was a little too fast. Her doctors are impressed with how good she looks though. Next week is a big week for her - she has chemo on Tuesday, then her next MRI is Wednesday. We will be going straight to Dr. Muhonen's office after her MRI so he can go over the results with us. We are praying for another clear MRI.

Kelly really appreciates hearing from her friends. Her week off from chemo, like this week, she feels good and likes to talk to friends. So, please leave her a message here, or give her a call. Visits can also be arranged. It is so nice for her to feel in touch since she isn't in school and misses seeing people her age.


Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!
Would you believe that I'm still at school? (it's almost 7 p.m.) The 4th grade is in charge of the Ash Wednesday Mass and I have lots to do to get the kids prepared for it.
So glad to hear that you had a good doctor's visit today. I thought you looked really good when you were up at the mountains...must have been all that fresh mountain air. Mark and I will be going up this Saturday to check out the snow around the cabin (if we can even find it...I have a feeling it's buried). We're going to clear the snow from the driveway-what fun! We won't even be spending the night because we have to go to a meeting on Sunday morning. I think we have a lot of work ahead of us. Anyway, you take care and give our love to your Mom and Dad and sisters for us. Thanks to you and your Mom for keeping us posted on your progress. We just KNOW your MRI will be clear!
Love and hugs,

Clare said...

Hi Kelly,
So glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sorry the chemo's been making you feel sick, but am glad they're figuring out ways to make it not so bad. Would you believe we still have coughs left over from our colds?! We can't wait until we're all completely well so we can see you. We really miss you so much!!!!!
Clare and girls

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Lauren and Kristina are at the theater tonight, so i will leave you a message instead. That chemo can be tricky stuff! Sometimes you feel fine right after, and sometimes it hits you like a train! The nurses are so good at listening and working out what's best for you, so don't ever be afraid to let them know right away if you don't feel right. I will pray for another "all clear" good results for next week. I'm sorry we didn't get over to see you on Monday. We were having new shutters installed, and it took all day! (but they sure look nice!) So we will have to plan another date to visit. Take care, and i will have the girls write tomorrow. Love Debbie Meyering

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly!
Reading your latest blog made me think of the saying: "slow and steady wins the race"! So, your chemo tx and other stuff might have to go slow, but it's all going to help get a clear MRI. That's my prayer anyway!

Oreo made us think of you this past weekend. You are both cute as a button, but that's not why! He had to go to the hospital and ended up coming home with a little port so they wouldn't have to poke him again over the next couple of days. It's kind of silly I know, but it somehow made me think of how much you put up with, and how you do it with such courage and grace. Oreo on the other hand didn't look so courageous or graceful - just silly! He had to have a cone on so he wouldn't pull his IV out! He is much better now by the way! I hope you are feeling allright and can fit in some fun things around clinic visits.

Love you!...
Aunt Tracy

Shannon said...

Hi Kelly! It's so great that your chemo will be made easier! I'm sure the MRI will be clear, but, as always, my family and I will be praying for you and have you in our thoughts! Wish you ALLLL the best! Shannon Hargis <3

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly!
Sounds like you had a good visit yesterday and found out what's making you feel so sick--yes, I like what Aunt Tracy said in her comment that you say--slow and steady wins the race! Good motto! I also agree that you and Oreo are cute as a button!

Well, Kylie and I went to see the Hanna Montana concert last night in Orlando! We were able to buy tickets the day before and had fairly decent seats! Kylie was just happy to be in the same building with her!! It was a great concert. Miley puts on a great show for the crowd! Yes, there was a TON of little screaming girls there, but we were prepared and it was tolerable! Kylie was one of those little screaming girls! She sang along to every song--very fun for her! Her first big concert.

We are always keeping you in our prayers and we will say extra special prayers next week for a clear MRI !!!

Thanks so much for your updates!! You and your Mom are so great about that!

Lots of love,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Screaming Kylie :), and Ryan

Veronica Granier said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm praying that your MRI is CLEAN and that you can enjoy your time off from chemo. (my daughter, Kelly, used to like everything flushed slowly, too)

I love the pictures that you posted from your weekend getaway. We rarely get to see snow where I live - in South Louisiana - so I enjoy looking at it in pictures!!

I will be praying for your healing, and for a great week for you and your family.

Mrs. Veronica/Angel_wings

Jeannine said...

hey kelly!!!!

that sounds like a big week.....feel free to e-mail me when ever.....i would call you except i cant seem to find your number lol im so forgetful.........
i miss you guys a bunch, and i kno what u mean about not knowing a lot of people :) talk to you later chiiiild!!!


Bud/Angel_Wings said...

Hi Kelly,

I am Bud from Angel_Wings send ing lot's love and plenty of hugs from The Nations Capitol.

In Christ's love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

We were without power for 11 hours yesterday (electricians working). It's good to see your blog today.

Enjoy your down time as much as you can and good luck with the next chemo session and the MRI.

I hear your Dad, your grandparents, and your Aunt Denise got to hang out in Mt. Laurel yesterday. I hope they had a good visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

We're sorry to hear how bad the chemo is making you feel, but hopefully they've got it figured out now. Hopefully it will all be worth it on Wednesday with a nice clear MRI. We think of you so much!

Sharon & Allison

OneAngelsMommy said...

Hi Kelly & Family,

We have been keeping up with you through your mom. My son, Drew, has/had a GBM, also. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are sending positive thoughts and prayers for a GREAT MRI and the chemo to be gentle.

Gina (Drew's Mom)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

When I was a teacher in Ingolstadt, the school's cleaning lady invited me to her house one Saturday.

She was Catholic and she had a Crucifix in her kitchen, but tucked in behind it, she had something I had never seen before: pussy willows. She must have had 6 little 3- or 4-inch pussy willow twigs. So, I asked her about them. She looked quite surprised by my question, and said: "They're palms, or rather, palm kittens. Don't you know about Palm Sunday?" I assured her that I did. Then she asked: "Well, how come you don't know palm kittens?" I told her that I knew the plant by its other German name, which would translate as "heath kittens" and that here in America, we have palm fronds from Florida, California, or maybe even Puerto Rico for Palm Sunday. She said they don't have any semi-tropical or tropical areas in Germany, so they use pussy willows instead. It's an interesting solution to a climatic problem, don't you think?

Enjoy your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Viewed properly, almost anything has a funny side. I'm almost at the point where I can see the humor in what I'm about to tell you. You're not involved at all, so perhaps you'll see some humor more easily than I.

I told you that we had electricians here for 11 hours on Wednesday. The mess and the chaos they left behind is rather funny in itself.

Today, my wife Kathy loaded the dishwasher, pushed the "Start" button, and nothing happened.

The electricians are still in the area, and the foreman left us his cell phone number, so Kathy called him. One of his guys came over and looked at the dishwasher and checked out the power line to it. It was dead. He went and got his boss. The boss determined that as they were working on the power line to the dishwasher, they broke the line. He was awfully sorry, he said, but they're going to have to come tomorrow, drill a series of holes in our kitchen ceiling, find where the power line starts, and pull it out, and then relpace it. Again, he was awfuly apologetic, but they'll only be able to "rough patch" the ceiling, so it's going to be an awful mess at the end of the day. We'll have to hire a painter at least, maybe a carpenter or plasterer, too, before all is said and done.

The whole episode reminds me of a very short essay by Mark Tain called "My Watch." It's only 2 pages or so. You might enjoy it.

Take care.


Anonymous said...

Kelly -
I am in Chicago and we got so much snow yesterday. Perfect for sledding....not so great for getting around on the roads.

Many schools were closed today so the kids had a blast playing in the snow.

I hope you get to enjoy some more snow!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I thought you might like to hear the latest in our "Saga of the Dishwasher." The electricians came today and replaced the wiring leading to the dishwasher, so the motor runs, but somehow or other, it won't fill with water now.

To be continued...not much longer, we hope.

Enjoy the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi again,

The electricians just left and Kathy turned on the dishwasher once more. The motor ran, water started spraying into the machine the way it's supposed to, and our dishes are actually being washed as I type this. Isn't that great?!! Whew!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I have a riddle for you today. When I lived in Ingolstadt, Germany, I would see ads for a certain product. They had lots of different photos, but the ad slogan was always the same: "Der Mensch muss muessen koennen."

Translation: "Man must be able to have to."

What's the product?

Here's a BIG hint. You'd see these ads in drugstore windows.

I'll send the answer tonight.

Have fun with it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Did you figure out what the product is? It's EX-LAX!


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly!
We'll be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow as you go in for your chemo treatment and hope that "slow and steady" works well for you!! Wish we could be there with you to cheer you on!! We'll be with you in spirit and prayer!

We love you!!

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

One more thing...the day Ryan sent out his Flat Stanley to the Laude Family was the day we received a Flat Stanley in the mail to take on an Orlando adventure! We haven't taken him anywhere yet, but we'll probably plan a Magic Kingdom trip at some point!!

Anonymous said...

HEY! US TOO!!! Katie will be in Muhonens office at 9 am for HER MRI results. Maybe we will run into you there, finally!
Heather and Katie

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

We both hope today's chemo isn't too nasty, and we wish you the best of luck with tomorrow's MRI scan.

All the best,
Henry and Kathy Jackson

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly - You are so inspiring...and funny, too. That's a winning combination! We are sending all our positive thoughts to you for today, tomorrow and always.

kindest regards,
Laura and Tatiana Jackson

Anonymous said...

Hello Precious Kelly, stopping by to let you know you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. Sending "Angel hugs and love."

Veronica & Angel w/Angel_Wings

J.P. Nguyen said...

Hi Kelly.
I am at home now. Tommorrow is the Ash Wednesday. I'm playing the piano. The song that I will play in the piano is called "What Child is This?" It's a bible song. I heard that you had a good doctor's visit. I think 'good' means like fine, right? My mom owns a company called "Viet Art Center." I'm vietnamese. I have a club named "Element Januelyon" (Januel for short.) I created it. Well, see you with your new post!!
-Jean-Paul Minhquan Nguyen