Monday, January 14, 2008

More Thanks

I have been meaning to post this photo for quite a while now. I finally got our photos from December organized so it is easier to find them! Now for an overdue thank you to Pam Turner for this beautiful quilt she made for Kelly. She loves this personalized quilt - her name is stitched in the border fabric. The moose is also wearing dance shoes! This was just a perfect little quilt for Kelly. Thank you so much for the love and effort you put into this Pam, it means so much. We were also touched by the Christmas gifts you brought over for us. You are going to have to help me use mine! We really enjoyed the caroling too. You have such a talented family! Austin, you have to come back and play Wii with the girls.

One of the good things that has come from our situation is all the generous help we have received from our friends. The meals and rides for Megan and Shannon have been wonderful. Something that our good friend Darla did for us that has helped so much was to send her dear cleaning lady to our house every other week. This has truly helped save my sanity. I feel so much calmer when the house is clean and it has been so easy to overlook little things like cleaning when there is so much else to worry about. Thanks also to Debbie and Allison, Julie, Lori, Charmaine and Colleen for contributing to this also. It has helped more than I can say. We are overwhelmed by how kind everyone has been to our family. It has truly been a blessing.

Kelly had her visit to the clinic today. She is doing much better this week since it is her week off from chemo. She lost a couple pounds last week on her scrambled eggs and popcorn diet, so we are trying to make up for it this week now that she has more of an appetite. We have switched her chemo day from Monday to Tuesday (starting next week) since there are three Mondays coming up that are school holidays and she wants to be home when her sisters are off school.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laude Family,
Glad to hear things are good. What a wonderful support network you all have! Such a beautiful quilt too! Chloe is in for labs next Thursday...we are game for a get together whenever you guys are. Ashley is all better now. Yay!! Hope to see you all soon!
Love, Karla & Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly -
What an adorable quilt! How sweet of your friend! You look GREAT!
We love you,
Darla and Sophie

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
You and your quilt look amazing! I agree with your mom - you guys are surrounded by such wonderful people that provide such blessings! I believe it goes both ways! Just being around you and your family makes me feel blessed! Keep enjoying your popcorn and I hope you can add some other things to the list!
Love you lots!
Aunt Tracy

Catalina Eddy said...

Hope you're feeling up to some action because Thursday we celebrate "Catalina Eddy Day" (soon to be a national holiday, I hear), then we're going to the theater with our YMCA pals, and then off to the mountains to play in the snow ... or mud, depending.
Love you!

Veronica Granier said...

Hi Kelly,

My name is Veronica and I am a prayer warrior with a group called Angel Wings. I chose you to be one of my "special people". I just wanted to visit to let you know that I will be checking in on you often, and will be praying for your healing.

I have a daughter named Kelly, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when she was 15. She is done with treatment, and is doing well. Tomorrow she will celebrate her 17th birthday.

Big angel hugs,

The Opificius' said...

Hi Kelly,
You and your moose quilt are very photogenic!! You both look great! What a beautiful quilt from a very wonderful friend--Pam is very talented! It's so nice knowing how many people care for you and your family!

Well, sounds like you're heading for snow this weekend! I imagine that will be a lot of fun!!

Happy Catalina Eddy Day to your Dad this Thursday!!

Lots of love,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Susan Krapinski said...

Kelly, Kathy and entire family,
I just caught up on your last few entries...I'm tired from just READING about everything you have been up to! I am THRILLED to read about your good news and I know how the chemo thing goes, Danielle had a "magic" pill also to help with the nausea! "Help" is the key word, you still don't feel that hot! Enjoy that beautiful quilt, you will always be surrounded by love...literally!

Will check back soon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

What a lovely quilt! I have to agree with Darla & Sophie, too. You do look fantastic.

We had a great family friend of Chinese extraction who said that an old Chinese trick for an upset tummy was plums preserved in salt.

She just happened to have some one time when I was feeling under par, and they worked! The combination of sweet and salty was interesting, too.

If you have a Chinese grocery store nearby, you might want to get some. And even if you aren't feeling queasy, they're good.

Take care,

Shannon said...

Hi Kelly!
~I'm so glad you're feeling more of an appetite now! (I don't think I could live off of scrambled eggs and popcorn for too long.)
~And enjoy that GORGEOUS quilt you got from Mrs. Turner!! (Kudos to Mrs. Turner!)
~Have fun with your dad's so great to have him back!
~Good luck with your next chemo; you are such a courageous person, Kelly! Wishing you the best always,
<3 Shannon Hargis

Anonymous said...

Here are your exercises for today!

!. Stand up
2. Stretch you arms out as far as you can -
This is how much we all love you!
3. Take you arms and wrap them around you -
This is a hug from all the people who know you are one very special girl.
4. Sit down and Relax - and keep getting better!
The Laude family is a blessing to all of us!

Love, The Turner's

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I see from the blog that you eat scrambled eggs. Do you like cheese, too? You can add more calories to your scrambled eggs by grating cheese (cheddar, Swiss, or Jarlsberg work well) and adding it to your eggs. Let the eggs cook a bit on their own, then add the cheese. It's quite tasty and adds quite a bit in terms of nutrition. If you're feeling particularly adventuresome, bung in some ham or bacon bits. You could have quite a tasty slosh-up.

If you like pancakes, I see that Bisquick has pourable pancake batter these days. Here, too, you can add nutrition by pouring the batter into a bowl, blending in about a quarter of a cup of cottage cheese, and then cooking your pancakes. I think you'll find the pancakes rise a bit higher, they're a little bit lighter, and they definitely have more calcium and protein.

But listen, these are just a couple of suggestions. If you feel like having sardines with hot fudge sauce and a dill pickle on the side, go for it!

I'm feeling a bit duff myself, just contemplating that one. I'd better go to bed.


Heide said...

Good morning, Kelly and family.

Kathy, thank you so much for signing Jessica's guestbook. I am sorry to hear that Kelly is having to go through all of this. But, from what I've read here on the blog, Kelly's an AMAZING spirit, and has a great attitude about the whole thing!! It's an inspirational story you're sharing, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

I look forward to reading more, and to getting to know Kelly better.

Kelly, you're a BEAUTIFUL young lady and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

m/o ^Jessica^

christine said...

I just found your website. My son Jacob has a GBM and was diagnosed in March 2007. Temodar also failed for him. He will be starting Avastin next week. You can check us out if you want at . I hope you are able to gain the pounds you lost last week!
God bless
m/o Jacob

Aunt Mary said...

Dear Kelly,
You just looked adorable with your beautiful moose quilt: what a beautiful gift from a special friend! Glad you are able to eat a little bit more and hope you enjoy your week end up at the cabin! I am sure Michigan is too far to imagine but I have a friend that has a cabin up in the Irish Hills in Mi. it is only about 1.5 hour up north from toledo; though its a bit cold right now it is beuatiful with all the snow but I am still missing the tropical sun and ocean of our last vacation- hope you are getting you use you angel bear some- sending all my love and prayers always! and sending love and kisses to Megan and Shannon too!!
I am glad you are all back together as a family- Your pictures always turn all so great
Love you lots and lots
Aunt Mary