Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Big Thank You

Yesterday was my chemo day. Mom and I were at the clinic most of the day. But the good part of the day was when I got home. Diana came over and she brought gifts that were given to both of us! Thanks for organizing that Mrs. Zintgraff! What wonderful things we got! There were lots of scrapbooking things because we both like to scrapbook. We got little purple scrapbooks, lots of stickers and paper and other supplies. We are going to have a scrapbooking day soon. We both have a lot of photos of everything we are going through and we want to scrapbook them. We also got build a bears and we got to stuff them ourselves at home. That was really fun - Diana helped me stitch my bear. We both got pirate outfits for them, so now we have to watch Pirates of the Carribean together with our bears! Thanks again Mrs. Zintgraff and everyone who helped with such a fun gift for us.

Today I am living on the couch - chemo makes me really tired for a couple days. I got some extra medicine for my nausea this time and it is helping. Luckily, I don't have to go back to the clinic until next week.



Kelley Goettsch said...

I'm glad to hear you are having such great experiences during this time. You are such a strong little girl!

Say "hi" to your mom for me. I miss her in class.

Kelley from the dance studio

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm glad Diana was able to come over - especially with a fun basket of goodies! I'm also glad to hear you have some more meds. to help with the nausea yuckiness. Sure wish we could still all be there, although you are probably enjoying having your house back a little! I hope the chemo side affects are few and it just keeps doing its job!!
Lots of love!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I'm glad you got some medicine for the nausea and I'm especially glad Diana could come and hang out with you.

We are having what is called "January thaw" in New England. Temperatures get up into the high 50's or even the low 60's, stay there for a few days, then drop back into the 20's. It's a cruel tease, really.

Enjoy your couch time and have fun with your scrapbooks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Kathy,
How FUN!!! Scrapbooking together would be so cozy - turn on the fireplace, make some hot chocolate and put on some relaxing music - cool!

I hope your nausea gets better with the new meds - there some amazing new drugs now.

We LOVE YOU! Sophie wants you to go skiing with her again at Snow Valley. We're going on the January 28th - wouldn't that be so fun!???? Maybe we could bundle you up and come with us :)

Love Darla and Sophie

Florida Folks said...

Hi Kelly!
So nice you and Diana spent time together yesterday after your long day at the clinic. Sounds like you both have some pretty great scrapbooking stuff! How fun! Your teddy bear pirates must be adorable I bet!!

So glad you have good medicine to help you feel better! Hope your day on the couch was nice and peaceful!

We're in the high 70's and low 80's this week! Can you believe that? It's quite warm for this time of year here! Nice for bike riding to school!

Hugs to everyone!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Janice said...

Hi Kelly!

I'm glad you saw Diana and she delivered the goodies! Enjoy and have lots of fun. I would love to see your scrapbook when you have some pages done. Come by O'Neill anytime! You know where to find me in the morning.
Enjoy Pirates with your bear. I just love Johnny Depp! I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to see you and Diana together and how you have become such good friends!
See you soon!

Janice Zintgraff

J.P. Nguyen said...

j.p. here

I thank you too. I wish you a good year and a good experince in 2008.
To Kelly

Fran said...

It was fun to see you and your family and all your cousins on our way back to OR from CA.

Glad you have some new meds. to help you feel better.

Get some rest and have fun scrapping.

Marisa and Fran Berg

Gaye said...

Hi Kelly-
I used to teach with your mom and have been getting your updates. It's been awhile since I've been scrapbooking at your house, and I can't believe how much you've grown up. I'm so glad you have gotten to see family from out of town, have special friends over and have your dad home now. You are so creative and I feel priveledged to receive your letters, poems, and pictures. I pray that your strength returns quickly. I'm so glad you have such great doctors and meds. Say "hi" to your mom for me.
Love, Gaye

Beth said...

Hi Kelly!
I am glad that you were able to get help with your nausea - I hope it keeps working and how fun to get a package full of scrap-booking materials: I love to scrap too: and I just started my scrapbook for Hawaii as I just received my package for Scrapper's Friend which is a home based store way over on Kona on the Big Island.
I hope you recover from your chemo quickly and pray that it is doing its job!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!
Love you lots Kelly
Much Love,
Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I haven't had a story for you in some time, I'm afraid. I feel I've fallen down on the job. Sorry.

Perhaps my muse went to Florida for a few days. Muses are such strange creatures. You can never tell about them.

Be that as it may, I'll tell you about the time my Grandpa (Sam) nearly scared me to death. You may recall that he was my father's father. At this particular time, he lived in Holyoke, Massachusetts. My other grandparents lived in Springfield, something like 12 miles to the south. At this particular time, Grandpa Sam decided to paint his kitchen. He got a pretty shade of blue, and he and my father did the whole thing themselves on a Saturday. My other grandparents thought that staying in his apartment while the paint dried might be rather unpleasant, so they invited him to spend the night in Springfield. He accepted.

At this point, I have to interrupt my story to tell you that Grandpa Sam was a really early riser - 4:30in the morning, as a rule. He worked in a textile mill from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Anyway, this particular morning, he stifled his normal impulses, and didn't get up at his usual ungodly hour. I was asleep in the livingroom, on the sofa. By 6:30, Grandpa couldn't contain himself. He got up, dressed quietly, came downstairs in his socks, so as not to make a noise. Whatever it was he was getting up to, he decided he needed a knife, and he had left his pocketknife at home. So, he went into my Nana's kitchen, got one of her biggest knives (it must have had a 10-inch blade), and he came through the livingroom holding the huge knife. As luck would have it, a floorboard squeaked, and I woke up to see Grandpa Sam skulking around with the wicked-looking knife. He must have seen the terror on my face, because he said: "Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you." Still, it was a nasty shock. I have to admit, I was particularly glad to be heading for home later that day.

Have a nice weekend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
My name is Trish and i am a prayer warrior with Angel_Wings and this is my first visit to your blog but i promise to return very soon.
I live in a small town in Tennessee with three chilhuahua's and six cats.Our chihuahuas love going to Walmart at least three times a week or they pout until they get their way.
You are a very brave young lady Kelly and i know God has plans for your life and He is watching over you,Keep the faith sweetheart you can and will get through this!Our prayer Angels will be surrounding you in special prayers.


Tracy/Angel_Wings said...

Hi Kelly! I'm Tracy and I'm with Angel_Wings prayer ministry and just stopping by to say I'm praying for you and wanted to introduce myself. God bless you and I'm praying for the Lord to provide for your every need today!

MJ/Angel_Wings said...

Morning Kelly This is my first visit but I will be back often. The scrapbooking sounds like a lot of fun !! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers special young lady. Hugs

Katharine said...
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Anonymous said...

I am not sure my last post worked, so I am trying again. Thanks for giving me this link. I look forward to reading the blog entries.
~ Katya

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Kelly,
I hope you are having a good day day honey.I heard you also love animals,Mine are very spoiled especially our chihuahuas.Bubba is our oldest and he looks just like the little taco bell dog,He always has to have the last word when he starts to bark and i tell him to hush he lets me know he will in his own time by barking very softly.Sissy is our middle one and she loves to make crazy faces she will stick out her tongue at someone,crinkle up her nose and can also give you the cutest smile.Taz is our baby and he loves to play he has to sleep under the covers as close as he can get to me each night.I have lots of stories i will share with you later.
I pray this is a great weekend for you my friend and our Lord blesses you in very special ways today.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I decided you might get a chuckle out of my mortification, so here goes.

I've told you before that my mother's parents lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. One of the biggest attractions in Springfield was (and still is) Forest Park. It had been the private estate of the family that published Springfield's leading newspaper. The estate took in something like 350 acres. The last member of the family had no children, so he left the entire property to the city of Springfield. There was a lake, several small ponds, lots of woodlands, and rolling hills. So, the city turned it into a huge, beautiful park, with picnic areas, an indoor zoo, an outdoor zoo, waterlily ponds, and best of all, pony rides.

Now, for some reason, I put on a lot of weight when I was about ten. I tried not to let it bother me too much. I told myself I'd watch my diet (which I did), and eventually, I told myself, I'd get the weight off.

My mother and father, my sister and I were visiting Springfield that Easter. It was a chilly, but sunny day, and the pony rides just opened up for the season. The guy who ran the rides put me on the biggest pony he had, and as I was halfway through the second circuit of the pony ring, the pony decided to go on strike and lie down. He didn't get up again until I got off, either.

Well, my sister thought it was the funniest thing she ever did see. She said: "You're so fat, the ponies won't stand up under you! You've got to lose some weight fast, Jack." (My sister always called me Jack when she made fun of me).

I took dieting very seriously from then on, but it did no good. I stayed fat for another 3 years. Then I caught the 'flu, and the pounds just melted away and they never came back, either.

Take care,