Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gooseberries and Burrito Bliss

   Hello! I assume that you are wondering why I have such an interesting title. Well, I walked in for chemo on Wednesday when Christy ( from the clinic ) walks in holding the strangest looking berries I have ever seen. They were about the size of a grape, green, and those weird stripes like a watermelon. They were GOOSEBERRIES!!! And let me tell you, if you have never tried them before, they are the most delicious berries EVER!!! I had, like, a bajillion. 

   Moving on, I didn't play guitar hero this time, ( because Bailey wasn't there, why else? ♥) so I painted. I painted what a good day, and a bad day looked like. They are going to be on display next spring with other painting from oncology kids.  Then, just for fun, I painted my initials into styrofoam plates. By the end of chemo, I HADN'T THROWN UP ONCE!!!!! It was miraculous I tell you! I think it was this magic pill called Emend that they added to my anti nausea meds before chemo.  So afterward, I had a burrito and a large Dr. Pepper. Delish.

   I have felt nausous since, but I eat, and it goes away. Woot Woot! I am fine now, which is good because I am going to camp today!!!! I can't wait. Well, I gotta go. Breakfast is a callin'. Oh yeah!!! Shout out to Katie, as soon as I get back, I will call you asap.
P.S.   Gooseberries are disgusting. They are yucky, gross, BLECH!!! I only had one. You are welcome  to try them though. EEWW. Bon appetite!


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You are so funny Kelly! I love it! Have fun at camp!! Hopefully we can meet up before we move to Oregon.

XOXOX Karla, Chloe & Family

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I haven't seen you in like 3 weekssss..and it will be even longer now!! :( Have fun at camp tho!
<3 Amis

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
Had to write to say Bonjour! We just got back from our trip to Europe and now Sophie is going to a 2 week music camp in Santa Barbara. Hopefully you can get together when Sophie gets back.

Thanks for the warning about Gooseberries - but I'm proud of you for trying them! I'm so happy to hear that the new anti-nausea meds are working.

Lots of Love, Darla and Family

Gabby's Mom said...

Oh such good news about the new anti-nausea med Kelly! Can't wait to hear about camp - and I will have to check out those gooseberries :)



Catalina Eddy said...

I'm confused on the controvertial gooseberry issue. Is the person who said they were great different than the person who said they were yucky? Are they better or worse than the huckleberries we picked in Montana, the blueberries we picked in Upstate New York, the blackberries we picked in Oregon, or the marionberries we pick in our back yard?
I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the mountains. Hope the sasquatch doesn't get you.

Heide said...

Hey there, Miss Kelly.

I'm SO GLAD to read that your treatment went so smoothly this time. That Emend is AMAZING stuff, and I recommend it to anyone receiving chemo, for sure!!! It can be tough to get approved by insurance (because it's CRRRRRAZY expensive), but it's definitely a miracle anti-nausea drug.

I loved your entry. HAHA about the gooseberries!! lol that's funny.

Your paintings sound beautiful. Got pictures? :)

Hope you have a blast at camp!

m/o ^Jessica^ (forever 17) and Jake (17)
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Before you condemn gooseberries altogether, try the red ones. They're about the same color as a flame grape, have the same odd shape and stripes, but they are a bit sweeter than the green ones.

No barfing? How cool is that??!!!

Happy camping.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,
It was great to get caught up on your activities! I am sooo glad the Emend helped you! I know you left for camp yesterday, (I think?) so I hope you have a FANTASTIC time!!! Look forward to hearing all about it. Take care....Hi to your sweet family, too...
Patty J.

Aunt Tracy said...

We were just berry picking and passed those gooseberries right up - was that a huge mistake!? We picked tayberries since we hadn't tried them before - yum! They are kind of like rasberries but better!

Love & hugs,
Aunt Tracy

Michaela Coon said...

Great to hear Kelly! I hope you are having fun at camp this week!