Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Florida Fun

Kelly and Shannon with their cousins Kylie and Emily.  This is in France at Epcot in DisneyWorld.  Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot.  We squeezed in as much Disney as we could into one day.  Notice Shannon and Kylie have matching outfits.  We went shopping one day and those two got a couple matching outfits, which they still like to do.  Kylie is only 7 months younger than Shannon. 

We have been having a fun week in Florida so far.  We have spent a lot of time at my sister's house since she has a pool, and the kids have also been playing on a new slip and slide as you can see.  

Shannon on the slip and slide.  Notice the purple bracelet she is wearing.  
It says "Cancer Sucks."  Thanks Amy! That is one of the ones you sent us.

Here are most of the kids in the pool.  Kelly, Ryan, Kylie, Shanon, Megan and Emily.  The kids really enjoy being with their cousins.

The Fourth of July was a lot of fun, especially since we are used to living in dry California where it is illegal to set off our own fireworks.  We walked down to the dock on the lake, where we saw a lot of different fireworks displays around the shore, (and an alligator!) then we came back to Jenny and Bob's house and set off a bunch that we had bought that day.  The kids had a blast setting off fireworks and watching the dads who also had a blast setting off fireworks.

Megan and Kelly (and their cousins) learned something new last week - how to play poker.  Uncle Bob taught them all to play poker and we had a hard time convincing them to go to bed several nights when they were playing cards.

We are getting ready to leave to head to Anna Maria Island off the west coast of Florida.  We will stay there the rest of the week.  Tom's (Tracy's husband) mom owns two condos there and we are looking forward to spending some time at the beach.  

As many of you have noticed, I can't send out my emails like I usually do when I update.  That email list is on my computer at home.  Hopefully, many people have noticed that we are still updating while we are gone,  and happily it is all fun news.  It is so nice not to be just posting medical updates.  We almost feel like everything is normal right now.  More pictures will be posted soon!


Tiago said...
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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to here your trip to Florida was great. I have always wanted to go to Florida. I am jealous that you now know how to play poker and I don't. Haha. You will have to teach me. Too bad you did not know the night of the prom. That would have been fun. I am jealous of Shanons bracelet. You will have to let me know where to get one like that. Call me and we will hang out.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you're all able to enjoy a perfectly normal family vacation. After the time you've all had this year, you deserve it!


Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly! Great pictures. Everyone looks so relaxed (well, other than that cut-throat poker game!) and like y'all are having a great time - I am so glad.

There is a neurosurgeon at Hopkins who at one time was a migrant worker when he first came to the US. There is a NOVA show on PBS about him tonite at 9PM so I probably will miss "So You Think You Can Dance" tonite to see that. It is a very inspirational story. Nice to know he is here in Maryland too.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Gabby's Mom said...

oh, and please do post where to get those bracelets Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and family,

Sounds like you are having a great trip. It's nice to visit family like that. Amy just left today to visit her cousins in Michigan.
So you must be at the beach by now- you are getting a little bit of everything! See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi you guys,
I am loving seeing all your FUN pictures! You all really do deserve a wonderful vacation, which the pictures are showing. Keep having lots of fun!!!!

Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

You look happy and relaxed. Aren't vacations wonderful?


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I believe your Aunt Denise said your vacation is over, but don't feel too blue. Today happens to be St. Swithun's Day! Who's he, you ask? He was a very early Anglo-Saxon saint, and he's the patron saint of thunderstorms.

Happy St. Swithun's Day!