Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special Request

Bailey is a friend of ours that we met at CHOC.  He is also an oncology patient and has been on chemo for over two years.  His family is finally taking a break to take a cross country road trip this summer.   One of Bailey's biggest wishes is to meet Paula Dean, from the Food Network.  He would really like to be on her show.  So one of their stops will be Savannah, Georgia, where her show is taped.  Take a look at this video his mom made that Bailey would like Paula to see.

His family has learned that you have to be 18 years old to be on the show. Bailey has been given a 10% chance of survival, so his family is anxious for him to meet her this summer. They are hoping that if the show hears from enough people, it may have an impact on them to consider Bailey. They would appreciate anyone who could forward this video to her, email her, or write a letter. I'm working on finding an address - I'll post one as soon as I can find it. If anyone has any tips for contacting the Paula Dean Show, let me know! Here is one website that has some information:    If you would like to learn more about Bailey, he also has a website.    Then go to the carepage named SuperBay. You may have to sign in first, but it is easy. There is an About Me section that gives his background. His mom has a lot of pictures and videos on his carepage.  You won't be dissapointed, he is quite entertaining.

Thanks for your support for Bailey.

Kelly and I spent the day at the infusion center for her chemo. They changed the order of the drugs they gave her, so she felt sick longer today. This is the way the research shows the drugs work best, but I'm not convinced it is best for Kelly. It seemed to be working the old way just fine, according to her MRIs. I'll talk to her tomorrow about how she feels about it. She has been snuggled up in her bed since dinner. She did manage to have a few bites to eat.  These days really take a lot out of her.  I know not to even try to talk to her tonight.  She just has to rest quietly and she'll start talking tomorrow again when she gets some energy again.

Megan and Shannon have one more week of school. We are ready for summer!  It is exciting to have fun plans for this summer, after the summer we had last year.  Everything started happening as soon as school was over last year with Kelly.  Megan and Shannon are also very busy getting ready for their dance show coming up. Megan is doing better and better with dance and her ankle is healing.

Just added:  website for Paula's restaurant in Savannah (there is a place to leave a message under contact us)

Also - click on comments (below)  Henry just posted two addresses for her in his second comment.  Thanks Henry.

Paula has been on QVC a lot, and here is an email address for the host she is always with, David Venable.   It is a long shot, but if we contact everyone around her, maybe it will help! 


Anonymous said...

Hello Laude Family,
Yes, give us the contact information and we will send it to Paula Deen for dear Bailey! What a great kid!
Can you believe summer is almost here!????
Crazy! Can't wait to see all of you. Where is Kevin now?
Darla, Geoff, Sophie, Shawn Miller

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I hope you have a good night's sleep, and feel much better tomorrow.

Bailey looks like a real sweetie! I hope he gets his wish..

All for now...

Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laude Family,

I'm sorry so much cutting edge medicine depends on the "let's try this" approach. You get something that works pretty well for the patient and then they start mucking about. If it were up to me (but it never is), they'd concoct "Kelly's formula," that is to say, the drug cocktail that works best for Kelly, and tinkering with it would be punishable by keel-hauling for the first offense, hanging for the second. I very much doubt there'd be a third.

With regard to your young friend Bailey, I'll write to Paula Deen tomorrow. If an appearance on her show is out of the question, it seems she and her sons have a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. She might be willing to meet Bailey there, and maybe the two of them could slosh something up in the kitchen together. He'd probably like that. It's worth a try.

My sister-in-law called us the other day. She now lives in Lawrence, Kansas, but she used to live in Colorado Springs. She had 3 kids. The son is an "inside the box" kind of guy, and the girls are "outside the box" types. Anyway, my sister-in-law knows for a fact that in Colorado, you can try the GED test at any age. So, Kelly, if you want to get the tutors off your back, go to Colorado and try the test. With a little luck, you'd have your diploma. See what your parents think.

Shannon, I remember my ankles were very sore when I had my casts removed. I hope your ankle is okay.

Take care, one and all.


Gabby's Mom said...

Good Morning Kelly! I hope that you are feeling better this AM and am so sorry chemo made you feel so sick last nite.

I have to check on something I emailed your Mom about regarding Paula Deen so am going to scoot so I can do it before I start work today!



Susan K said...

Hey Guys!

OMG, if Paula Dean's heart doesn't melt like a stick of her butter over this video then I don't know! Bailey is too cute for words! Out of all this horribleness (is that a word even :) you do end up meeting the most fantastic people! Whether in person or through a network like this. I know OUR support system has extended way beyond our little town! I will definitely do my part to help Bailey.

Kelly, I'm sorry this round of treatment is not so good. And Kathy, I know what you mean by knowing when to leave our daughters alone until they are ready to talk. It's hard cuz we just want to mother them and make them feel better.

And (you can tell I'm catching up on stuff!) your room is totally incredible! What a group of talented people! I kept trying to imagine how they would make the room "woodsy" and all and the designers really outdid themselves!

Well, I'm finally on summer break, end of school is totally hectic...Kathy, why didn't you warn me! But now to the lazy days of summer which your family will soon be having also!

Talk to you soon!

Susan Krapinski

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I found two addresses for Paula Deen. One is c/o The Lady & Sons,
102 West Congress Street,
Savannah, GA 31401.

The other is obviously her production company at:

Paula Deen Enterprises, LLC
2391 Downing Avenue,
Thunderbolt, GA 31404.

I think the restaurant address might have a greater chance of reaching her personally, or at least one of herr sons. I'll write her a note now and ask her to check out Bailey's video on your blog.

Take it easy today.


Anonymous said...

I think we can all help Bailey get to Paula...he is such a sweetie and he more than deserves a chance to meet her face to face. The video is so sweet. I hope you are gfeeling better this morning Kelly. Kathy, we need to get together before we move.

Love, The Diemer's

PS Chloe says hello! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

My note to Paula Deen is written and ready to go.

Have a good, restful day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kathy for posting that about Bay. It will be amazing if we could actually make it happen. If anything I am sure that Paula will know about Bay. Thank you again Kathy. I hope that Kelly is feeling better today and the sick feeling is gone.

Love the Spoonies

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,
Hope you're feeling better today! We're thinking of you!

We'll definitely send a message to Paula Dean for Bailey. He is a cutie with so much personality! Hmm, sounds like someone we know! :)

Wow, one more week of school for the girls, then summer will officially be here!! We're counting down the days until June 30th!

Sending warm hugs and lots of love your way,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelley. It is so nice to see your face at the studio because you cheer me up. I love ya I love ya I love ya. I am defintely on Baily's side when it comes to Paula Deen. I watch the food network channel all the time and Paula cooks with nothing but butter. I have been to Savannah and he will have a great chance of meeting her or her two sons at the Lady and Sons Resturant. Believe, she can't refuse meeting him. But I will email people that I know.

Muah! See you later this week and weekend.


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kathy & Kelly!
My computer was not happy for awhile so I am just catching up, but I would love to send a note to Paula Dean - I agree with the heart melting like a stick of butter comment!

Sure hope by now that you're feeling better after chemo, Kelly. Sure is potent stuff when just switching the order can cause such havoc for you. Make sure those doctors and nurses take extra good care of you - we want you feeling tip top for your next trip!!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you as you battle through tough chemo days for Kelly, finals and ankle strengthening for Megan, dancing and finishing school for Shannon, seemimly endless traveling for Kevin, and managing all of the above for Kathy! And prayers too for all the other special young cancer warriors you have become connected with!
Love & hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Well Kelly I think that chemo just stinks no matter what. I hope they work out the right cocktail for you very soon. Or better yet, that you're done with it very soon. After that last wonderful MRI, maybe that will come before you know it.

We posted the Bailey video too on Hannah's site. How could she possibly resist him?

Hope you're feeling better tonight,
Love from NY,
Kim and team Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I hope the chemo blues are wearing off by now, and I hope your weather is as nice as it is here.

I saw some news footage of fires in Orange County last week. I hope they are nowhere near your home.

Have a pleasant weekend.


Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! Your Mom said you still were not feeling well yesterday and I hope today has been a vast improvement and that you have a nice weekend.

I don't know where Henry lives but it is like 8000 degrees here with 800 percent humidity - I too hope you are having nice(r) weather :)



MJ/Angel_Wings said...


The Prayer Warriors at Angel_Wings
will be having a Prayer Vigil on Thursday,
June 19th between 8-9 P.M. EST for
all of the children and adults on our
prayer lists and our Angel Families.
PLEASE join us in prayer for these

Veronica Granier/Angel_wings said...

Hi Kelly,

I hope by now you are feeling better. I just wanted to stop in and check on you, and let you know I was thinking about you.

Your little friend is cute. I hope Miss Dean's heart can open to welcome him...........


Gabby's Mom said...

Kathy - I just forwarded the email I received from the site - no other answers yet but the email makes it clear they are getting the message :)

Hi Kelly! I miss not making my AI guesses (the entirely wrong ones) every week. I read today the dance show is down to the final 16 so I think I will start making some predictions about that....generally when I watch that I am too in awe of the talent but I am going to really really pay attention and see how wrong I can be about this too!!!



Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I wrote to Paula Deen, but I've had no answer yet. I do hope she will agree to meet Bailey.

It's a quiet day here. Then again, the early part of the week usually is for most translators. I've used the time to write some letters and e-mails, and enjoy the roses.

I think I read that school's out for you and your sisters this week.



Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly and Megan,

I don't believe I ever told you about Miss Nancy Jean Tutt. That truly was her name.

Miss Nancy Jean Tutt was my physiotherapist/chief torturer for about 5 years. She had been in the WACs in World War II. She was petite, kept her light brown hair in a pixy cut, and she could wiggle her ears. She also told me stories about her prowess with a BB gun when she was growing up in Kentucky. Her father had a station wagon and she and her brother would sit in the back seat, BB guns at the ready. As they rode along, she and her brother would shoot at mailboxes along the way. No shooting was allowed if people or dogs were out in the yard. I was about 8 or 9 when I started going to her. I have to say, I was smitten, despite the fact that she always pushed, pulled, and otherwise contorted my legs in ways that I'm sure the Geneva Conventions forbid. When I said: "Owowowowow!," she'd say: "What'sthe matter, Henry? I don't feel a thing!"

Her torture chamber was in her apartment, near the Empire State Building, in New York City. After an hour of torture, Dad would take us all to lunch and a museum. Then we'd often have dinner with my sister's godmother on the Upper West Side before going home.

That was our Saturday routine for about 5 years. There's an odd postscript to the story, too. About 25 years ago, I found a Manhattan phone book. I looked up Nancy Jean Tutt, thinking it might be nice to say "Hi." There was one listed and the address looked about right. I dialed the number, got a lady, but she wasn't a therapist. We were both amazed that there could be 2 of them out there.

Take care, and Megan, I hope you won't require any therapy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I hope you got through yesterday's chemo session comfortably.

A friend of ours recently went to Maine. She sent us some pictures of moose. I don't think I've ever forwarded an e-mail before, but I tried forwarding this one to you. I hope it reaches you, and I hope you like it.


Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly - I think today was your chemo day and I hope it went better than last week's. I have been so hoping so all day and always pray the good thoughts help!