Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good News!

Kelly had her MRI today and it went very well.  We went to Dr. Muhonen's office right afterward and he was very pleased with the results.  Her scans were all clear! I would post a picture, but it looks just like her last MRI.  There was a very small spot of enhancement 8 weeks ago, and that isn't even there anymore.  So it is a great night at our house.  It is such a relief to have an MRI over and have good results.

Next week Kelly has labs on Tuesday and chemo on Wednesday.  At least we know the chemo is doing its job!

Megan's good news is that her cast came off yesterday and she is starting to use her ankle again.  She has to ease back into dance slowly, but she is doing dance classes again ( as much as she can) and should be able to participate in our dance show June 28th.

Thanks for all your prayers for Kelly.  They are definitely working!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! Gosh we love Kelly's doctors just as much as we love the Laude family! Keep the happy news coming at us - God is holding you all close!

Love - The Turner family

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Family,
Yippee!!!! We are so happy to hear the GREAT NEWS about your MRI! We are celebrating with you and doing the jig for Megan too!
Love Your Fan Club,
The Miller Family

Anonymous said...


That is GREAT news! I'm so happy to hear about another clean scan! You must be so incredibly thankful.

I'm so glad you continue to keep me in the loop.


Mandy said...

Hooray for good news!!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! That is AWESOME news guys!! So happy to hear it! We are just thrilled for you all.

Our love, thoughts and prayers will totally continue!

Your Friends,

The Diemer's :D

Aunt Tracy said...

Hurray!! Wonderful news! It does help to know that the chemo is doing its job even while it's nasty to go through! Between Kelly's clean MRI and Megan's cast coming off I think it's time to celebrate!!! Our prayers will be full of praise tonight!

Lots and lots of hugs & love to all of you!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!!! I know the chemo process is awful, but thank goodness it is doing it's job! See you tomorrow!!!!
Debbie Meyering

Gabby's Mom said...

Great news Kelly! I hope you are all celebrating all the wonderful things happening - your Dad being home, Megan's cast removal, and your beautiful brain - :)



this is my blog, thanks for visiting! said...

Now that is what we call good news, Congrulations and way to go Kelly. I don't know about you guys, but it's getting warmer here and we're looking forward to jumping in the pool very soon!

Love from NY
Kim and team Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly, Dear Megan,



Anonymous said...

We're cheering at my house (through tears of joy)!! Praise God and all His prayer warriors.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, Kathy, and family

God does answer prayer. I am so happy for all the Laudes and for everyone that knows and loves Kelly (and that includes everyone who has met her). It's celebration time!!

Love, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!! Thank goodness for that horrible chemo! At least it's working! We're all so very happy for all of you tonight! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!
What is this-the 3rd clear MRI??
Much love,
The Silvestris

Lori Tonick said...

YES!!!GREAT NEWS!! Praise be to God! We are all so happy for you!
Hugs from the Tonick Family

Anonymous said...

Great Job Kelly!
I am so happy for you and your news!
Thinking you guys should celebrate with big fat milkshakes or something just as rewarding. Have a great Thursday.. and so on!
Amy.. Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Great news! Good things can happen. Keep the Faith!

Love to you all!

the van Doleweerd Family

Clare said...

That is the best news EVER!!! We're so incredibly overjoyed! We miss you lots! After having house quests for 2 weeks we're all sick. Hope to see you as soon as we're well!
Thinking about you!!!
Clare and family

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Family,
I am so elated to hear your good news! For it all...your clear MRI, your dad coming home and Megan getting her cast off! Of course you all will continue to be in my prayers!! Love to each of you,

Patty J.

Wendy & Chris Leonard said...

AWESOME....AWESOME....AWESOME..... what a great day for Kelly and the Laude Family.

We are so happy for the great news....Prayers will continue and we know that the miracle of Lourdes is hard at work!!!!!

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

We are soooo thrilled and happy to read the wonderful news!!!! Yippie!!!! So glad to hear Megan's cast came off as well! So much reason to celebrate!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Anonymous said...

Great news!! We are so happy for you all!

-The Litschewski's

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and family!

I'm thrilled to hear the greeeeeeat news! Keep the clear scans coming!
We celebrate with you!

Anna Thomas
carepage: hannahtimes

Laurie Martin said...

Hi Kelly!

Wow!!! What great news!! I told the 4th grade today that their prayers were working and about your super news. All of them clapped and cheered. You have a big fan club! So glad to hear that Megan has her cast off. Love to all the family. When school's out we'll have to get together to celebrate.
Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that you keep receiving good news. I have not posted in a while I know but I love your room. As you know the moose is my favorite animal too, so of course, I am jealous. I hope we can get together this summer.
Tell Megan I said congratulations on getting her cast off.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!! I snorted water out my nose for you guys I was so excited. (Luckily, I had been drinking it and it didn't just spontaneously shoot out of me- although if I had that talent I'm sure I'd be incredibly popular around fire season). Have a fantastic weekend celebrating Laudes- you've all earned it!!

Ros (from GAP)

Jennifer Melham said...

Hi Kelly. This is Kim’s friend, Jen. Kim talks about you all the time and occasionally I come read updates on your blog. I am happy to see that they are almost always GOOD updates! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I find you to be a very inspirational person. Your strength through all of this has been amazing to me. You have handled all of this with more grace than I think even the toughest adult could. I think about you and your family a lot, and I hope there are more good updates to come. Enjoy your summer and say hi to your family for me. =)

Veronica Granier/Angel_wings said...

Hi Kelly,

To God be the Glory!!! I am soooo happy to read that your latest scans were clear. That is one great way to start off the summer! I'll be thinking of you, and continuing to pray for your total healing........

Aunt Tracy said...

Hey Kelly -
It's snowing on Mt. Hood - want to come play!? I know your family is actually super busy, but I couldn't resist thinking about it!
Love you Lots!! Hugs all around!
Aunt Tracy