Friday, November 9, 2007

Goodbye Porcupine Quills

I finally got my stitches out! I went to Dr. Muhonen this week and he just cut them off. First, he said that someone else was going to do it. Instead, I asked him to do it, because you know, I thought he had done it before and he had done such a good job with my brain surgeries. (Not to mention he put them there.) I am just so comfortable with him. As it turns out, he said that he has never done it before. So, I got nervous and asked for someone else. He said, " No, you asked for me, I am going to do it. Now where is my 9 iron?" I could tell he was kidding, but still, when someone is using very sharp scissors so close to your head, YOU DO get nervous. If it's your first time that is. It turns out that he just cut them off and they were gone. Now I can wear hats, and they won't get caught on any quills. The stitches were very stiff and pokey and they caught on anything that came near them, like my hair. I poked my mom a couple times when she hugged me.

My mom was very happy that I finally had two decent meals yesterday. Thanks for the meatloaf, Mrs. Maganini and the soup, Mrs. Gaudet!



Anonymous said...

you are such a brave girl!!! keep it up!!! if you ever need anything just let me know!!! luv ya,

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
Meatloaf??? If that is all it would take to make you so happy your Grandfather is making meatloaf tonight(he could make it glutten free for you). Plus your Grandfather discovered the resturant downtown serves a good meatloaf. He is always on the look out for good meatloaf. Our door is always open for you. We can go for meatloaf any time.

I'm glad that you get such personalized attention from your surgeon, you deserve it.

Love always,
Aunt Denise

Deborah Smith said...


It is wonderful you are now stiches free!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope your trip to La Jolla next week goes well. Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated with your blog. Good Luck!!!!
Deborah Smith

arts-X-press said...

Hi Kelly! Glad to hear you aren't so pokey anymore. I'm sure you appreciate how your hair isn't getting pulled anymore. The post we put on the arts-X-press blog about you has garnered a lot of hits for us! I know everyone likes hearing about how your are doing. We will put an update up next month so they remember to keep looking at your blog as well! Keep up the great spirit.
Warmly, arts-X-press

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly,
Good to "hear your voice" on your blog! So good to hear your stitches are out - what service to have you neurosurgeon take them out! I bet it feels so nice not to have them poking you. I think we're all ecstatic to hear you had some good meals - way to go! What great friends you and your mom have - and great cooks!
Lots & lots of love to you and your mom and sisters!
Aunt Tracy, Uncle Tom, Emily & Jake

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

It was nice to see you on thursday, you looked so cute in your beanie cap! Have a great weekend!!

Big hugs,


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,

Wow, we didn't realize how bothersome those stitches were for you---so glad they are out!! What a relief for you! Such a sense of humor your neurosurgeon has!

Well, this weekend I am actually home by myself!! Uncle Bob took both Kylie and Ryan on the camping trip this weekend! Wish I could just fly out and see all of you for a quick visit while they're away!! But, we will see you next month!!!

Lots of love and hugs,
Aunt Jenny

Susan Krapinski said...

I have been following your blog for a bit now and I love your outlook and attitude on life. Food is ALWAYS such a comfort! I have a good feeling about your treatment and just seeing how strong you are just strengthens that belief! My own daughter has the same strength and she is going strong after 17 months now from they same diagnosis.
I'll keep checkin' on you!
Susan Krapinski

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Glad to hear that your stitches are out! We had so much fun visiting all of you last week-end. Wish we could have stayed longer. Keep going strong!

Allison and Sharon

Nancy said...

Enjoy your stitch free life in La Jolla. Just keep all of your fan club informed of your fun! You have a very nice doctor, that's great! Keep eating!!!! Did Shannon already get her stiitches out? That way your Mom can retire from nursing-ha
The Nicolosi Family

Kimmi said...

glad to hear you are doing well... Jen Kacie and i have been talking abou tyou and keeping eachother updated (since we dont all have a chance to read daily) i talked to a couple people from the GAP group the other day that didnt even know anything was happening in the world of kely... they all send thier love... (and were trying to get me to bring them over to give hugs but i though tyou should prolly be resting) so instead i send vertual hugs.. and lots of love.


Debbie Meyering said...

Hi Kellie,
We are sending lot's of hugs your way!
Glad to hear those itchy stitches are out. Do you need any more beanies? I'm sure the girls would be happy to knit you one!
We are fostering a new kitty. This one is more of a tweenage kitty. He is around 4 months old, and is white with tan patches, and has brown eyes! (very unusual!)
Well, i hope we can get over to see you really soon. Let us know if this next week is a good week for a visit, okay? Love Debbie, Lauren, and Kristina

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
Your Aunt Tracy is right it is good to hear your voice in the blog. I can picture you as you are writing. I hope that means that reading and writing are less of a problem for you this time. So how is your hat collection? Are all your knitters coming through? I took a knitting course on Saturdays when I was 8 years old and the results weren't pretty. Though your grandfather still wears the earband I made him. I wanted to call your Dad this morning but it was too early. I wanted to tell him I drove through Bear Mountain on the way to work and there was snow on the ground. Less than two weeks ago it was in the 80's now winter has come to the northeast.
All Love from New Jersey
Aunt Denise (Nana and Poppie too)
P.S. How is Shannon's head???

Mr Awesome said...

Hey, glad to hear your doing well...
everyone at church misses you especially Nick Braun lol hang in there


Laurie and Mark said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for this new posting. I tried to share all the news with Mr. Turtle, but he's hiding right now-all buried in the dirt out back. I'm glad you got those stitches (staples) out-No more annoying "pokies." Have fun in La Jolla. It's a beautiful area. Nick went to UCSD in La Jolla and I always liked visiting him. Get to the beach area if you and your mom get a chance. My students and I pray for you daily during the week. You'll have to come to school and say "hi" sometime when you're up to it. I know they would love to meet you. You take care and keep chowing down! Love and hugs,
Laurie and Mark

Anonymous said...


Keep up that sweet and positive attitude you have!!! You are so brave!

<3 always,


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly!

We're thinking of you and hope your week goes smoothly.

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Catalina Eddy said...

Dear Kelly,
Can't wait to see you in only one week!