Monday, November 19, 2007

Dad's Home!

I am happy because my dad came home this morning! He flew in from Hawaii and we picked him up from Orange County Airport. My mom got out of the car to greet him. I leaned out of the car. He is here for a week for Thanksgiving. We get to decorate for Christmas while he is here. I can't wait to get out the tree, stockings and all the decorations. Christmas is my favorite time of year!! Dad is happy to be home and can't wait to cook our turkey for Thanksgiving.

I went to the clinic today to see my doctor and have labs done. Whoo hoo. My nurse called tonight and my counts are really low, so I have to go back tomorrow and repeat the blood work and get treated if everything is still low. One treatmeant happens to be a blood transfusion. I don't mean to sound like a sissy (or Megan), but eww. I mean, this is someone else's blood being put into me. Does anybody have 0 negative? =)



Catalina Eddy said...

Sorry Babe. It wasn't my idea for you to be born with a different blood type than me. Otherwise you'd be welcome to some of mine. I've given plenty away to strangers. At least I can help you decorate and make an awesome dinner.

PS: It's great to be home!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can feel the excitment having your dad home! I am sure all the Laude girls have BIG SMILES. :) :) :) :)
I wish I could share my blood with you but sure the other person's blood is full of love and all the things you need to get stronger! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - we all have lots to be thankful for with you getting better and being such an awesome young lady!
Lots of Love to all,
The Turkey - I mean Turner family

Amy said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm O Neg. I'm the biggest baby and have never given blood... but would for you!!!
Lots of love,
Amy Jaffke

pamonrun said...

Hey Kelly,

It Must be nice for you to have your dad home for Thanksgiving.My blood type is AB positive or i would be donating blood to you. I can't believe i just said that as you know i'm a big chicken! :]
Call me or e-mail me sometime when you feel up to it.

Love, Sarah Fritz

Anonymous said...


I'm sure, just like everything you face, that you'll face this as brave as ever.

Not sure what blood type I am...I think B+.

As you know I was able to see your sister's face when she saw her dad and it was absolutely fantastic and so emotional at the same time.

You looked so happy as did your mom.

You guys hang in there and I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Love to you all!

Jacquie and family

Laurie and Mark said...

Hey Kelly!

Sign me up! I'm serious...I'm O negative and I donate regularly. I am ready to donate it to you. Please let me know what I have to do. It would be a wonderful Thanksgiving gift I could give to you. Have your Mom call me, OK?! School gets out this Wednesday, half-day. I could donate that afternoon.

I'm so glad your Dad will be home for the week. Give him our best. See you soon!

Love and hugs,

Nancy said...

Hey, the Laude family is all together! Rejoice!! Kelly, you are one strong girl! Personally as a nurse I would have NEVER told you that you would wake up! What was she thinking? Just glad you are over that experience (you can tell your kids and grandkids about it when you want them to do something scary!-ha) Oh how we wish we had 0 negative. Unfortunately no we don't! Look at it this way. If and only IF you need the blood, it will be a gift from someone who wants to make you feel better. Your Dad has been giving blood for years so now it's your turn to receive! Believe me, it is more than a gift for you, it's a gift for everyone so that the "shining Kelly" comes back. God bless and enjoy your family on Thanksgiving. Kathy if you need anything-just call!
love the Nicolosi Family

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly!
So glad to hear your dad arrived safely and you are all together for Thanksgiving!

If I had O negative, I'd be on the next plane to California for you! Sounds like you already have very willing volunteers! You are loved by so MANY!

I think your Aunt Tracy leaves for Portland today, so hope she has a safe trip back! I know she was so glad to be there with you!

I know you'll have a wonderful week with your family, so it will make getting through today a little easier if you need to have that blood transfusion. I imagine you'll feel better afterwards!

Thinking of you always,

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Aunt Denise said...

Dear Kelly,
I don't know what my blood type is. I never donated because I'm anemic and never had an operation so I never had a need to know. I wonder if I'd be the same as your Dad? You have to be the same blood type of one of us don't you? We didn't pick you up at the babies r us. I'm sure one of your Dad's special dinners and you'll be built up like superman.
Love Aunt Denise
P.S. tell your Dad "the eagle has landed"

Anonymous said...


It was great to see Shannon run up to your Dad at school yesterday. She was so excited! I am so glad that your family will be together for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Big Hug,


Tom said...

Welcome home, Kevin! I hope we get to see each other while you are in town. Enjoy the time with your family.
Tom Nicolosi
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.