Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New School Plan

We are enjoying the last couple weeks of summer.  It has been such a good summer, which we don't take for granted after a summer of hospitals, surgeries, and radiation last year.  As we came closer to this next school year starting, one of Kelly's goals was to be able to attend school part of the time.  She knows she can't keep up with school full time since she has her chemo treatments every other week that she'll have to miss school for, and it takes a couple days to recover.  But she was isolated much of the time last year from kids her age, so she really wanted to be able to go to school and be with other teenagers for at least part time.  So, after some discussion with the guidance counselor at her high school, we had a meeting today with her, and some other high school staff to come up with a plan that work for Kelly and the high school.  I am so grateful to these people that have come up with ideas that Kelly is so excited about.  Kelly will remain with her home tutor at home for her main subjects  (she is so happy to have you, Karey!)  and she will get to go to school in the afternoon for her electives, French and Ceramics.  If she wants to, she can have lunch at school too, since her 2 classes will start right after lunch.  The French class will be a trial the first month or two to make sure Kelly can keep up with the absences she will have.  She is also happy because she already knows that one of her friends will be in her French class. That really made her day, Rachel!  Kelly is thrilled she will get to spend time on campus with everyone else and just be a normal teenager for part of her day once school start September 4th.  Until then, she is working with her tutor to finish some of her freshman credits.  She is still behind in her freshman classes since she couldn't do any school work last year until late November.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen for Kelly.  It means so much to her to be able to do something normal.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear that you will be attending school part time. This is such great news! French and ceramics...hooray!!!
Wendy Tobiska

Anonymous said...

How cool - you get to go to school, see your friends and be a teen!
It's those little things (like school) that most of us take for granted but you help us find pleasure in them again!
Keep up the good work!
Sophie will be calling you soon with her class schedule. She's planning on taking French and the Agri-vet program in Mission next year (maybe you can give her some pointers like you have at La Paz :)
Lots of Love, Darla and Family

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that the school staff came up with a plan for Kelly. I understand how much that means to Kelly and your family. And what an inspiration Kelly will be to her classmates!

Thinking of you,
Anna Thomas

Heide said...

Hey there, Team Kelly!!!! CONGRATS on the clean MRI!!!! What awesome news, and what a FANTASTIC way to end your summer!!!!! WOOT!

I wish you the best at school. I know you'll be so happy to be back with your friends, and back to some NORMALCY!

Have a great weekend, Laudes!!

m/o ^Jessica^ (forever 17) and Jake (17)
TEAM UNITE! Help Conquer Childhood Cancer!

Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly! How great to be able to go back to school part time. I had wondered a few weeks ago with the chemo being cut back to every other week if you would be able to do this and so hoped you would -I am excited for you!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm so glad things are looking up with school. You might want to consider contacting your local PBS TV stations to see if they offer French courses on TV. A few years ago, one of our PBS stations offered French courses from the University of Rochester. I would look at it sometimes to see if I could scrape any rust off my French (I was moderately successful). PBS stations being nearly always strapped for cash, they'd probably sell you the DVD's tapes, or whatever. I'm not suggesting you do this INSTEAD OF French at school, but as a SUPPLEMENT TO the French at school. It might help you keep up.

Say, if you haven't used up all your Make a Wish points, why not put in for a trip to Montreal? Kathy and I like it a lot. The natives are friendly and they LOVE IT if you try to speak French with them, but if you get really stuck, they switch to English, and everything's cool.

If you and your folks like jazz, there's an open-air jazz festival each July, and their Performing Arts Center does a neat thing. They have French plays one week, English the next.

There's a Best Western Hotel, the Europa, on Rue Drummond. It's pretty nice and not too pricey. It has some really good restaurants, too. You can get rates, etc. by calling 1-800-WESTERN. If you want to go, book early. They fill up FAST.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. It's great the school is willing to work with you. It makes all of this so much easier. Let us know how it's going. Good Luck Kelly!
With Hope, Kathleen Gettinger - mom to Taylor

Anonymous said...

so glad you get to go back to school!!

Miss you all.

Love, The Diemer's

Anonymous said...

Yeah for going back to school! Don't tell your dad but I have always heard that cute guys like taking French because it is such a romantic language! Hope so!! :)

One question - What about library time? I know the library at Mission is not as fun as O'Neill but sure it has some treasures you have not read yet!!

Kelly - I am so happy for all the good things of this summer - you deserve them all and I know God is keeping you close to him everyday!

Hugs to the whole wonderful Laude family - we are all blessed to have you in our lives! See your sweet faces next week!

Love, The Turner's

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and Laude Family,
I am SO VERY EXCITED for you to be able to go to school part time! That is great! I hope you enjoy both French and ceramics! My older daughter Lyndsi took French and younger daughter Whitney took ceramics. Both really enjoyed the classes! Not sure if both teachers are still at Mission. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the last days of summer, and I wish you and your sisters great first days of school!!! You are in my prayers...

Sent with Love and Prayers,
Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Hurray, hurray!! I couldn't be happier about your success working out a creative plan with the school for what could be/will be a complete transition back to a healthy, normal life. This is a wonderful solution for you and a terrific example for others. Not only will you have some more normalcy, your persistence, teamwork, and appreciation of and joy in experiencing the joys of routine life have and will continue to teach us all.

Perhaps the IEP team can offer you some technology materials to assist in your French class when you are absent (even taping the class, or providing CDCs or resources for on-line or distance learning).

Continued blessings to all of the Laudes!


Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kath & Kelly!
What graet news about school! It's great to hear you have people who are willing and able to work out a plan and schedule with you! Your elective classes sound fun! Emily really wants to take French, but can you believe her school doesn't have it! She's in Spanish instead. Maybe you can teach her a little French!

So glad we got to share some of the summer with you guys! It has been great to see and hear the wonderful things you have been able to do, especially in comparison to last summer!!! Hope you can enjoy this last little bit of summer even though Kelly is already doing school work to start 10th grade all caught up!
Love & Hugs to everybody!
Aunt Tracy

Shannon said...

So glad we'll be going to school together! My electives are Spanish and choir, though. *sigh, we won't be together* But I'll still see you around campus hopefully. I'm still a little nervous about being a freshman, so don't make fun of me, okay? :P
God Bless, Shannon Hargis <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you will get to go to school some this year. While everyone else is moaning and groaning about going back to school, you have such an appreciation for just getting to do it. What an inspiration you are!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

hey there...its cheyenne....i am back at school part time and it is so good....i go for lunch and then two hours after will love so much to be back with your friends....i cant wait to see you wednesday in the clinic for chemo..
love cheyenne

MJ said...

Kelly I am so thankful that you will be able to take some of your classes at school with your friends. I pray it will all work out well for you. Please know that I am thinking about you and keeping you close in prayer. Hugs special young lady

Veronica/Angel_wings said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm so glad to read that you will be able to start going to school and being with your friends again. HOORAY, too......for the clean scans last week. I know this makes you very happy.

Prayers for you, Kelly, that you will have lots of fun at school, and that all continues to go well for you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you finally get to be a part of the REAL high school experience. I am sure you will make hundreds of new friends. Especially with your amazing personality. I bet all your old friends miss going to school with you. I am so happy for you. Ceramics sounds cool too.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! So glad to hear your good news, Kelly!

Continuing to keep you in my prayers,

Anonymous said...

Kathy & Kelly,

So glad to read this. I kind of heard what was going on when I saw you Friday, but not completely. So glad that you can go to school part of the time. Looks like Mission is open to working with you and that's fabu!


Catalina Eddy said...

Dear Kelly.

Perfect choice of classes. Not only can you order for me in French restaurants, but you can make me a big ol' wine mug!

Bonjour, Bebe'

Anonymous said...

So happy your school schedule worked out for you so that you can take two classes on campus this year!

Enjoy the rest of your summer days and can't wait to hear all about your classes at school!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly - I think tomorrow is chemo day so I wanted to let you know I will be thinking about you and hoping that there are no buckets ^..^