Sunday, July 22, 2007


It was so nice to see all the nice messages today. Thank you all so much. I love to hear from you.
I have been asked to tell some more about myself. So here goes. I love to read. The bad thing is that I can't read at the moment. My brain is still recovering from surgery and it is having a hard time processing words. Spelling is also still hard. My doctor thinks it will get better in a week or two when the swelling from surgery goes down. (Which is why I am dictating right now to my mom, my typist.) My mom is reading the latest Harry Potter book to me right now since I can't read it, and I am anxiously waiting for the book on CD to arrive. My Aunt Denise sent it to me. I also love Moose, hence my email address. I have collecting them since Christmas. wink, wink, jk. I also love to rock climb (on rock walls.) I am five feet one inch tall, and probably always will be because of the radiation I am about to have, but at least I am happy to be past 5 feet. I love musicals and listening to musical soundtracks. We went to see Hairspray yesterday and I really liked it. We have been playing the soundtrack today!
I am also a big Eeyore fan. One other thing that makes me different is that I am gluten intolerant. That means I can't eat anything with wheat in it - bread, cake, brownies and all that fun stuff. It makes me sick.
Well, that's all I can think of for now. Keep writing back and I will talk to you later!


amcwieka said...

Hi Kelly,
What chapter are you on? I'm on 27. We've had company all weekend but they are gone now and the weather is wierd so I'm going to read all day long. What do you think abouat it so far?

I hope you have a fun day to day.

Shelby Preusse said...

Dear Kelly,
We are so happy your surgery went well. You look so adorable as usual in your photos from the hospital. You have been in our family's prayers since hearing of your scheduled surgery and will continue to be in our daily prayers. That's great that you are going to get the HP book on CD. Harrison finished it yesterday and said it was the best one ever. Have you ever read the Pendragon series? That is his favorite book series.
Our baby was born June 28 - his name is Christian Anthony and he weighed 10 pounds, 15 ounces. He started out big and is growing bigger everyday. He is a very sweet baby. Harrison, Carly and Carson love him so much and love to hold him.

The Preusse Family.
Rick, Shelby, Harrison, Carly, Carson and Christian

Chris Lockwood said...

Hi Kelly and family, lovely to see the great pictures of you, and read your very positive comments, just goes to show the wonderful laude spirit is up and running strong. Glad you are able to join in some summer stuff like swimming, it has been so hot and humid recently. We are about to repaint Trevor's old room today so it's going to be a long hot day! Derek is doing well and is charging around the house frequently forgetting his cane, and slithering around corners too fast in his socks, a sight to behold.
Kelly, your parents do know they can get a home tutor from the school district for you, I imagine they do but if they want any help with SVUSD I'd be glad to help.
I am three quarters of the way thru the HP book, it is kind of dark, but then we expected that after the "Half Blood Prince" it makes me sad that this is the last one, but I suppose Rowling, knows what she's doing. I have to admit it was a really brilliant series, I was kind of sniffy about it at first, I thought it was going to be just another pale imitation of "The Lord of the Rings" but I sure got that wrong!
The paint tins call....pity!!
Much love Chris Derek and All