Thursday, October 9, 2008

Help Wanted

hey, it's kelly.  my mom knows i'm writing this time. : )  we have had a busy week.  my mom and i went to a radio station, 104.3,  in los angeles, well burbank actually, and we did an interview for a show called my community.  we were interviewed for a half hour by a nice guy at the station named jason.  my mom had all kinds of facts and notes she had for the interview because we were talking about childhood cancer awareness, but she forgot them at the hospital when we stopped on the way to have my labs checked.  but she seemed to remembered a lot and i got to talk too.  we talked about how childhood cancer does not get enough attention and what people can do to help.  the interview will be broadcast sunday night at 11:00 pm.  i know that is late, but it will also be on their website probably after sunday night.  we got to meet Kari Steele, the daytime dj at the station while she was working.  thank you so much Kari for helping get this set up.  she is good friends with karen, whose niece also had a brain tumor.  Karen told Kari how not many people knew september was childhood cancer awareness month and it didn't get the attention it needs.  so Kari helped get her radio station to do a show about it.

One of the things i am really looking forward to this month is the CHOC Walk.  it is coming up really fast.  we still need donations to be able to participate, plus i just want to be able to help CHOC because they have helped me and other kids so much.  we have already had a few people join the team we are walking with, Superbay with Bailey and his family.  thanks so much. make sure you sign up online (below) if you want to walk with us.  but now we still need your help.  we really need donations.  if  you scroll down to the post below,  my mom put links with each of our names.  we would really like it if you would donate.  if you don't want to donate online, you can mail us a check and we will take it to CHOC.  Email my mom if you need our address or have any questions.  
We have to check in for the walk by next Friday, Oct. 17th  so we need to get all donations by then.  

OK, my turn!  This is Kathy now.  I have one more request.  One of the things that has helped us on this journey is meeting other families online that are going through the same thing we are.  I have received a lot of good help and support from other moms whose children have the same or similiar diagnosis as Kelly.  One of those families just received some bad news yesterday after an MRI.  Even though I have never met Amy Radford, she has become a friend and I feel like I know her from all of our emails back and forth.   This family could really use some prayers right now for Kasey, who has the same tumor as Kelly.  You can visit his website at  You may also remember Coleman Larson.  They are also looking at tumor progression and are at Sloan Kettering in New York for treatment.  You can visit Coleman at   Also keep Bailey in your prayers.  His MRI will be repeated in a few weeks to recheck the small spots in his lungs.  His family could use your prayers. (His website is in the post below.)

Your prayers are evident in Kelly.  She continues to do well.  She had a long chemo day yesterday, but felt better and didn't get sick until the very end (when some of her meds wore off)  We didn't get home until after 8:00 pm.  She is pretty wiped out today, but hopefully will have some of her spunk back tomorrow.  (She says that is why she couldn't be her usual funny self in her own post above.  She just really wanted to talk about the CHOC walk!  That is very important to her.)  Thanks to all of you for you continued support!


Gabby's Mom said...

Hi Kelly - I am sorry yesterday was such a long day. Did Murphy cuddle with you last nite when you got home? I am sure he was glad to see you. I think next time you need to get him a little doctor's outfit and just take him along with you!

It's always nice when you post too. Have a nice nite and get some rest and feel better!

Sometimes when I email or I read this blog I cannot help but think what a great time we live in. That all the way across the country we can see and hear things. I will check out the interview online!


Pat ^..^

Aunt Tracy said...

Sign us up! I wish we could come walk with you, but sponsoring you will have to do! We just got back from our trip late last night, so I haven't heard your radio interview - can't wait to hear it! That's great to hear someone getting the information and story out about childhood cancer! Way to go!

You mentioned the Radford family and the Scott family - we have them in our prayers and ask that God hold them close.

Love & Hugs,
Aunt Tracy

Aunt Tracy said...

Oops! Glad God knows who I'm praying about even if I mess up the name! Sorry Larson family! I'm going to blame it on jet lag!

Lots of love and hugs!
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kath!!! Have a wonderful day today!!

Jen, Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Candy - Audrey's Umbrella said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for sending some of that California sunshine our way because it has been GORGEOUS here for the past few days! Today we spent the day at the cider mill and pigged out on apple-cinnamon donuts and fresh apple cider. Definitely a diet no-no but it was worth every yummy bite:)

I noticed that your mom found my friend Alexa's website and I'm glad because she can sure use the extra smiles in her guestbook right now. Alexa is also one of our AU Friends and I'm her Fairy for the fall season. I always seem to luck out with my fairy assignments. *wink*

I hope you and your family have a wonderful week!

XOXO, Candy

PS: Happy Birthday Kathy!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Team Kelly!

Just wanted to say Hi and tell ya that I am thinking of you! I am trying to make my way about to everyone's guestbook. I think it will be impossible. Wow.. Kasey got a lot of notes last week!
Anyway, as soon as I find a different box for your Moose, I will get it out to you! I SWEAR! LOL
Well kids, I have to go tuck the boys in bed.. well atleast Colbey. Kasey had a major nap. Didn't wake up til almost 7:00pm

I will chat with you again later!
Have a good Night

Amy... Kasey's mom

Gabby's Mom said...

Hey Kelly!

well, no voices to go with faces! The last "My Community" post I found was from July 6, 2008 so maybe it is not there or I did something wrong. I have to rely upon your Mom to provide links to things being that she always knows so much :)!!!!

And a very happy birthday Kathy!


Sharon said...

We've officially joined team Superbay (Michelle actually signed us up while we were at her house, she's no dummy :) LOL) We are looking forward to this walk and just hope that both AJ and I get rid of this cold thats been lingering.

I think we should both get on Michelle about getting together. We need to do this quick, before baby Matthew pops out...

See you soon! And happy belated birthday!!!


Austin said...



SUNDAY, October 19, 2008,