Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break!

Easter was very nice here - we had summer weather, so we had lunch in Laguna Beach then just spent the afternoon walking around. Kelly took the photo above, so that is why she isn't in it. We are heading up to the mountains any minute now. We're just waiting for Kevin to finish up a call for work. I have a feeling he'll be working on vacation also. We are really looking forward to just getting away together though. We should have some photos to post next week. Kelly has her next chemo treatment on Monday, March 31st when we get back.

Thanks for everyone who has shared their kids with me so far for Relay for Life. If you still would like to send me a photo, my email is kathylaude@cox.net
Our team website is http://main.acsevents.org/goto/kellylaude

Kelly is going to add some of her own writing below! She is really feeling good and has been very happy lately.

Over Easter, we got to puppy sit an adorable boxer named Hana. ( hon-a ) after the place in Hawaii. She is this skinny little girl who just about kills you with kisses, in a good way. She was a big cuddler, and was soon acting like a limp noodle. Although, she always slept by Megan or Shannon. This because she groans, snores, and moves around(alot) when she sleeps. So me, I being the still type when I sleep, handed her to Shannon, who practically DANCES in her sleep. Perfect match. So, Megan and Shannon got her at night, and I got her all day while they were at school. I got the better end of the deal I think. We had her from Thursday to Tuesday, today. Trina, one of my many wonderful nurses, picked her up this morning. We were all very sad to see her leave.
Well, we are off to Big Bear soon, so I have got to go. Earlier, I had to convince most of my doctors that it was okay for me to ski. They thought that I would run into trees, falls over, get hit by snowborders, and stuff. It is almost offending, for I am a most fabulous skiier. Dr. Muhonen even emailed my back from London to say it was fine. Well, I have to go finish getting ready.
Until later,


Anonymous said...

You guys are gonna have so much fun! What a great lookin family you have! And the sunshine.. I am so jealous! We are on the verge of a rain fall right now.. gloomy, and fairly cool out. Weird weather this year! So... Have fun skiing Miss Kelly. I am not a professional skier, but I do have fun when I go.. more fun sipping hot cocoa at the bottom of the hill is more like it!
Enjoy your trip, can't wait to see pics when you get home!

Amy... Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly and family! How fun you got to puppy sit! You crack me up! My younger daughter Whitney (turns 22 April 2nd) also "dances" in her sleep! She's always on the go. I KNOW you all will have a fabulous vacation! You have FUN tearing up the slopes. Enjoy.....Love, Patty J.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Your post was so funny - I hope you have a wonderful vacation and that the skiing goes well. My best friend's daughter had a boxer puppy at her house this past weekend too - they are really so cute and I am glad you enjoyed your time with the puppy with the dancing legs ^..^


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm glad you got to puppy sit and have a wonderful ski trip.


Anonymous said...

The mountains are my favorite place to be. I hope you have a great time.

Peggy P.
(another Moose lover!)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
It's Teresa...Jessie's mom..we met in clinic and were roomates through Kelly's chemo and Jessie's blood transfusion. It sounds like you are all doing great. We are so very happy! Enjoy your trip...
~Teresa and Jessie

Aunt Tracy said...

Hi Kelly - hi Kath!
I don't know if you'll be checking your blog while you're at the cabin, but I sure hope you have lots of fun there!! Some family time in a cozy cabin sounds great - especially after a day of skiing! Can't wait to here about it!

Kelly, you write so descriptively - it's very fun to read! We're puppy sitting ourselves during spring break. He's keeping us very busy! His name is Tycho, and he's named after a Danish astonomer - and I'm telling you all this to get to the part you'd like - this astronomer had a tame moose!

Love & Hugs!...
Aunt Tracy

Anonymous said...

Kelly and Family,
Have a blast skiing and relaxing! Sounds like a fun weekend.
Darla and Family
P.S. Geoff and the kids are on their way back from Yosemite. They went skiing and had a great time. I can't wait for you and Sophie to go skiing together again.

MJ/Angel_Wings said...

"Our Promise To You"
We may not hit your site each day
and days can turn to weeks...
But know that you are in our hearts
and of you to God we speak.
For you, Dear ones are on our list
of prayers we say each day
For strength to fill your weary heart
for grace to fill your day.
for light to fill your darkest hour
for peace throughout the night
Please know that we are standing by
through each step of your fight.
And should you need a special prayer
please come to us our friend
for Angel Wings will pray with love
and love will never end..

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

I recently introduced you to Angus, the collie who could alert me to the coming of the ice cream truck. On summer days, he would be out with me and my playmates, and the ice cream truck would come, and of course, everyone would want ice cream, including (maybe especially) Angus. He would go from kid to kid, begging for ice cream. He wasn't above trying to steal it, either. So, my Dad made a deal with the ice cream man. He told the ice cream man to run a tab for Angus, give him a vanilla Dixie cup, and either my Mom or my Dad would settle up once a week. If I recall correctly, the ice cream man came to the house every Tuesday to settle Angus' ice cream bill.

To give Angus his due, he was not greedy. He just wanted to be included. He ate his ice cream and was perfectly happy to let everyone else eat theirs.

Just to show you how different two dogs of the same breed can be, Fergus didn't care for ice cream at all.

Enjoy your break. Ski safely.


Anonymous said...

I have to say Kelly, I am a little scared you will run into trees if you go skiing. Have fun cutie. You're in my thoughts as always. If your ears are burning on Sunday it is because you will be talked about in front of tons of people. All good things though Jody (from CHOC)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kelly,

Today's story we may call "Angus the Teacher." My sister Betty was born when I was 6. Angus watched her development carefully. When she got to the point where she was crawling around quite proficiently, (she was about 7 months old), he started standing in front of her so that her head would be more or less perpendicular to his side. She got to the point where this behavior on his part began to frustrate her. One day, she just sat down, reached up and grabbed 2 fistfuls of fur. She slowly pulled herself up onto her feet. My mother gasped and cringed. She was afraid Angus might snap at her. He did no such thing. Instead, he wagged his tail. Then he turned his head so he could see her. He waited until she was standing steadily, then he took a tiny step. He kept watching her, and when she took 2 sideways steps, he took another tiny step, and so on. He provided this service for a couple of weeks, but by that time, she didn't need it. She was going all over the house, side-stepping all the time. It took us another 3 months or so to get her turned around straight, but she was definitely walking at 10 months.

I hope you had a great trip.


Aunt Jenny & Uncle Bob, Kylie & Ryan said...

Hi Kelly,
Hope you all had a fun time at the cabin! I imagine you got some great ideas for your own mountain cabin room! Hope you had a great time skiing with your dad! Since you are a fabulous skiier, I imagine you did!

Can't wait to see photos of your very own mountain cabin when it's complete!

Sending lots of hugs and love your way,
Aunt Jenny, Uncle Bob, Kylie and Ryan

Veronica Granier/Angel_wings said...

Hi Kelly,

I am so glad that you and your family had a nice vacation......y'all sure deserve it! I will be praying that your chemo isn't too hard on you tomorrow.


Trina Dorleen Talbot said...

Hi Love!! Ha'na misses you sooo much!! Can't wait to see you in the clinic tomorrow!!

Love you!!

Nurse Trina